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Hotel Corona d’Oro, via Oberdan n°12, Bologna, Italy
Restoration, extension, interior remodelling and design for a 4-star hotel in an Art
Decò building on pre-existing medieval structures. Completion: 2004.
Hotel Novecento, Piazza Galileo Galilei, Bologna, Italy
Reuse of an apartment and offi ce building into a design hotel in the city historical
center: restoration and full interior remodelling and design. Completion: 2003.
Hotel Straf, via San Raffaele n° 3, Bologna, Italy
Restoration, conversion and extension of an existing offi ce building into a 5-star
design hotel. Completion: 2003.
Grand Hotel de Milan, via Manzoni n° 29, Milan, Italy
Interior remodelling, creation of new fi tness center, and refurbishment in compliance
to new building and fi re codes (D.M. 09.04.94). Completion: 2002.
Hotel Orologio, Piazza IV Novembre n° 10, Bologna, Italy
Interior design and refurbishment in compliance to new building and fi re codes (D.M.
09.04.94). Completion: 2000.
Hotel San Simone, via San Simone n°5, Bologna, Italy
Reuse of a residential urban block into a 5-star hotel in the ex-jewish ghetto in the
historical city center.
Hotel Orologio, via de’ Fusari n° 4, Bologna, Italy
Reuse and remodelling of two separate buildings to merge into the adjoining
Orologio Hotel. Completion: 1999.
Hotel Commercianti, via de’ Pignattari n°11, Bologna, Italy
Restoration, redevelopment and interior design for a hotel in a listed medieval
building. Completion: 1998.
Hotel Raphael, Largo Febo n° 2 (Piazza Navona), Rome, Italy
Interior design consultancy for the restoration and remodelling of an existing luxury
hotel. Completion: 1998.

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ON GOING Private Villa

  1. 1. G.GIOCOLI&PARTNERSgg&p is an architecture fi rm based in Bologna, Italy, with 20 years experience indeveloping and applying an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to architectureand interior design.The company provides a full range of architectural services, from initial conceptsto project development and management, on-site supervision and fi nal qualitycontrol and delivery on a wide array of building types, including hotels, recreationalcomplexes, offi ce buildings, shops, leisure and commercial centers, art galleries,apartment buildings, and private residences and villas.Its curriculum of built work comprises commissions in the private and public sectors,as well as partnerships with real estate agencies, developers, and manufacturingcompanies.Beside high-end architectural design, gg&p teams with studiobeta to supplyprofessional services and quality performance in urban planning, building sitesupervision, structural and plant design, scientifi c restoration of historical buildingsand artefacts, as well as environmental analysis and technical feasibility tests.gg&p’s working method thus aims to engender creative interaction among diverseprofessionals mastering specifi c disciplines, not limited to technical skills butencompassing a site-specifi c, intimate understanding of the particular end-use to behoused.As part of a fully integrated approach to design, one of the fi rm’s specifi cities ishigh-quality interior design full services, including architectural, custom-madelighting and furniture design, space programming, project management andconstruction planning, design development, construction documentation andspecifi cations for the procurement of furniture, fi xtures and equipment, off- and onsitesupervision, coordination and quality control throughout the manufacturing anddelivery process.Serial design elements, such as hotel rooms, art gallery spaces or special furnitureand equipment, sistematically undergo a full testing and fi nessing process throughthe construction and temporary use of complete real-scale prototypes.GIANLUCA GIOCOLI Architect, B.Arch Founder and Principal at gg&p,Born In Bologna in 1967, he holds a B.Arch. Professional Degree in Architecturefrom Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy. He has been involved in high-endarchitectural and interior design work, directing the design and construction processof mid and small-scale quality projects in Italy and abroad, including hotels, villas,private residences and offi ces.He is a licensed architect currently working in Italy, with increasing involvement inreal estate developers acting worldwide.He leads gg&p interior design, material research and development, prototyping andconstruction process.