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Presentation english2


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Innovative Packaging Solutions

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Presentation english2

  2. 2. Ø Has been established in Turkey in 2014, with the aim of providing co-­‐packing services for the food, cosme@c, chemical and medical device industries based on innova@ve packaging solu@ons. Ø We use modern and revolu@onary produc@on lines as well as we take advantage of the thirty-­‐years experience of the three Founding Partners with respect to the produc@on of packaging and supply chain management across Europe. Ø We are firmly convinced that the key to success is the endless and determined passion for innova@on. We are focused on innova@on that considers the environment and society thus improving the quality of life for our customers.
  3. 3. Ø Innovative Packaging Solutions is the exclusive authorized co-packer in Turkey of “Easysnap monodose sachet” Ø EASYSNAP is THE patented innovative and revolutionary mono-dose packaging concept (portion pack from 1 to 30 ml), which REPLACE any conventional sachet in food, medical device, cosmetic and chemical industries
  5. 5. Easysnap® is a smart and universal pack. It make us saving @me, space and energy! With its one hand opening system, Easysnap® is suitable to open and dispense in a clean way any liquid product.
  6. 6. Easysnap® is an innova@ve patented and revolu@onary single use packaging concept for liquid products. Just take an Easysnap® with one hand … …. and fold it with two fingers ...
  7. 7. Folding the sachet, the patented center pre-­‐cut breaks off progressively, according to the pressure exercised. The product flows out under your control
  8. 8. Easysnap® is a smart and universal pack. It MAKES us saving @me, space and energy! Its flexibility makes Easysnap® sachet replacing any conven@onal mono-­‐dose container (single-­‐use) from 1 to 30 ml or more.
  9. 9. ….we are used to open a single dose container with two hands. However it was oYen not sufficent and we had to help ourselves with our own teeth !!
  10. 10. ….everything will change !! AYer years of marke@ng researches, Easysnap® has created a monodose sachet with a worldwide patented opening system, unique and simple.
  11. 11. WHY . EASYSNAP?
  12. 12. • One hand opening and dispensing • • Innova@ve packaging design for new marke@ng strategies • • Neat, clean and hygienic • • Safe -­‐ handy and friendly pack • • Great for launching or rebranding • • Unique and patented worldwide • • Impossible to counterfeit • • Can be filled with any liquid food, cosme@c, chemical or pharma device • • No air inside and 100% barrier proper@es • • Efficent produc@on costs •
  13. 13. Ø Packaging for Vending – CONFIDA 2012 Ø Flexible Packaging Award – FPA 2012 Ø Worldstar for Packaging – WPO 2009 Ø Oscar Is@tuto Italiano Imballaggio 2008
  14. 14. In the section drawing of an Easysnap® sachet, we wish to point out hereunder the main technical feature which positions the pouch as the ONLY one hand opening, worldwide distributed, long shelf life monodose sachet, because of its patented technology. In simple words, the bottom multilayer (layer 2) is scored (cut) on the outer side (PS material) and on the inner side (PE material) which is in contact with the liquid product. These 2 scores are variable, in depth and length, depending on product density, and allows the best product dispensing, once folded with one hand.
  15. 15. At the same <me, the center layer of this boGom mul<layer (black colour) is the barrier layer and this layer remains intact for the life<me of the pouch itself, giving the proper 2 – 3 year shelf life. The barrier layer cracks opens only when the pouch is folded for product dispensing. Due to this technical feature, we can fi ll any liquid product being certain that the Easysnap® pouch can be used in any fi eld (Food, Cosme<cs, Personal care and Pharma products).
  16. 16. The Easysnap® machines are designed and cer@fied for food/cosme@c and medical device industries. They can produce the best possible single use packaging that meet your needs.
  17. 17. Our Company is able to offer a complete co-­‐packing service EXAMPLES OF PRODUCTS ALREADY PACKED Ketchup • Mayonaise • Salad dressing • Jam •Spread cheese • Mustards • Spirits • Syrups • Honey• Extra Virgin Olive Oils • Balsamic Vinegars • FruitJuices • Energizers • Agave Syrup • Soy sauce
  18. 18. Our Company is able to offer a complete co-­‐packing service EXAMPLES OF PRODUCTS ALREADY PACKED • Liquid medica@ons • Baby Care Products • Ointments • Toothpaste • Body Lo@ons • Creams• Hand Sani@zer • Detergents • Sun Creams •Moisturizer • Hair Condi@oner • Glues • Eye • Moisturizers • Lubricants • Hotel Ameni@es • Mouth Washes.
  19. 19. We are able to offer a complete medical device co-­‐packing service. Our facility is organized for sa@sfying any audit, ensuring excellence of process and standards.
  20. 20. We can provide any size and volume
  21. 21. As well as any shape
  22. 22. And if you need something special, we may have the solu@on. This is the new bi-­‐dose system.
  23. 23. The Easysnap® monodose can represent a perfect promo@onal tool for your product. The Easysnap® technology allows you to work with a monodose sachet, with no air inside and consequently with a longer shelf-­‐life, because of its patented barrier concept, with an undoubtedly unique appeal and a versa@lity never seen before.
  24. 24. Always with the focus to be in line with the future legisla@on on sustainability. We aim to go further in offering the market a comprehensive range of sustainable Easysnap®.
  25. 25. First of all you can save space… ... which means money. Single unit – 12 ml 10 units
  26. 26. Shipping carton 60 x 60 x 20 cm BOX 20 x 20 x 9 cm
  27. 27. This page will illustrate a few examples of secondary packaging for our Easysnap® sachets. These are arranged depending on the amount of sachets that may be contained.