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  1. 1. XL Marathon Towel [7” X 31” with tie slit (pictured)] ICE COLD TOWELS Whether it is sports,work, a day at the beach, muscle and body aches,cramps,headaches that has you needing cold relief. Just add water to the towel shake for a few seconds and feel the cold relief of hyper-evaporation with no freezing or slimy towels. ICE COLD TOWELS retain over 95% of the water so the cold therapy lasts for up to four hours simply adjust and shake every 20 minutes - 30 minutes with no mess no chemicals. Supplied By: G.I.A.N. Exports Inc. P.O. Box 23 Quincy, Fl 32353 Office:1-(850) 583-6848 www.gianexports.comWWW..GIANEXPORTS.COM/products/html 1
  2. 2. The Product:Ice Cold Towels are “cooling towels” that work on the principle of “hyper evaporation”. The towelneeds to be dampened with water & shaken. Instantly the water begins to evaporate. In nature,water evaporates at approximately 20 degrees cooler than the air temperature.Our towels are chemical free, re-usable & hand or machine washable. Generally the towels stay coolfor 2-4 hours. Occasionally the towel needs to be shaken. When the towel begins to dry out, simplyre-wet in any temperature water.Our product can be used by millions of people daily. The obvious use for a cooling towel is someonethat over heats from sports. Those people are easy to find & our studies show a large majority findthe towels very useful.The targets retail outlets would be gyms, running clubs, training camps, spectators, golfers,boaters, tennis clubs, any kid sports indoors & out.The untapped areas are healthcare. Anyone who suffers from migraines, menopause,chemotherapy, muscle stains, M.S. These people generally need instant pain relief that a coolingtowel can provide.Another key area would be people who work in the heat; delivery drivers, Postal employees,construction workers, factory workers, lawn care and kitchen employees to name a few. WWW.GIANEXPORTS.COM 2
  3. 3.                                                    Customizing fees:We can customize the products and packaging in the following ways:We can “custom label” the bag or the tube that the towel is stored in.This costs approximately $1.00/towel with a minimum order of 100 towels and is done in the USA within 2 weeks of orderconfirmation.We can also print “custom logos” the towels. The set up fee is approximately $200 & the minimum order is 1,000 towels &takes 4-6 weeks.  Orders of over 4000 towels may be subject to reduced set up and customization costs.We can also “custom embroider” your towel order. Please contact G.I.A.N. Exports for pricing and shipping information. WWW.GIANEXPORTS.COM 3
  4. 4. Terms: We accept company checks, M/C, Visa, and AMX. Credit terms are not extended under most circumstances. Shipping: We ship daily from Massachusetts. The freight charges are billed exclusive of the product cost. We can ship via USPS,UPS,sea or air freight to “most countries”. Contact for details. Funds: All price quotes and payments are made in US dollars. Tariffs & other import fees are the customer’s responsibility. Testing: We have SVHC toxicity reports from China & MSDS material safety reports: SAFETY REPORTS . Confidentiality: We will always protect your contacts and informationWWW.GIANEXPORTS.COM 4
  5. 5. Ice Cold Towels are manufactured to our exact specifications in China. Our towels are chemical free!The exact contents are: PVA (30%), Colorant:0.117%, Preservative:0.883%, Water:69%(Our PVA incorporates plant starch & cotton). We have toxicity reports available upon request.Our Chief competitors that might be found in the chain stores or on the internet;MISSION Enduracool:Synthetic material that feels like a silk scarf. You need to tuck it into your top or it canfall off while exercising. The size is 12”x32”. It comes in unique colors & is advertisedby Serena Williams the tennis player. I paid $19.99 for one at Olympia Sports. We’vetested these & find they stay cool for 20-30 minutes tops. Many internet blogs givethe same bad reviews. ICT’s stay cool 2-4 hours.FROGG TOGG: PVA towel similar technology to ours. Theirs are much thicker & feelsslimy (like a frog). The sizes vary but extra small sizes start at $11.99-$19.99. ICT’s have a cotton feelwith no odor.CHILL COOLING TOWELS: Terry cloth material soaked in Menthol. This is a neatproduct but only last a number of hours then thrown away. Three different sizes thatcost $3-$6 online. ICT’s are made to last year’s under normal conditions.CHILL SKINZ: PVA towel similar to ours. They have two sizes & 4 colors. Their towel ispackaged in zip lock bags. We bought samples & every fell apart almost immediately.Very cheaply made. We use high quality, reusable pouches with a snap. WWW.GIANEXPORTS.COM 5