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Cv Business June 2009


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Curriculum Vitae business, updated June 2009

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Cv Business June 2009

  1. 1. CISE-CESI-CESI Ricerca-ERSE NAME: Gianluca LAPINI DATE OF BIRTH: 24 July 1947 NAZIONALITY: Italian EDUCATION: Doctor Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, 1972 LANGUAGE AND DEGREE OF Italian: Mother tongue PROFICIENCY English written: excellent read: excellent spoken: excellent MEMBERSHIP: Institution of Diagnostic Engineers COUNTRIES OF WORK Italy EXPERIENCE: Switzerland Ukraina EMPLOYMENT RECORD FROM 2006 TO JUNE 2009 EMPLOYER CESI Ricerca Spa and ERSE SpA POSITION HELD & Senior Scientist at SSE (Sviluppo dei Sistemi Elettrici) DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES Technical-economical studies on rational use of energy in buildings and industry FROM 2001 TO 2005 EMPLOYER CESI Spa POSITION HELD & “On-line Monitoring and Diagnostics” Manager, within the “Power Generation” Business Unit DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES Manager of activities relating to large machinery and steam generator diagnostics FROM 2000 TO 2001 EMPLOYER CESI SpA POSITION HELD & Senior Scientist DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES Project Manager for the development of an innovative integrated gas turbine monitoring and diagnostic system FROM1998 TO 1999 EMPLOYER ENEL RICERCA – Power Generation Area POSITION HELD & Product Leader DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES Project Manager for the development of new technologies and instruments for on-line diagnostics of gas turbines FROM 1986 TO 1998 EMPLOYER CISE SpA POSITION HELD & Head of the “Machine Vibration and Diagnostics” Section DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES Manager of the team and activities dealing with vibration monitoring and diagnostics of large power plant rotating machinery FROM1985 TO 1985 Gianluca LAPINI pag. 1
  2. 2. CISE-CESI-CESI Ricerca-ERSE EMPLOYER CISE SpA POSITION HELD & Senior Researcher in the “Machine Vibration and Diagnostics” Section DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES Development of instrumentation systems for on-line diagnostics of rotating machinery FROM 1982 TO 1984 EMPLOYER CISE SpA POSITION HELD & Senior Researcher in the “Alternative Energy Sources” Section DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES Technical - economical feasibility studies for the use of renewable energy sources (waste-to-energy, wind, co-generation) FROM 1974 TO 1981 EMPLOYER CISE SpA, POSITION HELD & Junior Researcher in the “Machine Vibration and Diagnostics” Section DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES R&D in the field of vibration diagnostics of rotating machinery FROM 1973 TO 1974 EMPLOYER Costruzioni Aeronautiche G. Agusta SpA, R&D Department POSITION HELD & Junior Researcher DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES Development of mathematical models to simulate vibration and aero-elastic phenomena in helicopter blades DETAILED TASKS ASSIGNED IN SELECTED PROJECTS Project Monitoring of electric heat-pumps in large buildings RdS (Ricerca di Sistema) Reaserch for Italian Electric System Location Italy Year 2006-2009 Position Project Manager Duties Experimental campaigns for monitoring: - actual performance of electric heat-pumps for heating and cooling of large buildings - advantages and drawbacks of geothermal heat-pumps - seasonal performances of heat-pumps. Project Supply of new instruments for on-line monitoring of combustion in coal-fired power units Enel Produzione Location Italy Year 2004-2005 Position Project Manager Duties Design, manufacture, supply and commissioning of new equipment for on- line monitoring of: - pulverised coal velocity / mass flow in feeders from coal mill to burners - unburnt carbon-in-ashes - CO / O2 / NOx concentrations in flue gas in different sections of the flue gas duct. Project “Diagnostics of Gas Turbines: improving the reliability, availability, and performance of industrial gas turbines”, in the frame of the government-funded Research Program for the Italian Electric System Location Italia Year 2000-2003 Position Project Manager Gianluca LAPINI pag. 2
  3. 3. CISE-CESI-CESI Ricerca-ERSE Duties Feasibility, development, in-shop and in-plant validation of advanced methods and instruments for on-line diagnostics of modern gas turbines Design, installation and evaluation of performances of diagnostic systems, based on the integration of different diagnostic techniques (vibration, optical pyrometry, pressure pulsations, EDMS, etc). Management of different specialists involved in the project. Management of contracts with customer. Project TACIS (Technical Assistance to CIS): Improvement of safety and monitoring systems in nuclear power plants, South Ukraina Nuclear PP - RPC Vibration Monitoring System DTN, Madrid (Project Main Contractor appointed by the EC) Location Ukraina Year 1996-1997 Position EC Senior Expert Duties Issuing of purchase specifications and technical – economical evaluation of offers relating to the updating and renovation of vibration monitoring systems of the main machinery in the SUK NPP in Ukraina. Project Development of the prototype of an advanced vibration monitoring system for rotating machinery in power plants (1st SMAV prototype) Enel Produzione, Fusina PP Location Italy Year 1993-1995 Position Project Manager Duties Management of the technical and human resources involved in the design, construction and testing of an advanced computerized system for on-line acquisition, analysis, display and diagnostic evaluation of vibrations of large rotating machinery in power plants. SELECTED PAPERS - G. Lapini, W. Grattieri, “Il peso dei consumi energetici degli equipaggiamenti ausiliari nel bilancio energetico complessivo degli impianti geotermici a pompa di calore”, Convegno AICARR “Impianti, energia ed ambiente”, Tivoli, 7-9 Ottobre 2009 - G. Lapini, W. Grattieri, “Come migliorare l’efficienza energetica nel settore ricettivo”, NUOVA ENERGIA, Milano, n. 1, 2009 - G, Lapini, L. Croci, G, Mauri, D. Moneta, “Funzioni di automazione in sistemi di termoregolazione bi- combustibile”, Convegno AICARR “Riduzione dei fabbisogni nel settore residenziale”, Padova, 5 Giugno 2008 - G. Lapini, M. Gallanti, S. Fratti, S Pugliese, “L’impatto dei picchi di carico sulla rete di distribuzione cittadina”, ENERGIA ELETTRICA, Novembre-Dicembre 2006 - G. Lapini, I.M. Gianinoni, “Tecniche avanzate di misura della temperatura in impianti turbogas”, Convegno AIPnD, Milano, Ottobre 2007 - G. Lapini, R. Vario, G. A. Zanetta, "Experience in advanced remote vibration monitoring and diagnostics of large turbine – generator sets”, POWER-GEN Europe 2005, Milan, Italy, 2005 - G. Lapini, E. Mantino, “Advanced monitoring of hydropower machinery: solutions and experiences” (lang.: Italian), 11th National Conf. On NDT, Monitoring and Diagnostics, Milano, Italy, 2005 - I. M. Gianinoni, E. Golinelli, G. Lapini, S. Musazzi, U. Perini, M. Zippo, "Instrumental systems for pulverised coal flow and carbon-in-ash monitoring”, 2nd International Conference on Clean Coal Technologies for Our Future, Cagliari - Italy, 2005 - G. Lapini, M. Zippo, "Some experiences about the use of electrostatic charge measurements in the exhaust gases as an early warning of distresses in industrial gas turbines" , CAME-GT Conference 10-11 July 2003 Brussels, 2003 Gianluca LAPINI pag. 3
  4. 4. CISE-CESI-CESI Ricerca-ERSE - G. Lapini, M. Zippo, G.Tirone - ENEL "The use of electrostatic charge measurements as an early warning of di stress in heavy duty gas turbines" , ASME Turbo Expo 2001 - New Orleans, Louisiana USA, 2001 - G. Lapini, R. Vario, A, Vallini, C. Russo, "Recent experiences in the measurement and interpretation of turbogenerator malfunctions in ENEL power plants", EPRI-CIGRE Colloquium on Maintenance and Refurbishment of Utility Turbogenerators, Florence, Italy, 1997 - G. Lapini, F. Calabresi, C. Reynaud, C. Frigeri, R. Buscemi, "Experimental monitoring of a hydroelectric unit for the assessment of diagnostic functions", Modelling, Testing & Monitoring for Hydro Power Plants, Lausanne, Switzerland, 1996 - R. Bernante, G. Lapini, "A non intrusive method to determine the resonant behaviour of steam turbine blades", IFToMM Conf. Diagnostics of Rotating Machines in Power Plants - Rome, 1993 - G. Lapini, M. Zippo, N. Bachschmid, "Model-based calculations and experiments for the diagnostics of a crack in a 320 <MW generator rotor” , CISM/IFToMM Symposium, Udine, Italy, 1993 - G. Lapini, M. Zippo, G. Diana, "Vibrations of a 90 MW gas turbine unit due to a struutural resonance”, Rotordynamics '92, Venice, Italy, 1992 - G. Lapini, H.R. Simmons, A. J. Smalley, "Instruments to diagnose the deflection and misalignment of an industrial gas turbine" , ASME Turbo Expo, Cologne, Germany, 1992 - G. Lapini, M. Cappelli, G. Diana, A. Vallini, "Diagnostics of malfunctions of large-sized steam turbine – generator sets: some examples" , 3rd Int. Conf. on Rotordynamics, Lyon, France, 1990 - R. Bernante, G. Lapini, "An automated system to control turbogenerator alignment” (lang.: Italian), Int. Conf. on Monitoring, Surveillance and Preventive Maintenance of Plants and Structures - Taormina., 1989 - G. Lapini, A.Clapis, G. Giorgetti "Instrumentation systems for on-line surveillance of steam turbine-generator sets"(lang.: Italian) , 2nd Intern. Conf. on On-line Surveillance and Monitoring, Venice, Italy, 1986 - A. Clapis, G. Lapini, T. Rossini, "Oil-film instability in a 320 MW turbogenerator bearing: diagnosis, root cause analysis and problem solution” (lang.: Italian), X° Congress of AIMAN (Italian Maintenance Society) - Maintenance and Management - Trieste, 1981 - G. Lapini, A. Clapis, T. Rossini, "An instrument for on-stream measurement of alignment variations of turbogenerator bearings" , Conf. on Vibrations in Rotating Machinery, Cambridge, UK, 1980 - G. Lapini, A. Clapis, T. Rossini, "On-line diagnostics of misalignments in turbogenerator bearings”, Design Engin. Technical Conf., Chicago, USA, 1977 - G. Lapini, G. Possa, A. Clapis, T. Rossini "Experimental studies on the rotor dynamics of large-sized turbogenerators" , Conf. on Vibrations in Rotating Machinery, Cambridge, UK, 1976 - G. Lapini, G. Possa, A. Clapis, T. Rossini, "Early diagnosis of unbalance and misalignments in large sized turbogenerators" , 4th World Cong. on the Theory of Machines & Mechanisms - Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, 1975 Updated, June 2009 Gianluca LAPINI pag. 4