Ho Gia Hoang - Young Marketer - Assignment week 7 - Brand Communications


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Young Marketer
Assignment week 7 - Brand Communications

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Ho Gia Hoang - Young Marketer - Assignment week 7 - Brand Communications

  1. 1. Ho Gia Hoang RMIT University Vietnam giahoang1213@gmail.com 01274710375 Young Marketer – Assignment week 7 BRAND COMMUNICATIONS
  2. 2. Question 1: Big Ideas Brand Communications big idea: • The link between the brand essence and how consumers actually see and feel about the brand; • Plants the brand essence in the consumer’s mind, which is achieved by engaging the consumer, by changing attitudes and behavior and by differentiating the brand. (Mediaedge:cia, 2012)
  3. 3. Question 1: Big Ideas Advertising big idea: • The bridge between strategy and tactics, taking you from gathering facts and getting organized to creating words and pictures; (Altstiel, T & Grow, J, 2010) • Bold, creative initiative that builds on the strategy, joins the product benefit with consumer desire in a fresh, involving way, brings the subject to life, and makes the audience stop, look, and listen; (Arens, W; Weigold, M & Arens, C 2009)
  4. 4. Question 1: Big Ideas Brand communications big idea VS Advertising big idea? Brand Communications big idea Advertising big idea An umbrella term for conceptions A conception for tactics Strategy Direct the message Execution Give to message to life A durable entities transmitting the brand essence for years Change around the brand itself Generated by client Generated by agency
  5. 5. Question 1: Big Ideas Example: • Brand Communications big idea: “Dirt is good” “Let your kids play and get dirty. It’s important for their healthy development. OMO can take care of the cleaning”. (Brown, M 2012)
  6. 6. Question 1: Big Ideas • Advertising big idea: “Jealous Clothes” “Even smart clothes can play outside in the dirt”. (A LOWE Profile, 2013)
  7. 7. Question 2: Creative Brief • What makes a good creative brief? Direction Inspiration One thing you want advertising to say Insights resonate with consumers Explain it in one sentence One important insight at the heart of the brief One clear and compelling thought about the brand (Black Pencil Academy, 2012)
  8. 8. Question 2: Creative Brief • A good creative brief should well answer these following questions: 1. What’s the reason for this brief?  Clearly explain the background we are doing and what we need to do;  A concise statement of the effect the ad should have on consumers;  Be realistic and advertisng-related.  Example: Vaseline 2. What do we want to say? • The single most important thing we can say to achieve the objective; • single-minded; Example: ‘Mr. Big is the biggest bar’ vs ‘Mr. Big is the big bar that won’t slow you down, now available in new Peanut Ripple flavor’. (Black Pencil Academy, 2012) • Be concrete, not abstract. Example: ‘Second Cup coffee is the strongest coffee you can buy’ vs ‘Second Cup is the Ultimate Coffee experience’ (Black Pencil Academy, 2012)
  9. 9. Question 2: Creative Brief 3. What are the supporting rational and emotional 'reasons to believe‘? List the rational and emotional reasons including all the major copy points, in order of relative importance to the consumer. Example: Vaseline 4. Target audience: who are we talking to?  The more precise and detailed is the better;  Go beyond basic demographics and include psychographics.  Example: “Young adults aged 18-25. Someone self-assured, active and energetic, self-reliant, positive, optimistic, individualistic, self-centered, not superficial, irreverent, somewhat cynical, skeptical, savvy, fashionconscious, honest, straight-forward, computer-literate, entrepreneurial, self-indulgent, hedonistic, likes having new things, doesn’t change opinions to please others, doesn’t change behavior in order to be liked, thinks of him/herself as an individual but has a powerful need to fit into a group, preoccupied with sex/gender-related issues, has short attention span, wants instant gratification AND likes chocolate bars”  describe a real person, specific, vivid and relevant. (Black Pencil Academy, 2012)
  10. 10. References Altstiel, T & Grow, J, 2010, ‘Concepting’, Advertising Creative, 2nd edn., SAGE Publications, California, US. Arens, W; Weigold, M & Arens, C 2009, ‘Developing and Implementing the Big Idea’, Contemporary Advertising, 12th edn., McGraw-Hill, New York, US. Black Pencil Academy, 2012, Creative Briefs and Briefing, viewed 8 January 2014, < http://plannersphere.pbworks.com/f/Writing+good+creative+briefs.ppt>. Mediaedge:cia, 2012, ‘What is a communication idea?’, Communication ideas: At the heart of modern marketing, viewed 8 January 2014, < http://www.mecglobal.com/assets/Uploads/Reports/Resources/MECbrings-you-Communication-ideas-2007.pdf>.
  11. 11. THANK YOU!