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Is GDPR a showstopper for social media usage in your company


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With the advent of trhe new GDPR privacy regulation (May 25, 2018) there will be implication on social media. Of course LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and alike will have to be compliant but your company's use of social media will be limited. Are you aware of the limitations and trouble you can get your company is?

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Is GDPR a showstopper for social media usage in your company

  1. 1. Is GDPR a showstopper for social media? Mic Adam Vanguard Leadership #vlead @micadam +32 478 504135
  2. 2. Houston, do we have a problem or what?
  3. 3. GDPR and Social Media platforms
  4. 4. The Minimum Age Conundrum
  5. 5. Looking For Waldo?
  6. 6. Let me open another can of worms… about social media usage in your company
  7. 7. Is your DPO social media savvy?
  8. 8. And then there are your employees…
  9. 9. Beware: Data capturing, the easy way App Or Website
  10. 10. How about your Social Media Monitoring Team
  11. 11. Who is responsible for what?
  12. 12. Employee Advocacy and/or Ambassadorship programs
  13. 13. And then there is Social Selling…
  14. 14. 17 @JackKosakowski1@micadam
  15. 15. Where sales go to collect and emails!
  16. 16. Did you know this about Facebook?
  17. 17. Social Selling A world of black magic tools!
  18. 18. Social Media Platforms benefit from stopping these downloads Unhappy (power) users will leave!
  19. 19. GDPR = The Renaissance of …
  20. 20. This goes without saying… Use #GDPR for social media awareness building
  21. 21. Love to connect with you!