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Industries should be relocated outside Dhaka


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Powerpoint Presentation on Industries should be relocated outside Dhaka

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Industries should be relocated outside Dhaka

  1. 1. Industries should be relocated outside Dhaka KHAN MD. SAZZAD HOSSAIN ID: 12-20546-1 SPRING 2011-2012AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY - BANGLADESH
  2. 2. Contents Environmental Problems Water Pollution Air Pollution Noise Pollution Population Problem Risk of Security Conclusion
  3. 3. Water Pollution 7,000 industries in Dhaka metropolitan area. Discharged 67% of total waste. Generated 150 cubic metres of waste water every day. 356 dyeing factories and 198 tanneries are the main polluters of the rivers.
  4. 4. Air Pollution 1,000 brick kilns. Toxic fumes from industrial sites.
  5. 5. Noise Pollution Continuous running of high speed turbo machinery. Vibration of pipelines and structures. Transmission of high pressure gas.
  6. 6. Population Problem 2 million Garment workers. Number of floating people.
  7. 7. Risk of SecurityIndustries in residential areas has put ourhealth, safety and quality of life at risk.
  8. 8. Conclusion Decentralization Financial Aid Building Awareness
  9. 9. Reference
  10. 10. Questions