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Are you suffering from NO PCTR in your social selling?


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Most salespeople are struggling when it comes to integration social media into they sales strategy and approach. They suffer from 4 symptoms: No (or bad) presence on social, No content, No time and No results. During this session I will hand 4 antidotes to cure these symptoms.

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Are you suffering from NO PCTR in your social selling?

  1. 1. Mic Adam MD
  2. 2. WTF Is PCTR?
  3. 3. Here is your prescription LinkedIn • Profile & cover picture • Business card info • Elevator pitch (summary) • Rich media (ppt, video) • Experience • Projects • Share content Twitter • Profile & cover picture • Complete Biography • Hashtags • Websites • Start to tweet
  4. 4. Your daily medication! •Your Website is full of content •Use frequently asked question by your clients •(Re-)Posts from the influencers •(Re-) Posts content from your clients •Share Tips & Tricks •Share & comment on industry news your read •Share Company posted messages
  5. 5. While you wait at client’s reception While you wait for your lunch/dinner to show up Cut your Facebook time in half Stop emails that you never read Stop doing everything in real time Switch off alerts on your mobile phone
  6. 6. LinkedIn Routine: Twitter Routine:
  7. 7. Practice, Practice, Practice
  8. 8. #socialselling
  9. 9. SocialSelling-As-A-Service 1. Give me your social logins 2. I will • Create the perfect professional profiles that act as lead magnets! • Create, Curate and Post 90 days of content 3. Results (ROI) • In the 3rd month I will deliver 1 lead/week 4. I will work on a NO CURE, NO PAY basis
  10. 10. Interested in #SocialSelling-As-A-Service?