4.drama & horror


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4.drama & horror

  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT 4.DRAMA & HORROR By Gia & Milka
  2. 2. HISTORY ABOUT HORROR Horror is an olden art form. They have tried to frighten people with tales which trigger the lesslogical parts of our imaginations for as long as they told stories. Approximately when this genre was established is, 1890s–1920s.
  3. 3. why horror was establishedDesigners say different versions of a single genelinked to feelings of tension can explain the wayin which some people purely cannot bear suchmovies, while others enjoy the suspense and thegore.The findings may explain why it is that over thepast 35 years people have had wildly differentreactions to horror film
  4. 4. CONVENTIONSHorror films, when done well and with less trust onhorrifying special effects, can be extremely forcefulfilm forms, tapping into our dream states and thehorror of the silly and unknown, and the horrorwithin man himself.
  5. 5. HOW HAS HORROR EVOLVED OVER THE YEARS? Those who dare to do exciting, groundbreaking, truthful, deep subjectareas and font are following with their audiences. have evolved by taking risks.
  6. 6. Dramatic Conventions:Stay the fixed actions ororganizations the actor, writeror manager has busy to create awanted affected effect or style.
  7. 7.  How horror has changed over time The setting in which a text is produced, that is the gathering of factors outside thetext which knowingly determine its meaning (i.e. the time, place and values of the societyin which it was collected), have an important influence on the reception and symbol ofthe genre of which that text is a part. An example of such an rate is the horror genreand the way in which it has varied and taken numerous forms throughout time and indifferent cultures. In order to be defined as a text from the horror genre, certain characteristics areusually required, yet due to the constantly changing values of society throughout time,not to mention the opposite values of different cultures around the world, thesecharacteristics are not only pretty broad, but open to use and assumption as a result ofthe different time and place, as well as the values of the society in which a text isproduced.
  8. 8. Saw Director-James Wan Plot-. Both men are chained at the ankle to the pipes at oppositeends of the room. Lying between them is a body in a small pool ofblood holding a handgun and recorder. There pretending to be thevictim. Distribution company -Lions Gate Entertainment Released- 29 October 2004 How does this film meet conventions of horror?
  9. 9.  Night of the demon Director - Jacques Tourneur Plot-In England, Professor Harrington approaches Dr. Julian Karswell, the leader of asatanic cult, promising to call off an investigation of the cult if Karswell would call off"what he has started". Karswell agrees. After learning that a parchment given to Harringtonhas disintegrated, he ushers Harrington out. After Harrington arrives at his home, a demonmaterializes in the woods and approaches Harrington. Fleeing in his car, Harrington crashesinto a telegraph pole which causes falling power lines to electrocute him. Distribution company- Released-1957 British horror film
  10. 10.  Paranormal activity Director - Oren Peli Plot- a student who claims that a ghostly entity has haunted her sinceher youth.Distribution company- Paramount PicturesReleased- 2007
  11. 11.  Drag me to hell Director- Sam Raimi Plot-The plot focuses on loan officer Christine Brown , who tries to impressher boss by refusing to extend a loan to a gypsy woman by the name of Mrs.Ganush . Distribution company-lionsgate uk Released- 27 May 2009
  12. 12.  Prom night 2 Director –Nelson McCormick Plot – revengeWhen Hamilton Highs Prom Queen of 1957, Mary Lou Maloney is killed byher jilted boyfriend, she comes back for revenge 30 years later. Released- 13 November 1987
  13. 13. WHAT DID LEARN FROM THESES FILMS 1950 films They used a more methods in giving their films through widescreenand big-approach methods. The early 20th century brought more signs for the horror genre including thefirst monster to appear in a full-length horror film. I learnt that over time there has been changes in horror films, there has been achange in technology so they is more of a chance you being scared now a day morethan be for.
  14. 14. H OW T H E F I L M S I N S P I R E D M E The films inspired me because they all meet up to expectations, allthe films I picked are horror films so they are meant to scare you andmake you feel disgusted and these films did.