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  1. Conversation: New sources of influence Gianandrea Facchini monitoraggio business intelligence resources communication SMS Twitter Facebook purchase influence social networking brand reputation You Tube Web 2.0 review online codice a barre
  2. Confidential Confidential
  3. Consumers’ insight - Passerà Baby It works Quickly Smoothly Baby, the pain will pass away…things will get better soon like when the effect of the first Buscofen is ending and you still hadn’t get the next pill you still hadn’t get the next pill You’ll be better It quickly cover the pain You can get another pill whenever you want without problem
  4. Consumers’ insight - San Buscofen It works Collateral positive effect Sweet souls turn into evilish creatures!! Well, it could be worse without a remedy so let me express my love for Buscofen It brings our wives, fiancees, friends back to their human look
  5. Case history monitoring - Tap waters - July ‘07/January ‘08
  6. The Impact: 11 July 2007 Confidential
  7. August 2, 2007: A Sample of Detected Activity Confidential
  8. Petition Signed in Italy Confidential 406,626 Italian citizens signed a petition proposing a law that would return the management of water sources under government regulation.
  9. What we have learned Better get the bigger picture: - the issue was not only raised by the left wing movements but from the right wing, too Not all issue can be solved with marketing and PR: - the lobbying activity was recommended to sort it out, as first step, at central and local level Listen and answer with the correct tone: - only through listening you can understand the deep reason that stay behind a movement - don’t send lawyers, send comments and thoughts
  10. Let go on control… … .but do not relinquish command (Charlene Li - Altimeter)
  11. Let go on control… Ah, if you don’t recognize them, I quit
  12. Let go on control…
  13. Let go on control… How high is the engagement level of this audience? Any company should die for fans like these, right? If video like this one should be removed for copyright infringement, what would be the reaction?
  14. What we have learned Let them talk about you: - it means they are genuinely interested in your company, your brand Let them share contents: - maybe you can’t even imagine the benefit, today - music sharing has transformed the music industry, no matter how much the records companies try to avoid it
  15. Many or few? It doesn’t matter anymore
  16. Do You Know This Man? Confidential
  17. Confidential Mr. D’Ambra’s campaign drew national attention – and marked the birth of Italy’s “Generazione Attiva”
  18. David vs Goliath with more powerful tools: - Social media give individual authors instant access to a larger audience than any traditional media Time is a factor: - don’t wait to be on influent blogs or in prime time, when you are done - listen carefully every single voice, even the smallest: you won’t regret it What we have learned
  19. The future (or is it already here?)
  20. The future (or is it already here?) David Armano, Dachis Group Logic + Emotion
  21. Social business, what??? The future (or is it already here?)
  22. We believe that organizations across the globe will begin to view “social media” as social business and when this happens, integration, scale and adoption will become complex issues which will only be solved through a purposeful act of coordinated activities built upon a solid strategic foundation (David Armano) Social business is the mean to create empathy between a corporation, a brand, a person and people and eventually turn people into customers (Gianandrea Facchini) Social Business: any business which is focused on optimizing both Social Capital and profit rather than just maximizing profit (Marc Dangeard) A Social Business is one that operates with a value system that strives to put people first by focusing on trust, credibility, openness, respect, dignity, revenues and profits equally, and uses social media to give everyone a voice to achieve those objectives (Lewis Green) The future (or is it already here?)
  23. What we have are learneding The current economic system can no longer go ahead: - we need a massive and quick shift away from a financial system to a more balanced one New technologies can bring back the human factor within corporation: - the social web tools empower the human factor and its impact on the corporation ecosystem
  24. Conversation: a human attitude
  25. Words, words, words… Conversation is not born with the Web 2.0 It’s an ancient art Do you know who was the major interpreter of this art?
  26. Ladies and gents, The Marquise de Rambouillet
  27. What about today? Conversation is far more infrequent Tv programs with people argumenting deliver higher ratings But let’s ask for a question: Would you be happy to place your carefully nurtured brand in such a program?
  28. What about today? Let’s get back to conversation: Valeria Maltoni, a.k.a. Excerpt from conversation collected by wendypiersall available on YouTube
  29. Corporations must adapt and evolve: - if your customers are on line, you have to interact with them, to talk with them, to listen for them New technologies empower relationship: - we can be in touch in real time with people thousands of miles away What we have are learneding
  30. Conversation: new forms, new results
  31. Tools and results Scott Monty, Social Media head, Ford Twitter: @Scottmonty Excerpt from conversation collected by prarikhanson available on YouTube
  32. Tools and results Confidential Confidential
  33. Tools and results Confidential Confidential
  34. Tools available can be very effective: - use them and learn about them before exposing your company People are the key: - no tool will work for you What we have are learneding
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