Koinup Tech Garage Pitch


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Koinup Tech Garage Pitch

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Koinup Tech Garage Pitch

  1. 1. Koinup, the 1 st social network that connect all the people from virtual worlds and make easier your access and discovery of virtual worlds. Pitch
  2. 2. Product Koinup, the 1 st Social media that connect virtual worlds people Industry Virtual Worlds Market - 100M active users (2008) ( KZero Research/MMOG Chart) - $594M VC investment ( 2008) ( Virtual Worlds Management ) Goal Aggregate informations, contents and people from virtual worlds - create a Myspace/Facebook like platform for virtual worlds - make easy the access and discovery of virtual worlds Marketing plan Growth of the community and Unique Visitors - viral marketing, strategic partnership, search engine optimization Business models Advertising, Premium Account, Branded channels Financing Seed round of 200-250k euro Executive summary
  3. 3. Pierluigi Casolari co-founder, CEO Public Relations Manager (Galleria d'arte Pack, Milano) ‏ Freelance Journalist (gruppo Espresso, Condenast, Rizzoli) ‏ New Media and Strategic Consultant (iMille, Milano) ‏ Web marketing Lecturer (Accademia A5, Milano) ‏ Skills: web 2.0, virtual worlds, public relations, web marketing, management, marketing strategy Edoardo Turelli co-founder, CTO BravoLibro, app cross-platform published by Epson Italia Logo concept for Alysis Seafood, Lynn - Massachusetts Database and Platform architect for agora35 (gruppo PSF) Consultant SEO Skills: SEO expert, DB&enterprise architect, management, social networks, developer, web 2.0 Il team
  4. 4. Media Hype Growing mediatic buzz around Second Life. Virtual Worlds break out (2006) ‏ Industry Plateau Industry in stand after the premature and exaggerated hype (2007-2008) ‏ Mass Adoption Virtual Worlds are going toward mass adoptions (2009-2011) ‏ Stats & Forecast 2008: 100 millions of people registered in virtual worlds (KZero Research/MMOG Chart) ‏ 2011: 80% of the active internet users will be active in one or more virtual worlds ( Gartner) ‏     Virtual Worlds Market Koinup & Positioning : Tackle social virtual world market & vw's user generated contents
  5. 5.       The Problem Virtual World / Web Accessibility Downloads, 3d interfaces, learning curves make virtual worlds inaccessible & difficult for beginners. Interoperability Virtual Worlds stand out as separate walled gardens that can't communicate each others Gathering Informations Lack of meta tools to aggregate and make informations available trough all the virtual worlds Community Virtual Worlds people have similar interests and skills, but how can they meet all together?  
  6. 6. Social media for you avatar Youtube is for videos, Flickr for photographers. Koinup is the social network for your avatar Virtual Worlds Gateway 3.000 virtual places. On Koinup you can discover the best of virtual worlds Your Guide to Virtual Worlds Whats happening in Virtual Worlds? Get alerted on Koinup Organize Your Virtual Life One page to manage the identities & friends you have in virtual worlds   13/03/09 The solution we provide
  7. 7. 13/03/09 Myrl: Digg-like web to aggregate news from virtual worlds Strenght: Good Market Positioning Weakness: Community doesn't grow Avatars United: Facebook-like Social Network for Avatar Strenght: A great number of features Weakness : Uncertain marketing strategy, uncertain positioning Koinup, unique advantage Brand Awareness Complete Marketing Strategy Growth of the community (90% 09)   ( Alexa data, below) ‏ .   Competitors Brand Awareness 20.000 registered members 150.000 works published 1000 Widgets on Blogs/Facebook ‏ Partners New World Notes, Hiperia 3d News, Rinascimento Virtuale, Metaverse TV
  8. 8.   Goals 1 st year 600.000 unique monthly visitors Features: virtual identities , virtual worlds events platform , widgets e slide platform, integration with pre-existing social network Business strategy: a dvertising & p remium accounts 2 nd year 3M unique visitors monthly Features: g ateway and directory of the virtual worlds places, integration online/virtual Business strategy: branded channels
  9. 9. 13/03/09 Search Engine Optimization  Optimization on some high relevant google keywords, related to virtual worlds Media and Strategy Partnership Partnership with media and software house playing in the virtual worlds market Mass Campaign in Virtual Worlds Buying traffic on newsletters, groups,  websites related to virtual worlds market   Viral Marketing/Contests Contests and other viral marketing campaign, based on user generated contents Marketing (2007-2008) Advertising (Google Adwords, F acebook, Second Life) ‏ Viral Marketing (contests, viral Youtube) ‏ Social Networking (Slprofiles, Flickr, Facebook) ‏ Public Relation (Second Life) ‏ Partnership Media (New World Notes, H iperia, DJ Tandino) Marketing Plan
  10. 10. 13/03/09 Advertising Self Service Platform for prosumers promoting their own invorld activity Premium Account Pro accounts for users seeking for a better virtual-web integration and for power users Branded Channels High cost community products for big brands targeting virtual worlds   Business Models Other Models Google Adsense, Widget Advert, Landing Advertising Advertising 1 st year: 1$ cpm x 4M imp 2 nd year: 1,2cpm x 40M imp Premium Account ex. 5% members premium Branded Channels 1-1,5 branded chan. a month 15-20.000 Eur a channel
  11. 11. 13/03/09   Financing - Revenue Seed Financing: 200-250K € Revenue: 400K € 1 st year, 1M 2 nd year ROI: within 3 rd year