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GHY University June 2013 - Social Media for Business


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When people think of Social Media, it is rare that their first thought is how you use it in a business context. Perhaps you have heard or thought some of the following; Social Media is a Fad that will pass; Social Media doesn't apply to my business; Were not in retail so social media is not for us; I just use social media to monitor my kids online activity

If you have an open mind, and willingness to learn, then this session is for you. Understand the journey involved, where to start, and even some tips and tricks along the way to help you understand how you can use Social Media for Business.

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GHY University June 2013 - Social Media for Business

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  6. 6. 2013-06-266Trip Planning – It Starts with Your First StepSocial Media – It Starts with Your First Step1} Why are you going online? (Strategy)2} Something to talk about? (Content)3} Where are you going? (Ability)4} Find Your Audience? (Who)5} Understand the conversation? (Listen)6} Add value to the conversation? (Engage)7} How do you know your successful? (Measure)Contact 411LinkedIn / Facebook / Google+: Nigel FortlageSkype / Twitter: @nfortlagePh: 204-947-6851Email: nigel@ghy.comAbout Me: