2012 portfolio v2


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2012 portfolio v2

  1. 1. Giancarlo CiammaichellaMedia Marketing and Sales ExecutiveProject & Account Management/Branding Strategist917-535-5667giancarlo2121@gmail.com
  2. 2. Giancarlo Ciammaichella 917-535-5667 / giancarlo2121@gmail.comMedia Marketing and Sales ExecutiveProject & Account Management/Branding StrategistSuccessful coordinator with over 8 years of experience in the TV and Music Industries.Detail-oriented person who maintains a high standard of performance and professionalismat all times. Proven ability to manage and oversee the development of packaging andmarketing assets for various projects ranging from digital to print to events. Skilled atworking with outside vendors to negotiate lower fee and facilitate payment.Bi-Lingual: English and fluent in Spanish.Computer proficient in Windows and Mac.
  3. 3. Digital 917-535-5667 / giancarlo2121@gmail.com Main contact for the creation of a Flash Brand Engagement Page (BEP) supporting online media placements for the release of the BBC title LIFE that was skinned with LIFE photo and video assets. The page featured the new, must-own, BBC Earth/Discovery Channel LIFE series on DVD and Blu-ray. The page contained a video player with sample footage, exclusive photos and a call-to action to purchase the product. The objective of this promotion was to: Promote sales of the title Impress viewers with the stunning imagery and video samples to pique interest and encourage sell-through Educate new consumers on the product’s value and engaging content Engage target audiences with the brand Our strategy was to prominently feature the core brand message and call-to-action above the fold as well as showcase images and video assets to wet the appetite and leave shoppers wanting more.
  4. 4. Digital 917-535-5667 / giancarlo2121@gmail.com
  5. 5. Consumer Goods 917-535-5667 / giancarlo2121@gmail.comLead the coordination of the Ministry of Laughs promotion within Barnes & Noble. This was to promote the new comedy block onBBC America and involved digital, print and in-store aspects. Our goal was to gain awareness and viewers for BBC America byreaching the B&N consumer through various promotions. The In-store display went to over 500 stores nationally. The B&N brochurewas sent to over 300,000 online consumers and the online banner was prominently placed on B&N.com. The outcome was sales on 6 ofthe 8 titles more than doubled during the promotion period and 3 of the 8 titles had sales more than triple during the promotion.
  6. 6. Consumer Goods 917-535-5667 / giancarlo2121@gmail.com Best Buy HD Network Our goal with the release of Frozen Planet was to make it prominently visible at all major retailers. We did this by providing retailers with POP that stood out and was well placed within the stores.
  7. 7. Consumer Goods 917-535-5667 / giancarlo2121@gmail.com Walmart pallet in 2,000 stores Target Checklane Placement
  8. 8. Consumer Goods 917-535-5667 / giancarlo2121@gmail.comWorked with designers and coordinated with theMTV Off-Air Creative department to initiateconcept ideas for packaging and overall look of themarketing campaigns for various releases.Routed all creative assets to the appropriate departments (Licensing, Legal, Integrated Marketing, etc.) for approval.Main contact for the distribution of approved assets for TV, print and digital.Worked directly with our distributor (Paramount) The Hills The Hills to finalize marketing plan for releases. Complete Third Season DVD Complete Fourth Season DVD
  9. 9. Print 917-535-5667 / giancarlo2121@gmail.com Jackass Presents: Mat Hoffman’s Tribute to Evel Knievel Poster IFC Web series: Funnel of Darkness Poster
  10. 10. Print 917-535-5667 / giancarlo2121@gmail.com Promotional Insert for The Hills Season 3 DVD (Side A) Promotional Insert for The Hills Season 3 DVD (Side B)
  11. 11. Events 917-535-5667 / giancarlo2121@gmail.com2008 Electronic Entertainment ExpoRock Band 2 LaunchExpo Booth and PartyAssisted in the development,creation and execution of all creativematerials for the Rock Band 2 Boothand Party.Worked with outside vendors toassure quality control and oversawthe setup of the venue.
  12. 12. Events 917-535-5667 / giancarlo2121@gmail.com
  13. 13. Giancarlo Ciammaichella 917-535-5667 / giancarlo2121@gmail.comMedia Marketing and Sales ExecutiveProject & Account Management/Branding Strategist THANK YOU.