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8.individual presentation

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8.individual presentation

  1. 1. WHY I PICKED HORROR?I picked horror because it targets teenagers aged at 16-19.a lot of teenagers said they would rather go to the cinemas to watch a horror film instead of any other genre.Also horror has a wide range of ways to cause enigma.
  2. 2. CONVERSIONS OF HORRORHorror films are designed to:Scare the audienceCause dread and alarmTo gore the audience ,making then feel sick.Lots of tensionquick shots of characters
  3. 3. Films that have inspired me- horrorSaw- inspired me because its leaves the audience felling scared.It also inspired me because it leave u thinking what can happen in every day life to people .Paranormal activity- a thriller about a family that get hunted in the night by ghosts. This film inspired me because when you watching it feels like your being brought into the film to.
  4. 4. BRAINSTORMBoy friend hit Boyfriend seehes girl friend a text fromand strangles another man her to death. on his girlfriends phone. Psycso Girlfriend try to explain that the boy texting her is Girl friend only her friend. talks about Boyfriend startshim getting of shouting, saying drug. I don’t believe you.
  5. 5. What happens in the whole film :Boyfriend see his girlfriends phone on the bed picks it up and see a text from another man on his girlfriends phone.Girlfriend try to explain that the boy texting her is only her friend: speaks about her boyfriend not trusting her.Boyfriend starts shouting, saying I don’t believe you, starts walking up to her.Girl friend trys to talks about him getting of drug.Boy friend hit hes girl friend and strangles her to death
  6. 6. In the opening sequence:Maya walks out of the room.Leon hears the phone vibrate on the bedLeon picks up the phone and reads his girlfriends phoneLeon starts shouting out loud asking who is john.Maya remains silent for a while.
  7. 7. THE CHARACTERSMaya represents the girlfriend aged 18 wears bright cloths very confidant and attractive.Leon normal boy aged 19, has bad temper, interested in football, wears dark cloths to hide his Identity .
  8. 8. HOW AM I GOING TO CREATE ENIGMAGoing to create enigma by :taking sharp cutsPlay musiccreate tension at the end
  9. 9. WHO IS MY TARGET AUDIENCE?Age- 16-19Gender-suitabal for any gender.Interests- people who like watching filmsLocation- some ones house
  10. 10. QUESTIONNAIREBy watching the opening sequence will you go on to watch the hole film?Females-7Male-6How much will you pay to watch my film in the cinemasMost females -6-8 poundsMost meal-6-9 pounds

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