Social Media in the chemical industry


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Social Media presentation at the FECC (Chemical association) given in Hamburg, Germany. This presentation gives a general overview and 10 steps you need to take to get started.

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  • WelcomeWho am I?20 years of marketing (product and general marketing)10 years of international salesMe and social networkingMarketing strategy no longer worksMove towards face to face networkingMove towards social media
  • Livecast – platform to stream video from (video podcast with content)MMO = massive multiplayer onlineMOG = Massive online gameMMORP = Massively multiplayer online role-playing game
  • Verhaal Tearoom brugge + electrabel (verhuis)
  • How you could your or your company’s social profile look like?
  • Alphabet en Telenet verhaal
  • Twitter -> EO recruitment – Facebook -> aveve – etc.
  • Social Media in the chemical industry

    1. 1. Mic AdamSocial Media activities• Awareness Building• Inventory Services• Policy Creation• Training• Monitoring• Market researchYou already are…
    2. 2. • Product Demo• Conversations• Clients• Prospects• Influencers• Journalists• Ideaboxes• Selling• Customer Service• CrisisCommunication• E-learning• Employer Branding• Recruitment• Etc.• Brand reputation• Personal reputation• Ruining your life• Loose job• Never get job• Get robbed• Unhappy clients• Viral damageSocial Media
    3. 3. Success and Failure are not far apart
    4. 4. How do I REALLY getstarted with Social Media?
    5. 5. Be aware that...
    6. 6. Customer SupportMarket ResearchOnline Reputation ManagementCommunity ManagementConsumer InsightsRecruitingBusiness DevelopmentSalesP.R.Business MeasurementMarketingEducationThought LeadershipSearch/SEOMobilitySocial Media is everywhere in your Company!Customer AcquisitionLead GenerationCrisis ManagementInternal collaborationCustomer RetentionAdvertisingAdvocacyEvent ManagementFund-RaisingCorporate Communications
    7. 7. Step 1: Start listening(aka Social Media Monitoring)
    8. 8. Do you really know..
    9. 9. Step 2: Define your GoalsMust be in sync with company goals
    10. 10. Example using SoMe forEmployer Branding Domains
    11. 11. Step 3: Setup your Social Media accounts?You!
    12. 12. Example of SoMe Accounts
    13. 13. Step 4: Sociale Media Guidelines(aka Social Media Policy)
    14. 14. Does your company have one?
    15. 15. Step 5: Create Sociale Media Awarenessinside your company
    16. 16. Step 6: Enlist ambassadorsEmployees & External People
    17. 17. Step 7: Post regularlyStep 7: Start conversations….
    18. 18. Step 8: Connect the Real World withthe Digital World
    19. 19. Step 9: Measure ResultsSource: Olivier Blanchard
    20. 20. Step 10:Social Media Routine
    21. 21. Concluding thoughts• Create professional profiles• Just do it and post regularly• Watch and learn from others• Start conversations• Experiment with content• Keep it fun• Help others• Do not be afraid of negativecomments = conversation starter• Do not compare
    22. 22. Connect with me!