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CC Facé presentation (13-10-2011)

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THOCC cc cafe

  1. 1. Worldwide SL Standard: 80/20.
  2. 2. CertificaatTeam Leader T H E H O U S E O F C O N T A C T C E N T E R S in samenwerking met RANDSTAD Callforce WORDT HIERBIJTOEGEKEND AAN: Heeft met succes het volledige parcours van de Certificering doorlopen . LEIDINGGEVEN IN EEN CONTACT CENTER Houder van het Certificaat. The House of Contact Centers Randstad Callforce Datum van toekenning: Kenny Coenen
  3. 3. Hanne Jochems Contact Center Management Expert T H E H O U S E O F C O N T A C T C E N T E R S Certificaat WORDT HIERBIJTOEGEKENDAAN: Heeft de Expert Class gevolgd en het eindwerk met succes voorgesteld en verdedigd Houder van het Certificaat Datum van toekenning: Inge Vissers David Gybels Marc Van Remoortere Christophe Vandecaveye The House of Contact Centers, programmacommissie en jury
  4. 4. Mic Adam
  5. 5. Is social Media a fad?
  6. 6. Mic Adam Social Media activities • Awareness Building • Inventory Services • Policy Creation • Training • Monitoring • Market research
  7. 7. What is social media? Vanguard Leadership March,2010 (c)
  8. 8. Social Media and Networking is of all ages! Vanguard Leadership March,2010 (c) Classmates Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Ecademy
  9. 9. Turning big numbers into business
  10. 10. How do you get started without loosing your reputation?
  11. 11. How Social Media is thought to plug into a business My Marketing could use some of that social media!
  12. 12. Customer Support Market Research Online Reputation Management Community Management Consumer Insights Recruiting Business Development Sales P.R. Business Measurement Marketing Education Thought Leadership Search/SEO Mobility How Social Media actually plugs into a business Customer Acquisition Lead Generation Crisis Management Internal collaboration Customer Retention Advertising Advocacy Event Management Fund-Raising Corporate Communications
  13. 13. It is a two-way conversation!
  14. 14. What is changing? Old world • Passive • Wait for Calls • Client visits you • Exclusive • Between you and the client • Unequal • Your are and have all the experts • Scripted • Canned Responses New World • Real-time • Instant & ongoing • Controlled by clients • Permanent • Posts are 24/7 • Public • For all to see – Forum • Equal • Everyone is an expert
  15. 15. It is happening today!
  16. 16. New wave – Trigger based outbound
  17. 17. Social Media in the CC is a no brainer! Your CC is the logical home for SoM • Primary place for the customer contact information • Staff in place to handle customer inquiries Your CC houses your CRM system CC team is gate keeper to escalate comments/discussions to the right people
  18. 18. Process to implement Social media Awareness Building Inventory Social Media Policy Training Monitoring Goals, Objectives, strategy Teams Ambassadors Project: define – roll-out
  19. 19. Create Awareness Alert: The Bad & The good!
  20. 20. Critical Success Factors 1. Make your business case 2. Decide where to house your efforts 3. Develop a social media program 4. Recruit & train front line agents 5. Invest in technologies and tools 6. Quality assurance 7. Listen, Learn and Respond 8. Advanced metrics
  21. 21. Step 1: Make your Business Case • Get senior management on board • Develop your business case to show Social Media will be used • Define goals/purpose • Reputation management, online sales, new product introduction, etc. • Define your audiences • Start listening to find out where they are
  22. 22. Step 2: Where to house efforts • Integrate the Social Media Channel into your CC • Use CC as gatekeeper to escalate tweets and comments to right departments • Include legal to support frontline staff
  23. 23. Step 3: Your Social Media Program • Create and implement a Social Media Policy • Get all departments to contribute • Focus on roll-out and implementation • Create a procedure to deal with posts • Negative • Positive • Define who can post and react • Create opening hours • Create metrics
  24. 24. Step 4: Recruit & Train • Pick agents to manage this channel • Will become spokes people for the company • Must be confortable with the channel • Training should include: • Turn fans into ambassadors • Know the lingo • Be transparent • Concise (say something in 140 characters) • Do’s and dont’s
  25. 25. Step 5: Invest in Technology • Many methods to monitor • Tools vs Services • Free vs Paid
  26. 26. Step 5: Investment in Technology • Basic tools • Twitter search • Google search • Google Alerts • Monitoring dashboards • SocialMention • Addictomatic • Aggregators • Tweetdeck • Hootsuite • Paid services • Radian6 • Sysomos • Engagor • Tracebuzz • Etc.
  27. 27. Step 6: Quality Assurance • Keep your eyes on the ball – things go VIRAL fast! • Follow up with clients after contact • Continuous training
  28. 28. Step 7: Listen, Learn & Respond • Listen • What are people saying where? Are these comments good or bad? Who are the influencers? • Learn • Analyse sentiment to learn what customers want in real-time. Use this to generate leads or adjust your strategy? • Respond • Define the appropriate answer, be polite to the point, open en transparent
  29. 29. Step 8: Advanced Steps • Integrate into your CRM system • Build profiles of your clients • Use social media monitoring to adjust your strategy • Turn your clients into ambassadors
  30. 30. What is next for YOU? Do not be left behind Social Media activities • Awareness Building • Inventory Services • Business Case • Policy Creation • Training • Monitoring
  31. 31. Connect with me! Vanguard Leadership (c) - May 2010 39 micvadam +32 478 50 41 35
  32. 32. Hans Cleemput
  33. 33. I need a credit Telco: best one stop shop IT Helpdesk Me and my boss