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  • As a reminder - GMH ranked for second consecutive year. Over the year, I’ll briefly discuss each ranking to give everyone a better idea of the criteria used to rank each specialty This time I’ll focus on gastroenterology. Before looking at the details, it is important to highlight that these rankings were possible because we’re an integrated delivery system.
  • Integrated system – This was a system award. GMH couldn’t have accomplished these ratings along. Our specialty hospitals allow patients to receive right care, right place, right time allowing space at GMH for the most complex and difficult cases; physician practices integration; clinical staff trained in special areas i.e. palliative care. Now, let’s take a closer look at the gastroenterology ranking.
  • This slide includes all of the categories. Next slide breaks down Technology and Patient Svc.
  • 2008 technology and services; By looking at these, you can see how many staff throughout the system contribute to the rankings – nurses, technicians, physicians, translators … Again, if not for a highly integrated delivery system with highly trained and committed staff – these rankings would not be possible. Thank you.
  • Key Points:
  • Key Points:
  • May 2011 Town Hall

    1. 1. Town Hall Meetings<br />Series 19<br />May 2011<br />
    2. 2. 2<br />Acknowledge<br />Introduce<br />Duration<br />Explain<br />Thank<br />
    3. 3. AGENDA<br />Vision, Mission, Values<br />SC State Budget Update <br />– Howell Clyborne, VP for Government and Community Relations<br />Campus President Update<br />System Goals and other Updates<br />Employee Opinion Survey Results<br />Wrap-Up, Questions, and Surveys <br />
    4. 4. Who We Are<br />Our Vision<br />Transform health care for the benefit of the people and communities we serve.<br />Our Mission<br />Heal compassionately. Teach innovatively. Improve constantly.<br />
    5. 5. What We Stand For<br />GHS Values<br />Our core values are compassion, respect, caring, honesty, integrity, and trust. We live our values through open communication, forward thinking, creativity, continually striving to improve, responsiveness, a willingness to change, education, research, and clinical quality.<br />
    6. 6. State of South Carolina Economic Overview<br />Howell Clyborne<br />VP, Community and Government Affairs<br />
    7. 7. 7<br />South Carolina’s Economy<br />A $1.2 billion drop in South Carolina’s State Budget over three years. <br />Source: <br />South Carolina Board of Economic Advisors<br />*Includes Trust Funds<br />
    8. 8. SC Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) FY 11-12<br />8<br />SC House budget line for HHS:<br />$ 947,371,086<br />SC Senate budget line for HHS:<br />$ 917,279,786<br />Specific Impact to Hospitals<br /><ul><li>Reducing growth rate from 10% to 8%
    9. 9. $125 million from a reduction in provider rates
    10. 10. Cuts will not be across the board.
    11. 11. Estimated cuts to hospitals 10% or higher! </li></ul>Specific Impact to GHS: $20 Million<br />
    12. 12. House Passed Their Version of Budget in March<br />We anticipate the Senate will pass their version in early May<br />The Budget will go to a Conference Committee<br />The Governor will have veto option<br />Where Are We In the Process?<br />9<br />
    13. 13. Campus President’s Update<br />10<br />
    14. 14. FY 2011 Goals Update<br />11<br />
    15. 15. Pillar Frameworkfor FY 2011<br />
    16. 16. We work to transform health care.<br />Measured by: <br />2011 Employee Opinion Survey – <br /> Commitment Index Score<br />Target: 4.29 (85th Percentile)<br />Result: 4.21 (72nd Percentile)<br />
    17. 17. Patients and families are the focus of everything we do.<br />Measured by: <br /> HCAHPS Overall Rating*(Percent 9’s and 10’s)<br /> Press Ganey Overall Mean Scores**<br />3<br />
    18. 18. We provide right care at the right time and in the right place.<br />2<br />
    19. 19. A great example of personal commitment to our culture of patient safety.<br />Spotlight on “Owner” Behavior<br />Kathy Taylor, RN NICU<br />Identified a safety risk with identical clear tubing for IV fluids and humidifying mist in incubators<br />Raised the issue with her nurse manager, Jennifer Griffin and they contacted the manufacturer<br />RESULT: blue tubing for humidifier/clear for IV fluids.<br />16<br />
    20. 20. We develop our System to meet the needs of our communities.<br />1<br />1<br />Through March 2011<br />
    21. 21. We responsibly direct our resources to support our mission.<br />Measured by: <br />Operating Margin<br />Through March 2011<br />
    22. 22. We educate to transform health care.<br />Measured by: <br />Implementation of strategic initiatives that advance our Academic Health System model.<br />Target:<br />Achieve preliminary accreditation of USCSOM-Greenville during October, 2011.<br />YTD RESULT: LCME application submitted. Site visit scheduled for July.<br />
    23. 23. FY 2011 Employee IncentiveMid-Year Projection<br />0.15*<br />0.25*<br />0.30*<br />0.30*<br />---<br />---<br />0.0<br />0.0<br />0.20<br />0.25<br />*Weighting<br />Dashed lines indicate scores that could still change as the fiscal year progresses.<br />Mid-Year Projection: 0.45 of a possible1.0% of earnings<br />Potential Employee Incentive:<br /><ul><li> Up to 1% of FY 2010 earnings; maximum of $1,000</li></ul>Linked to GHS Organizational Goals<br /><ul><li> All employees share these goals
    24. 24. Same calculation for all levels in the organization</li></ul>FY 2011 Financial Trigger – No payout if payment would result in an operating margin of less than 1.5%.<br />
    25. 25. Two More Quick Updates<br />21<br />
    26. 26. US News & World ReportBest Hospitals<br />Greenville Memorial Hospital<br /> #25 #39 #45<br />Drill-Down<br />
    27. 27. How We Did It<br />Commitment to being a highly integrated delivery system:<br />Specialty hospitals<br />Regional referral center<br />Physician practices (employed/affiliated)<br />Clinical staff<br />Ranking Criteria – reputation, mortality, patient safety, and other (technology, patient services, presence of intensivists, palliative care…)<br />
    28. 28. Heart & Heart Surgery<br />
    29. 29. Heart and Heart Surgery<br />Technology<br /><ul><li>Cardiac ICU
    30. 30. Multi-slice spiral CT
    31. 31. PET/CT scanner</li></ul>× Robotic surgery<br /><ul><li>Single-photon-emission CT
    32. 32. Transplant services*</li></ul>*Hospitals can get 2 points for transplant services if they perform both tissue & heart transplants.<br />Patient Service<br /><ul><li>Cardiac Rehab
    33. 33. Hospice</li></ul>× Pain management<br /><ul><li>Palliative care
    34. 34. Patient-controlled analgesia
    35. 35. Translators
    36. 36. Wound-management services</li></ul>Related UMG physician group – Carolina Cardiology and Dept. of Surgery/Cardiothoracic Surgery<br />
    37. 37. Greenville Pitches Infor GHS MedEx Academy<br />June 29th at Flour Field<br />Come out and throw a “first pitch” and maybe see some of the Drive players up close and personal<br />Pitching Time: 4:00 -6:00 p.m.<br />Game Time: 7:00 p.m.<br />$1.00 from each game day ticket purchased will be donated to GHS MedEx Academy<br />Enjoy the game and support our MedEx program.<br />26<br />
    38. 38. 2011 Employee Opinion Survey Results<br />27<br />
    39. 39. Morehead’s National Healthcare Average<br />Updated annually and reflective of over 350 organizations, more than 800 healthcare facilities and over one million healthcare workers, Morehead’s National Healthcare Average is a benchmark designed to mirror the distribution (geography and sector) of the U.S. healthcare labor force. <br />Representative clients include:<br /><ul><li>Advocate Healthcare
    40. 40. Carolinas HealthCare System
    41. 41. Catholic Health East
    42. 42. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
    43. 43. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
    44. 44. Cincinnati Children's Hospital
    45. 45. Legacy Health System (OR)
    46. 46. NYU Medical Center
    47. 47. Provena Health
    48. 48. Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
    49. 49. Scottsdale Healthcare (AZ)
    50. 50. Texas Children’s Hospital
    51. 51. The Methodist Hospital System (TX)
    52. 52. Univ. of California Medical Centers
    53. 53. Univ. of Chicago Medical Center</li></ul>28<br />28<br />
    54. 54. GHS System Results<br />29<br />29<br />
    55. 55. Employee Participation<br />Administration Period: March 2011<br />Historical<br />Response<br />Rate Trend<br />Administration Mode: Online Survey<br />7,894<br />7,842<br />7,048<br />9,978<br />Employees<br />Invited<br />7,842<br />Employees<br />Responded<br />
    56. 56. Domain Scores <br />
    57. 57. Key Findings<br />Accomplishments<br /><ul><li>Workforce commitment continues to score significantly (+.05) above National Healthcare (NHC) Average
    58. 58. Strongest aspect of commitment is “I would recommend this organization to family and friends who need care.”
    59. 59. Over 60% (7 out of 11) of the facilities scored above the NHC Average
    60. 60. Highest performing item is “My work unit works well together.”
    61. 61. Most improved item is “Employees in my work unit help customers, clients, patients even when it's not part of their job.”</li></ul>Opportunities<br /><ul><li>Employee respect and fair comp/benefits performed below NHC Average (both previously significantly above)
    62. 62. Number of Tier I work units decreases to 230 (39%) and Tier III increases to 123 (21%)
    63. 63. Lowest performing item is “I am satisfied with my benefits.”
    64. 64. Items with greatest decline is “My pay is fair compared to other healthcare employers in this area.”
    65. 65. Lack of employee involvement cited the most (+60%) as a reason to leave</li></li></ul><li>Overall Workforce Commitment*<br />2011<br />Greenville<br />Hospital<br />System<br />Performance Difference:<br />Workforce<br />CommitmentPercentile<br /> Ranking<br />National<br />Healthcare<br />Average<br />2010<br />GHS<br />2009<br />GHS<br />4.21<br />+.05<br />72nd<br />-.08<br />-.10<br />Note – In this presentation GREEN/ RED notes a statistically significant difference.<br /><ul><li>National Healthcare Average +/- .03
    66. 66. Greenville Hospital System 2010 +/- .03
    67. 67. Greenville Hospital System 2009 +/- .03</li></ul>*This is the GHS system measure for our People Goal.<br />
    68. 68. Measuring Workforce Commitment<br />
    69. 69. Workforce Commitment by Facility<br />
    70. 70. Workforce Commitment by Facility (continued)<br />
    71. 71. Workforce Commitment by Position<br />Senior Management (11)<br />+.62<br />Centerline is 2011 GHS Workforce Commitment Score 4.21<br />Leadership Team (115)<br />+.39<br />Management (469)<br />+.29<br />Non-clinical Professional (253)<br />+.20<br />Employed Physician (271)<br />+.19<br />Non-clinical Technician (194)<br />+.15<br />Natl HC Avg<br />CI = 4.16<br />Administrative/Fiscal (1,668)<br />-.01<br />Clinical Technician (1,035)<br />-.02<br />Other Non-clinical Support (534)<br />-.02<br />Other Clinical Support (782)<br />-.06<br />Registered Nurse (1,979)<br />-.08<br />Clinical Professional (491)<br />-.12<br />Physician Resident (40)<br />-.13<br />
    72. 72. Workforce Commitment by Tenure<br />The GHS 2011 Average is 4.21<br />Natl HC Avg<br />CI = 4.16<br />
    73. 73. Workforce Commitment by Shift<br />Centerline is 2011 GHS Workforce Commitment Score 4.21<br />Day shift (6,427)<br />+.03<br />Night shift (906)<br />-.11<br />Natl HC Avg<br />CI = 4.16<br />Evening shift (509)<br />-.14<br />
    74. 74. Workforce Commitment by Gender<br />Centerline is 2011 GHS Workforce Commitment Score 4.21<br />+.03<br />Male (1,375)<br />Natl HC Avg<br />CI = 4.16<br />Female (6,467)<br />-.01<br />
    75. 75. Workforce Commitment by Race<br />Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander (5)<br />+.14<br />Centerline is 2011 GHS Workforce Commitment Score 4.21<br />+.11<br />Hispanic or Latino (169)<br />.00<br />White (6,320)<br />-.01<br />Asian (107)<br />Natl HC Avg<br />CI = 4.16<br />-.04<br />Black or African American (1,203)<br />-.08<br />American Indian or AK Native (12)<br />-.36<br />Two or more races (26)<br />
    76. 76. Workforce Commitment by Age<br />The GHS 2011 Average is 4.21<br />Natl HC Avg<br />CI = 4.16<br />
    77. 77. Key Driver Analysis<br />
    78. 78. Measuring Domain Performance<br />
    79. 79. Highest Performing Items<br />
    80. 80. Lowest Performing Items<br />
    81. 81. Most Improved Items<br />
    82. 82. Items with Greatest Decline<br />
    83. 83. Open-ended Comment Items<br />What do you like best about working for this organization?<br />Percent of total comments by theme:<br />26<br />The people<br />4,904<br />respondents<br />provided<br />feedback<br />18<br />Quality leadership<br />17<br />Outstanding patient care provided here<br />10<br />Teamwork<br />63% of<br />respondents<br />provided<br />feedback<br />10<br />Opportunities for learning and career advancement<br />8<br />My job<br />
    84. 84. Open-ended Comment Items<br />Please provide one suggestion on how to make this organization a better place to work.<br />Percent of total comments by theme:<br />29<br />Improve pay and benefits<br />5,200<br />respondents<br />provided<br />feedback<br />18<br />Address staffing issues<br />11<br />Promote leadership development<br />9<br />Open lines of communication<br />66% of<br />respondents<br />provided<br />feedback<br />8<br />Update the facility, equipment, and technology<br />7<br />Respect and listen to employees<br />
    85. 85. Work Unit Results(Tiers 1, 2 and 3)<br />
    86. 86. Morehead’s Tier Classifications<br />Typical Expectations: Maintain Tier 1 status, assist Tier 3 and Tier 2 managers with action planning best practices<br />High Survey Scores: minimal action planning activities<br />Typical Expectations: AchieveTier 1 status through action plan development/implementation<br />Average Survey Scores: action planning activities typically required<br />Typical Expectations: Achieve Tier 2 status through action plan development/implementation and support by senior leadership and HR/OD<br />Low Survey Scores: significant action planning activities <br />
    87. 87. Greenville Health System<br />Tier Results<br />Historical<br />Tier Movement<br />235 WU<br />107 WU<br />123 WU<br />217 WU<br />276 WU<br />230WU<br />Tier 1 = Power Items Score™ ≥ 4.15<br />Tier 2 = Power Items Score™ ≥ 3.80 and < 4.15<br />Tier 3 = Power Items Score™ < 3.80<br />
    88. 88. A Few Last Observations<br />
    89. 89. GHS Employee Survey ResultsFive-Year Trend <br />55<br />91st<br />72nd<br />16th<br />Press Ganey<br />
    90. 90. Town Hall Surveys Offer a Snapshot Between Annual Surveys <br />56<br />Town Hall Survey Results Compared to Selected Questions from the Annual Employee Opinion Survey<br />Higher scores among Town Hall Attendees.<br />
    91. 91. A Theory and a Quick Small Group Discussion<br />57<br />Our Theory<br />Employees who attend Town Hall Meetings are generally more engaged and have a better understanding of what’s happening at GHS.<br />
    92. 92. A Theory and a Quick Small Group Discussion<br />58<br />Our Theory<br />Employees who attend Town Hall Meetings are generally more engaged and have a better understanding of what’s happening at GHS.<br />Discussion<br />Does this theory make sense to you?<br />How could you help generate more participation in Town Hall Meetings?<br />Please record you thoughts on the Town Hall Survey Question 4.3 (additional comments)<br />
    93. 93. Departmental Meetings<br />Zero-In on your work unit’s results<br />Develop department-specific action plans<br />System-Level Action Planning<br />Detailed review of system results by Senior Leadership<br />System-level action plan will be developed to include planned and new initiatives<br />Next Steps<br />59<br />
    94. 94. Questions<br />
    95. 95. Please Complete the TOWN HALLSurvey<br />61<br />
    96. 96. 62<br />Please Complete the Survey<br />Please complete BOTH sides of survey formAnswers to many of your questions are in the Town Hall Q&A handout.<br />
    97. 97. 63<br />Acknowledge<br />Introduce<br />Duration<br />Explain<br />THANK YOU!<br />