Enterprise Social Media Network Experiences


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What are the challenges companies are seeing when implementing enterprise social networks like Yammer, Socialcast or Jive. What can be some solutions.

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  • WelcomeWho am I?20 years of marketing (product and general marketing)10 years of international salesMe and social networkingMarketing strategy no longer worksMove towards face to face networkingMove towards social media
  • Enterprise Social Media Network Experiences

    1. 1. Social Media activities • Awareness Building • Inventory Services • Policy Creation • Training • MonitoringMic Adam • Market research
    2. 2. Social & Communication in the Enterprise
    3. 3. Our personal life online
    4. 4. Our professional life online
    5. 5. Do you know this feeling?
    6. 6. Social Media in the business world Internal vs external
    7. 7. Difference between ESN & Public SoME
    8. 8. The power of Internal Social Media• Recruit, retain & engage employees• Foster collaboration & enhance productivity• Enhance product & process innovation• Break down silo’s• Increase speed to market• Improve executive visibility• Manage and plan for crises• Build & support internal brand ambassadors• Improve overall internal communications
    9. 9. Top Goals for Enterprise Social
    10. 10. Social Enterprise Drives Business Value
    11. 11. 7 roads to failure of Enterprise Social• We want “Facebook/LinkedIn” for the Enterprise• Requirements are not tied to business goals• We only want to make to the CMS social• No integration in processes, workflow, etc.• No business case with the ESN• No connection to the external world• Too many channels
    12. 12. More Points of failure• Initial users: • Tech & social media savvy • Meet around the water cooler• Initial success but quick decline because of yet “another place” to check and keep up to date• No value of the information• One business unit driven (e.g. IT, HR, etc.)• Dilutes internal communication channels• No training & awareness building• Lack of champions and ambassadors
    13. 13. • Internal vs external social media usage• Creation of an adoption plan• Internal promotion• Clear direction & communication of why use what and when• Management participation• Managing expectations for collaboration & success (not overnight) – measure & communicate• Implementing necessary cultural changes
    14. 14. Do’s & Don’tsDo’s Expect the unexpected in terms of success Do not predict the way to success... It might be different Senior management must participate Be patient Inappropriate behaviour must ruled out -> policy or guidelinesDon’t’s Do not sell ESN Do not look for ROI Expect ESN will solve all problems
    15. 15. Do you know/have a Social Media Policy? http://socialmediagovernance.com/MSFT_So cial_Media_Policy.pdf
    16. 16. What gets posted on ESN @ clientsShare stuff (both professionally & personally)Find solutions & PeoplePost achievementsCEO postsInternal events
    17. 17. Metrics that will determineeffectiveness of the social channel
    18. 18. Connect with me!