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Gianvito semeraro portfolio

  1. 1. portfolio ofGIANVITO SEMERARO Strategic product-service system designer
  2. 2. INDEXWho I am: ProfileSelection of Project: Services • Cucina&Co. • ARCIStoppers • 100 granny’s • My pages 2 Strategy projects • Sabor! Sabor! • Fruitskin • Foglia d’Oro • Eat our culture Products • Messina • Geyser • Unscrew corks Concepts • Community of experience • Totem glassDivertissement: • Pub’s knickers • Mood keyboards • Analog photography
  3. 3. PROFILE Hi, managment and a mind set focused in to create a deeper change in the business In the present portfolio are showed only projects develop internally at University, my name is Gianvito, I was born in problem solving, which are necessary skills sector. I graduated at the master in Strategic projects develop for companyes are covered by industrial secrets.Cisternino, in 1986: little town in Italy’s applicable to a different range of projects. Design on February 2012, at Politecnico diheel. My professional profile is composed Milano, after a intern of 4 months in a serviceby different educational background, all of Upon commencing my design studies design company based in Melbourne.them related to the design field: industrial in Milan, my attention was more focuseddesign, service design and strategic design. on meaning of the product, than on the When I’m not working, I like spend time Via Cesare Cesariano 10 technical aspects. Consequently, I chose enhancing my creative potential, writing 20154, Milan, Italy 3 These different backgruond helped the specialization in services design because stories and drawing paints with to develop a deep knowledge in project I saw in this discipline a bigger opportunity T: +39 338 2939605 e-mail: Services 5Typologies of Strategy projects 4my works inside Graphycs 2Politecnico of Milan. Products 3 Research & concepts 3
  4. 4. CUCINA&CO. This project was born during a organizer chosen by inhabits of co-housing. Everyone can book his own participation to scenarios below here) and to communicate/laboratory of service design in Politecnico di events from the website, paid if it is request, explain it (system map and storyboard).Milano, kept by Anna Meroni in 2009. The goal of the shared kitchen service and enjoy the kitchen class, or use the is create an opportunity to meet and space for his parties. Cucina&Co. has many Cucina&Co. is a kitchen designed for a enjoy other people, to socialize and learn partnership with external actors that areservice of co-housing located in via Quinto how to cook in a sustainable way. In this operating in the food Italian industry: asCenni, Milan. It’s characteristic promote prospective the kitchen is more like a living Slood Food, Eataly and Milano Parco Sud.flexibility to the various needs of the room, where people meet and share ideas 4people, who organize the timing of the and time, not only between the people of co- In following images some serviceskitchen through a monthly calendar and an housing, but also with all the neighbourhood design tools for generate the ideas (as the s e rural life r v i c self production own production e living green areas silence slow time wild nature organized nature meditationcollective individual action action serenity unhealty sharing pubblic self organization area techonology 1.0 technology 2.0 fast walking metropolis city life Moodboard for the scenario individual action/city life
  5. 5. CUCINA&CO. start materials money info 3a_The people of co-housing 4_Manager contact a that are interested into the event chef make their own reservation 1_The staff organize the calendar 5 s e L M M G V S D _Feed-back how r 2_Calendar is avaible to improve co-housing v 3b_The neighborhood on-line services i book the event c e _co-housing System Map of Cucina&Co explains interaction between different actors during the planning of an event.
  6. 6. CUCINA&CO. 6 s e r v i These two storyboards narrate different event that could happen in Cucina&Co. The first one show two friends that are having a barbecue during weekend, the second one shows the event make with an external chef. c e
  7. 7. ARCIstoppers ARCIstopper was designed during a offer a lift will receive a discount on their and advantages for join the service. The people within the community, and promoteslaboratory of product system taken by Ezio car insurance. This is possible because the customer will save money by not investing sustainability.Manzini in 2009 in Politecnico di Milano. member of ARCI’s club have a card, in which in a car while the people offering the one includes a health insurance. The same transportation service gain discounted Below a general view of the action of It’s a service of car-pooling for users of insurance company can provide different car insurance and a channel to meet new the service’s user. In the next page poster forARCI clubs in the city of Milan. The starting services in a way to help people in sharing people. Meanwhile, insurance companies publicize the project.point was the observation that during the their car, in addition gaining members of will gain access to more clients through thenight there is not the possibility to use any ARCI’s club. ARCI association. 7public transport, so it’s difficult for peoplethat don’t have a car, to travel. The winning This is a virtuous circle, where every So there are different reasons that skey factor of this car-pooling is that who actor of the system has different reasons make this a strong project: it connects e r v i c e arci arci stoppers stoppers 1. subscription 2. Authentication from ARCI 3. Profiling 4. communication 5. Making appointment YES NO 10. feedback 9. go back home 8. have fun 7. Give a lift 6. Meeting A general sketch about the action of the typical user of the service.
  8. 8. ARCIstoppers 21: Moodboard about the service experience2: Poster 1 8 s e r v i c e
  9. 9. 100’s granny It’s a concept of a service developduring the course of strategic design, in2009. The main idea is to connect elderlypeople, that have time and a craft skill set,with the young generation who are eagerto have style and a self-created identity. 9 The service works through a web splatform, that allows young people to upload etheir images. With a software it’s possible r vto convert every picture in a instructions for isewing. These instructions are then passed conto the elderly service subscribers for the eend creation of garment. The service guarantees an originalhandmade product. The mission is offera personal and good quality items to theyounger generation. posters
  10. 10. 100’s granny1 2 3 10 s e r v4 5 6 i c eSTORYBOARD (for story telling): 1 the boy upload his image; 2 the staff of the service pixelate the images; 3 and give the instruction to the “grandma”; 4 the boy receive hisitem with a personal card of the grandma; 5 he can decide to meet the grandma; 6 the boy is enjoying his sweatshirt
  11. 11. My pages This service is for inhabitants of thecity of Milan. Often people who live in thiscity doesn’t know their neighbours. For thisreason Pagine Mie collect all inhabitants ofa condominium and helps them to get knoweach others and encourage the socializationthrough a network to exchange favours and PAGINE MIEobjects. For example, it’s possible to look for 11a plumber near our house, or for a DVD. s By creating a network which connect epeople through asking for general help or the social network for your real life r veveryday needs, people are encouraged to imeet those who live around them creating ca trust and friendship and ultimately a estronger community. There is a web platform that help for a short video click herepeople to interact. Also with the use ofcell phone, people can make arrangements logo and claim of serviceor offerings. It’s a real social network butcontextualized in the neighbourhood wherewe are living, and it is useful.
  12. 12. Sabor! Sabor! It’s a strategy develop starting to a topping and dip for fruit. The product is to have a party. There is also the possibilitybrief of Barilla company. sold in small flagship store, where customers of home delivery, and the booking a can personalize their box, with the fruit and customized box on internet. The project is oriented to Brazilian topping that they want. The user can takemarket, and is composed by different just a glass of salad fruit or make big order 12 s t r a t e g y naming ang logo Sabor! Sabor! pack Sabor! Sabor! Embassy
  13. 13. Fruitskin It’s a product service system for sell ina different way juice of fruit and vegetables.The system is composed by three level ofoffer: the product (a flask); the refill system(powder of fruit and vegetable juice); andthe service for customized the flask. Customers can buy flasks in 13supermarket, drink the juice during the day,the flask is thermally isolated, and when sthe user needs more juice he can buy a refill tpack from vending machines. On the web r asite there is the possibility to customize the tflask, buy a new skin with different textures eand colours. g y The goal of the project is createa transactional object, able to build anaffective relationship with user. Flasks and logo
  14. 14. Fruitskin 14 s t r a t e g y Advertising and concept for promotion
  15. 15. Fruitskin 15 s t r a t e g y web platform for personalization
  16. 16. Foglia d’Oro Project develop for Novacart S.p.A., b2c through the channel of internet. Foglia as source of Information. Through the weban international company that works in the d’Oro is a web platform that wants build a platform, Foglia d’Oro will distribute podcastmarket b2b, producing products in paper community around the food environmental. and webinars; and it will publish books to selldesigned for cooking and serving food. also in book store, about recipes create from The web site wants be a reference in the users and external chef. The brief was enter into the market the patisserie sector not only as product, but 16 s t r a t e g y Business model and traffic diagram
  17. 17. Eat Our Culture Project developed for the towns ofAlbissola Marina, Albisola Superiore & CairoMontenotte. The aim of the project is to increasethe value of the territory, trough asegmented tourist offer that link food withthe local culture and the people. Local food 17is the starting point for building the travelexperience: four different path, related to sthe four different story that the territory and tthe inhabitants are able to tell. r a t The design process started from ea deep osservation and analisys of the gterritory: interviewing the locals, visiting the yindustrial distrects of the area and talking EAT OUR CULTUREwith the entrepreneurs of the food market. The final project has considered allthe different elements which composes Experiencing the harmonised foodwaysthe experience of the travel: from theadvertisement to the physical evidences,through the activities offered until the outfitand attitudes of the characters who interactwith the guests. Logo, brand and claim of the project
  18. 18. Eat Our Culture 1 2 3I’ve found the perfect Ciao Luciano! Hope my BB place: Albissola! works here.. Benvenuti in Albissola! 18 s 4 5 6 t the water shouldn’t go why? None of my friends will believe r on leaves, but on the base of vegetables... how easy this can be!! My son has grown a up so quickly! t e g y These images are a selection of a longer storyboard, and 7 8 them illustrate some key details which compose the whole The veggi’s taste so fresh!! I’ll take a experience: the selection of magazine where the advertisement Let’s go to fish! sun tan will be place on, the behavior of the actors of the service, with an Italian “Benvenuti!” and the design of all the different pull strong! activities: from gardening to climbing, from cooking to eating. it has bitten! Plus some surprises, like freshly backed focaccia in guests room, and email with photo of the relaxing experience.
  19. 19. Eat Our Culture 9 10 I need to buy basil, 11 10 mins, nuts & olive oil for Hi! Where always straight! my Albisola pesto I cant believe you made can I find a public recipe this delicious meal by beach? yourself from scratch! do you want join the business? 19 s t r a t e The design process has considereted all the possible touch g points which are able to make more unique the experience, as y different uniform for all the different actors: farmers, sailrs or chiefs, and smalls boutique, where is ti possible find and buy local products and tasty souvenirs of the area.
  20. 20. Messina It’s a project developed during the impairment, and/or behavioural and learning It is possible use Messina in differentfinal course of bachelor degree in industrial disorders. ways, for different scope. The first use isdesign in 2008. The theme of course was: like as stairs, with swinging steps. If it isSense & Design, the field of work was to These problems are due to impossibility reversed, it is possible use it as swing, for twocreate an object able to help blind people. to see their own body. The main idea was people, this game is useful for the children build a tool able to stimulate and training to understand their weight, in relation to I chose to analyse blind children. the proprioceptive sense of the blind child, another child.When blind children mature developmental in a way that allow them to know their body 20problems may occur such as physical scheme and know them self. p r o d u c t
  21. 21. MessinaDifferent uses of Messina 21 p r o d u c t
  22. 22. Geyser 1 2 Geyser is a cappuccino maker, designedin 2007, during a course of electrical productredesign. The design process started byanalysing an old cappuccino maker, whichworked with batteries and made milk foam 3 4with a grained trundle. 22 Geyser works with electricity and pmade milk foam with water vapour. r o d u c 5 6 t 7 8
  23. 23. Unscrew corks It was designed in 2005, for users thathave just one skilled hand. User: The unscrew corks must be applyunder a cupboard in the kitchen and it isready to use. When the bottle is locked intothe binary, it sufficiently holds and opens thelid. 23 p r o d u Storyboard: c t
  24. 24. Community of experience It a web platform designed for sharetacit knowledge develop into all designphase. The service was designed for design Concept for the home page of the platformstudents of Politecnico di Milan. The platform permits sharing differentinformation in different way. The platformallows for sharing of different design toolsduring the varying design phases, such as 24analysis, development, implementationand delivery. Sharing information about the c otools allows for connectivity, feedback and nimprovement for both creators and users. c e A second version of the concept is to phelp people in sharing informal information tabout University courses. By being placedin an environment, such as in front ofthe vending machine, students would beencouraged to discuss ideas and opinionsmore freely. A third section is an online portfolio,where students can show their works.
  25. 25. Community of experience The choose of the design tool to analyze The section for choose the forum about the course 25 c o n c e p t
  26. 26. Totem Glass Designed during the workshop ofthe 3rd year for Seves, Totemblocks differamong themselves for function, aestheticsense and type of communication. The limbs of an Angel attached on aglassblock give the impression of an angel.A small slit transforms a brick in an ashtrays, 26which cannot be emptied, as symbol of asmoker lungs; Salvadanaioblock is a single cpiece, which is filled with money, It’s the ometaphor of “see but do not touch”, in fact n cit is necessary to break the brick to take the emoney. p t Angel glassbloc Ashtray glassblock
  27. 27. Pub’s knickers RIZE The starting was the theory of Marshall OLOMcLuhan “medium is the message”, my goal C UR Awas create a new way for help people to YO TANDsocialize in a pub. The choice of means of communicationwas carried out according criteria of amusingand unconventional: a pair of underwear, MU 27on which people can leave messages to bedelivered to other people in the pub, or just d Razzputin iplay with it. DJS Dave & Dounut v ATOMIC BAR e The planning of the event passed H. 22 rthrough the research of a sponsor, that twas become the client of the project, i Web flyer for the event sand the communication of event in the Some pictures of the event schannel normally used by the pub’s crew to ecommunicate their events. m e n t
  28. 28. Mood keyboard Personal exercise with the proposeto animate an object between mostanonymous and municipalities of today. Iforget the functionality of keyboard and playwith the character in relationship of that oneof the user. 28 d i v Waiting for Godot e r t For Kandisky i s s e m e n t
  29. 29. Mood keyboard 29 d i vFor a masochist (with trap) For a primitive man e r t i s sFor an indie boy For bobos e m e n t
  30. 30. Analog photography With writing tales, taking pictures it’smy favorite hobby. Here some shoot, madeit in analogue. 30 d i v e r t i s s e m e n t