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dental implants


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For many years now people who have been frustrated with dentures or teeth that are worn down or missing have been significantly improving their lives with dental implants.

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dental implants

  1. 1. ‘‘How To Look Years Younger, Smile Confidently, Regain Your Self-Esteem, Look More Attractive And Enjoy The Foods You Love Once Again…’’ From: Louis Pelletier d.d.For many years now people who have been frustrated with dentures or teeth that are worn down ormissing have been significantly improving their lives with dental implants.This science has advanced to the point where you can have all your teeth back in one quick andvirtually painless visit. Yes! You can actually walk out with a brand-new smile and throw your olddentures in the garbage for good!If you are frustrated about: Loose-fitting dentures that can pop out of your mouth at the worst possible time… Looking older than your years, and developing wrinkles and flabby muscles around your mouth… Being self-conscious about your missing teeth or unsightly dentures… Having to choose your foods carefully because you can’t chew comfortably… Or worse yet, not being able to eat what your loved ones are eating… Painful rubbing of your dentures against your sensitive gums…
  2. 2. Then do I have news for you! There is a quick, virtually painless solution that perfectly imitatesnatural teeth.This procedure could be the best fit for you if: You are ashamed of the way you look… Your dentures just aren’t what you thought they would be… You deeply want to look a lot younger, and be more attractive… You have had bad experiences in the past with dentists, and you are afraid of the pain… You want to keep your existing teeth in your mouth longer…If you answered yes, this report could change the quality of your life forever. Introducing ‘‘The Cutting Edge Solution: Montreal Dental Implants’’We’ll cover many subjects in the remainder of this report, including:1. What is a dental implant?2. Why should I get implants?3. Why should I choose you?4. Frequently asked questions. What is a Dental Implant?A Montreal dental implant is an artificial «tooth root» that is made of lightweight titanium, the safest,most robust and long-lasting material available today. Titanium has the unique ability to adherepermanently to bone. Implants are placed into the jawbone and are then used to attach new teeth.The procedure is performed in one appointment and is almost always painless. Why Should I Get Implants?Dental implants are the best way to permanently replace missing teeth.Implants look and feel like natural teeth. They are about 90% as strong as real teeth so they area much better solution than conventional dentures. In addition, if you take good care of your newteeth, your one-time investment can last for decades.
  3. 3. Help Prevent Premature DeathMissing teeth and wearing ill-fitting dentures can wreak havoc on your body and send you to anearly grave. A world renowned medical authority, Dr. Charles Mayo, stated : ‘‘A healthy mouth canadd ten years to your life.’’ Tooth loss has been linked to a higher probability of heart disease, strokeand osteoporosis. So your health and potential lifespan are directly linked to having strong, healthyteeth… Bone LossWhen you lose your teeth, the body begins to remove the calcium from your jaw bones, and uses itelsewhere in the body. This is called bone resorption and it can give you that sunken facial look overtime. Implants significantly slows down the melting of your jawbone and prevents the loss of evenmore teeth.Bone loss and advanced aging triggered by missing teeth.If you have an interest in getting implants, it is best to get the procedure done sooner than laterbefore you lose too much bone. If that’s already the case with you, you can still have implants, butyou must first undergo bone augmentation. Loss Of Esthetic AppearanceNot correcting this problem will eventually alter your facial expression. You can lose your smile over itas well as feel unattractive to the opposite sex. Prevent Dental MigrationsTeeth have a tendency to migrate to the place from which another tooth was extracted. Thisphenomenon happens over time, but the consequences are troubling. You can have more cavitiesand periodontal trouble (issues with the supporting tissues) of your remaining teeth. In other wordschances are you will lose those teeth in the long run. That means more health problems and moredental costs. Significant Loss of the Ability to ChewOf course, the fewer teeth you have, the harder your other teeth will have to work to ‘‘replace’’ them.Remaining teeth can’t put up with all the pressure. In fact, they will become tired, cracked and wornout over time, and you will have new problems to deal with.
  4. 4. You know that digestion begins in the mouth. A limited ability to chew will hinder your ability todigest well and may trigger nutrient malabsorption. This can cause a host of other health problemsand diseases. Avoid Painful Irritation Of The GumsTraditional, low quality dentures can be a cause of constant discomfort for certain people. Even muchhigher quality BPS precision dentures can be a source of mild pain during the adjustment period. Eat The Foods You’ve Always LovedWith your new ability to chew comfortably, you will be able to savourand enjoy your favourite foods once again. It’s time to put an end toyour soft food diet! Look And Feel Years Younger!Let’s face it. Nothing screams, ‘‘Old age!’’ like having missing teethor wearing a clumsy denture. When you get your new teeth you will feel younger and people willcompliment you on your new look. How will that feel? Your Life Expectancy Will ImproveYou will live longer and the quality of your life along the way will be significantly enhanced! Sinceyou’ll be able to eat more of the quality foods your body is craving for like fruits and vegetables,you’ll be healthier, you’ll look better and you’ll feel great about yourself. Also, the risk of having oralcancer, gum disease and heart disease will plummet. You’ll Be Able To Fully Enjoy YourselfImplants will allow you to be yourself so you can laugh and smile asmuch as you want, without being self-conscious or afraid that yourdentures will embarrass you. Nothing in your mouth will look or feelfake! This will boost your confidence and self-esteem overnight, andpeople will notice. Why Should I Choose You?1. HonestyYou need to know the truth.Honesty is one of my highest values because I realize that your health, well-being, self-esteem andcomfort are on the line. There are no surprises with the pricing. No fine print. No rip-offs. If we makea mistake, we will absorb our costs. It will not cost you a dime more.
  5. 5. 2. Pain Free ImplantsYou can let go of your fears and concerns because this procedure is almost always painless.Approximately 95% of my clients have reported no pain to a very mild discomfort.The chief surgeon with whom I’m associated places implants using non-invasive surgery. That meansthere is only minor surgery. No cutting the gums open. No bleeding and no stitches.Please note that with heavy cases, sedation dentistry will be used so you can comfortably snoozethrough the procedure.3. Speed of ProceduresIf you are worried about having to go through a long and arduous procedure, fear not!This procedure is done in one day only instead of two to three surgeries over a period of months.That means you won’t have to wait a long time before getting your teeth.Our simple and effective formula slashes the risks of complications.And the great thing is, in most cases you can get on with your life right away. No need for recoverytime or taking time off work.4. Competence & SkillOur success rate for implants is around 99%.The chief surgeon who will do the procedure for you has over 20 years experience with implants. Hestays on the cutting edge of treatments to offer you unmatched esthetics and results…We take our profession seriously and are committed to delivering high quality care that lasts, feelsgood and looks great. You can count on us to give you proven results.5. The Price Is RightNo we are not the cheapest.Our prices are reasonable, and yet we always use the best materials available. We will never usesecond-grade materials that can be costly to your health and wallet down the road.6. GentlenessMany people have had bad experiences in the past with dentists. We want you to know that yourcomfort and well-being is important to us. We use gentle, pain-free procedures so you can relax andfeel confident about everything.
  6. 6. 7. We Use Cutting Edge Technology We have a special scanner that measures the density of the bone. With this instrument, we can precisely pinpoint the best location for your implants.Sophisticated instruments carefully record the elements of your face to re-create your smile as well asthe natural contour of your lips. The teeth we use fully mimic natural teeth. They offer several layerswhich gives them a depth and translucency for unmatched esthetics.These state-of-the-art technologies greatly enhances the accuracy ofthe procedure and thus will give you excellent results.8. You’ll Get Special TreatmentYou’ll receive the best care and support, and top-notch after-care. Ifyou have any questions or concerns after you have your new teeth,feel free to give me a call. I will be happy to answer your questionsand assist you. I really give my all for my clients.9. This Is A Partnership Between UsThat’s right. We’ll team up so you can get the best results possible. Iwill never force anything on a client. We’ll look over your situation in-depth and then talk to come to the best solution possible for you. I will take the time to listen to yourneeds, educate you, consult with you and then we’ll agree on how to proceed.10. We Stand Behind Our WorkIf you have any problems with your implant(s) within five full years from the date of their placement,it (they) will be replaced free of charge. Typically, if problems do arise it is during the first 12 months.11. SafetyYour safety is important to us. We sterilize all instruments thoroughly to prevent infections.
  7. 7. Frequently Asked QuestionsIs This a New Type of Treatment?Absolutely not. This type of procedure has been used successfully for decades in Europe and hasbeen proven safe and effective here in North America for many years now. Literally hundreds ofthousands of clients have had their lives significantly improved with dental implants.Can Anyone Have Montreal Dental Implants?In most cases, yes. If you are in good enough health to go undergo dental extraction or surgery, youcan have implants. With that said, if you have chronic problems, an illness such as diabetes, or if youchain smoke or engage in other unhealthy behaviours, you may not be selected for this procedure.Call us now to see if you qualify. (514) 287-1102.How Long Do Dental Implants Last?Dental implants can last for decades because the titanium in the implants becomes thoroughly fusedto the jawbone. Of course, since dental implants are almost identical to real teeth in many respects,healthy brushing and flossing habits will keep them in a great state so you can enjoy them for therest of your life.Does the Procedure Hurt?The vast majority of our clients experience very little to no pain. Many clients have commented onhow comfortable their experience with us was.What is the Success Rate?Our success rate is approximately 99%. Such a high success rate is due to the experience and theskill of the chief surgeon who places these implants.
  8. 8. What is the Investment?This may be one of the most important questions for you.What you need to consider is this : How have ill-fitting dentures, missing teeth, embarrassment andloss of confidence in social situations affected your life so far?To reiterate, failing to get Montreal dental implants can cause significant health issues later on.Here’s the reason why : when you are missing teeth, your remaining teeth have to put up with all thepressure from your bite - they can become cracked, worn down, and even fall out.You can also suffer bone loss, significant premature aging (that sunk-in look), lose even more teeth,the inability to chew well (which will create digestive problems, nutrient malabsorption and a host ofhealth problems and diseases), and much more.If you are frustrated with your appearance and being unable to eat your favourite foods, thesechallenges can be solved with dental implants.I suggest you look at implants as an investment in your long-term health and well-being.A healthy mouth or a dazzling smile can benefit you in many ways… and for the rest of your life. So if areasonable investment, getting the best results and esthetics and the least pain, hassle and discomfortare important to you, then implants may be the best solution. ● ● ●Did You Know That Implants Are Often Cheaper In The Long-Run Than Getting New Dentures Every Five Years Or So ? ● ● ●We do everything we can to make this as affordable as possible. And you can even opt for a flexiblepayment plan over a period of up to 15 years.In addition, did you know that you can get a tax refund of up to 30% of your investment as this is ahealth expense? Furthermore, since we accept all major credit cards, you can benefit from getting asignificant amount of air miles or reward points.If you think getting implants may be a good idea for you, be sure to mention it when we meet.
  9. 9. What Should I Do Now?If you feel that you qualify as a client for dental implants, give my assistant Nancy a ring at (514)287-1102. She is waiting for your call.Nancy will help you find the best time to come in and visit with me for one hour or so. I will take allthe time you need to answer your questions, lay your fears and concerns to rest, educate you onthe procedure, and help you come to an educated decision… without EVER forcing anything on you.If you feel that implants will be of benefit to you, you will let us know. If not, say, ‘‘No thanks’’ andyou’ll be on your way.Once again, give us a call for a free, enlightening, no-obligation consultation.(514) 287-1102Sincerely,Louis Pelletier D.D.