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Career Development Group launch


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Presentation outlining the background of the Library Association of Ireland's Career Development Group. Presented at the launch of the group on 23rd October 2012 at a LAI general meeting held the National Gallery of Ireland.

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Career Development Group launch

  2. 2. Beginning... December 2011: the Employment Group is born 1st meeting outside of lecture theatre in TCD Google Groups online forum created Analysis of LAI Taskforce on Employment Support’s report (2011) January 2012: submission of motions for LAI AGM (March) - rejected
  3. 3. ... developments... February 2012: LIS Career Development Group & Netvibes tool April 2012: Informal Networking Event June 2012: Proposal letter to LAI Council to establish a new group within LAI July 2012: meeting with the LAI Council - aims and objectives
  4. 4. ... to today September 2012: LAI Council discusses creation of LAI Career Development Group Today: LAI Career Development Group is born!
  5. 5. Contacts & Resources• Google Groups forum• LIS Career Development Ireland Netvibes portal