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LAI/CILIP conference handout 2013


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LAI/CILIP conference handout 2013

  1. 1. LAI/CILIP Annual Joint Conference and Exhibition 2013 Session C Career Development Groups April 10th 2013, 3.30pmAgendaSpeakers: Giada Gelli (Chair) & Daniel Murray (Secretary)Facilitator: Margaret Hayes (DCPL) LAI Career Development Group: who we are, what we do Developing your career while in work Developing your career when out of work Starting your career as a new professional Open floor discussion  Q1: What is your approach to career development?  Q2: What difficulties have you encountered?Contact us!For any questions just drop us an email atcdginfo(at)libraryassociation(dot)ieFor more information on the current committee check the LAI website about what we do on our blog us on Twitter @LAICDGroup friend us on Facebook
  2. 2. Inspirational bits…The Benefits of Professional ActivismJon Scown, CILIP Career Development Group, 2010Scown advised Members [of the Career Development Group] that by beingprofessionally involved professionals they would gain a portfolio of transferableskills.These included organizational skills (such as planning events and committee work),time management skills (including prioritizing work), financial skills (of whichprofessionals may not already have experience) and communication skills (such aswriting articles, reports and content for the Web). Professionals involved in activismmay also have the opportunity to develop influencing skills (such as persuasion andfund raising), interpersonal skills (for example talking to people at different levels, orusing tact and diplomacy on committees) and leadership skills (including skills suchas thinking strategically and flexibly).These skills are useful in many different types of work and allow professionals to feelmore confident to apply for different jobs and seize opportunities in differentsectors. He suggested that employers would also gain from their employees beinginvolved in activism as they will gain new skills, become more motivated and buildbetter connections with colleagues. He concluded that being involved in professionalactivism can be challenging, hard work, rewarding and fun.Source: