Press Release English Social Media Monitoring Research


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English press release: Social media monitoring in Belgium

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Press Release English Social Media Monitoring Research

  1. 1. Koksijde September 8th, 2010 Social media is growing at phenomenal rate. The popularity of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, Video and Photo platforms together with the ease of use of technology is now making social media a great tool for companies and their marketers to get closer to their customers. So many companies are taking steps towards social media. However, social media implies two-way communication (interaction with/engagement of the customers) and presents therefore a number of new challenges for companies: visibility, monitoring and engagement. When these 3 elements are ignored, a lot of opportunities are lost. It also demonstrates that social media is not integrated into the company strategy. The market study looks at all 3 areas. Limited visibility. Many companies (71%) do have some kind of presence in social media meaning a business profile, but less 1 in 4 (25%) make that visible on their website. LinkedIn seems to be most popular social media platform where companies have such a profile. Facebook and Twitter are still not much used by companies. Are you really listening? When it comes to listening, there are 3 types that should be covered: (1) What is said in the “cloud of social media platforms” about the company, its brands and its people; (2) What is posted on the social media platforms/profiles of the companies (opportunities to engage) (3) What are your own employees posting on social media platforms . The research revealed that companies are not listening… Twitter is the best monitored social media platform, while Facebook is really used as additional advertising channel. No, Lack of engagement! Social media platforms are mainly used as a marketing tool and messages left on company pages are a lot of the time left unanswered. Only 45% of all Twitter messages were responded to while less than 5% of the messages on Facebook were answered! Individuals responsible for corporate social media accounts – if companies have appointed them – treat the company social media profiles with far less respect and professionalism than their own personal accounts.
  2. 2. This research is the result of a market study done by Vanguard Leadership in August 2010. In this market study we have used social media and the internet to build the dataset. We have analyzed 540 websites of companies (from Bel-20 over Trends Gazellen to general companies across all sectors). Monitoring was done by posting messages on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin to check the monitoring behavior and response of companies. The complete report and the presentation can be found on slideshare (report: or – presentation: or Contact: Mic Adam Social Media Policy Creator/General Manager Phone: +32 478 50 41 35 Vanguard Leadership ( is a company that helps protect companies and individuals protect their reputation in social media by providing awareness presentations, social media inventories, creating social media policies, training and social media monitoring.