Career Research Assignment<br />Name: Gia ForetiaDate: February 10, 2010<br />Part A<br /><ul><li>Focus AreaCareer ChoiceH...
They are medical doctors who have taken 4 additional years of training in the treatment and diagnosis of children’s illnesses
4-year degree in the field of medicine (pre-med)
4-years of med-school
4-years of an internship
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Career Research Assignment Wikispace

  1. 1. Career Research Assignment<br />Name: Gia ForetiaDate: February 10, 2010<br />Part A<br /><ul><li>Focus AreaCareer ChoiceHealth CarePediatricianRegistered NurseArtsFashion DesignInterior Design</li></ul>Part B<br />From the results, my career to research is: Pediatrics (1 mark)<br /><ul><li>Job Description: brief description of job, any personality traits that are helpful and special skills needed. (5 points)
  2. 2. They are medical doctors who have taken 4 additional years of training in the treatment and diagnosis of children’s illnesses
  3. 3. 4-year degree in the field of medicine (pre-med)
  4. 4. 4-years of med-school
  5. 5. 4-years of an internship
  6. 6. 1 or 2 years of fellowship afterwards
  7. 7. Working Conditions: the usual hours of work (shift, overtime, weekends etc.), are there any age, gender, or physical requirements? Physical layout of workplace (office, outside etc.) Hazards or risks of job. (5 points)
  8. 8. They work 50 hours per week
  9. 9. They can take either a ½ day or full day off during the week
  10. 10. “make rounds” and see new babies and any sick kids that have been hospitalized (office)
  11. 11. Shifts usually begin at 8:30 or 9:00 am to 4 or 5 pm
  12. 12. On weekends, doctors answer phone calls and sometimes has to visit the hospital to see sick patients
  13. 13. Wages and Earnings: is it salary? Do you get paid overtime? What is the starting wage? Top wage? Average wage? Future wages? Any benefits such as extended medical, dental, insurance etc? (5 points)
  14. 14. Starting salary is about $120-130,000 a year
  15. 15. Top wage is about $400,000 a year
  16. 16. Average salary is as low as $100,000 to a high $160,000
  17. 17. Benefits are maternity leave, dental assistance plan, major medical insurance
  18. 18. Group life insurance and vacation
  19. 19. Career Path: Where do you begin in this career? How do you move up? What is the outlook at present? What are the different levels? How are they different? (5 points)
  20. 20. You begin by becoming a physician ( graduating from college and going to med school)
  21. 21. Do a residency for 3 years
  22. 22. Take the MCAT ( a test to get into med school)
  23. 23. Study medicine
  24. 24. Have to obtain “A-Levels” in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics etc.
  25. 25. Education and Training Requirements: describe the education/training or work experience required for this occupation. Include the type of education, length of training, and cost of training. Do you need special licenses or certificates? Does the work require technology? (5 points)
  26. 26. 4-years degree from graduating from college and a 4-year degree from going to med school ($15,000 a year-over $50,000)
  27. 27. Residency in pediatric medicine (3or 4 years)
  28. 28. Medical boards administered by your state
  29. 29. Genomic technologies
  30. 30. Genetic Analysis</li></ul>Part C<br />Post secondary #1 (5 points)<br />Post secondary Institution locationUniversity of Maryland College ParkName of programChemical and Life SciencesBrief DescriptionThis is a 4-year program where I can take part in a specialized secondary school and learn about ecology and the conservation biology, Neuroscience, Biophysics etcWhy I want to learn/train hereI want to learn at this institution because I feel that it will give me all the information and knowledge that can help me towards my future education<br />Post secondary #2 (5 points)<br />Post secondary Institution locationJohn Hopkins UniversityName of ProgramMedical ScienceBrief DescriptionA 4 or 5 years program that applies methods in epidemiology, biostatistics etc. that teaches all the basics of the scientific fieldWhy I want to learn/train hereI think that John Hopkins has the right professionals to help me comprehend all the aspects of the scientific field and I would be more than happy to complete my education here<br />Part D<br />Education Path: identify the courses Parkdale offers that best fit your focus area/career choice. List 5 possible electives that you have taken or will take. (5 points)<br />Electives<br />1. AP BiologyGrade: C<br />2. Environmental ScienceGrade: A<br />3. PhysicsGrade: A<br />4. ChemistryGrade: A<br />5. Trig-AnalysisGrade: B<br />Part E<br />Work Experience/ Volunteer/External Courses<br />Often you have performed valuable skills that assist you in pursuing your chosen career. Briefly describe two community programs or projects that you could be involved in to gain additional skills or experience related to your career choice. (4 points)<br /><ul><li>University of Maryland Medical Center Volunteer Program
  31. 31. Anne Arundel Community College’s Home Health Aide Programs</li></ul>Part F<br />Networking (10 points)<br />Briefly describe a network of 5 people who could help you achieve your chosen career goal. These could be teachers, coaches, counselors, neighbors, friends, and/or relatives. Name the person, describe the relationship and briefly describe how they could help you.<br />NameRelationshipHow They Can HelpRegina ForetiaMotherShe can tell me all I need to know about med school and beyondMr. JaredSecurity/AdministrationHe can tell me some of the courses I need to take in order to be a pediatricianDawn BerkeleyTeacherShe can provide me with all the information about science (biology) in order to prepare me for collegeWilhemina GoffCounselorShe can help me narrow down my options and be straight forward and ready for my future educationElizabeth NguasongAuntCan tell me what days are like being a nurse/doctor<br />Part G<br />Evaluating Websites (9points)<br />During this activity, you have used a variety of book references and websites to gather information, now it is important for you to evaluate which ones you found useful and why. You must evaluate a minimum of three (3) sources that you used to complete this project.<br />Source#1 #2 Ease of navigationSometimes it gives me information I don’t understand and its hard to search for what I am looking forIt gave me too little information and not enough to go and recordGeneral User AppealIt does supply me with very accurate information when I find what I am looking for on their websiteIt gave some of the exact amounts of pediatrician’s wages and earningsQuality and ReliabilityIt is very reliable and I feel I can turn back to it whenever I need to use it as a sourceIt is not quite reliable but I would request it if someone’s need some what reliable informationSource #3 gave me no trouble but actually helped me know what it is like in a day of a pediatricianIt was very accurate and helpful and it gave me exact information on my topicIt is very reliable and I had no trouble doing my research<br />Part G: The Wrap Up (15 points)<br />This is where you need to reflect on all the information you have gathered and write a paragraph(s) that tells me why you are or are not still interest in pursuing the career you have researched. It should be typed and approximately 200-300 words.<br />After doing all of this research I am definitely still interested in pursuing a career in Pediatrics. I believe that my love for helping children has surpassed all my other goals and that’s why I want to keep this career that I have chosen. I feel that going through all of the hard work to become a pediatrician will be very helpful in the end because it will better prepare me for the real world. No one wants to have a job that doesn’t make them happy and in the end they will probably end up quitting. A career in pediatrics will help break all the barriers that I have held up for so long and finally be in a place where I know that I feel happy and joyful. I am still strong and confident about my career choice because I know that it make me feel useful that I can make a difference in a child’s life. I love the way children smile when they know they are going to be alright and when they get stickers for being good patients. I endure the fact that this job keeps me busy, occupied and goal-oriented. I crave knowing what type of problem I am going to have to solve next or what type of patient am I going to see. Life as a pediatrician is one that I know will be able to keep me stable, confident, and proud to be a living human being who helps to save lives.<br />Part H: Bibliography (5 points)<br />Create a bibliography, using the proper format, to record, where you collected your information from. You must include a source other that an internet website. Your bibliography should be typed and then attached to your project.<br />" Becoming a Pediatrician." April.2005: 1. Web. 10 Feb 2010.<br />" Pediatrician Job Description." Pediatrician Jobs (2006): 1. Web. 10 Feb 2010<br />Iannelli, Pediatrics. " Interview with a Pediatrician." (2008): 3. Web. 10 Feb 2010.<br />