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Using 3D Animations As A Sales Tool


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How your business can use 3D animations as a sales tool.

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Using 3D Animations As A Sales Tool

  1. 1. Presented by Demonstrate advanced concepts or explain complex products with accuracy and at any scale. Cutaway views show inside of equipment/ product and how it works. With medical pre-visualization, demonstrate the product that doesn’t physically exist yet. Show in close-up detail with a MOA animation how a medical device or cosmetic procedure impacts the body. Distinctive, unique, high-definition presentation can win over Practitioners, FDA regulators and potential investor. Graphically explain key product benefits/features/ uses not easily seen. Use historical or imaginative characters and settings to pitch products. Create a storyline that resonates specifically with target Practitioners. NO PROTOTYPE, NO PROBLEM CLARIFY COMPLEXITY CUTTING EDGE NO REAL PATIENTS REQUIRED WOW ’EM SIGHT BECOMES INSIGHT NO BOUNDARIES PERSONALIZE A PITCH USING 3D ANIMATIONS AS A SALES TOOL Connecting with practitioners and patients takes visual appeal. Online viewers are 78 percent more likely to understand the benefits of a particular medical device or procedure after viewing an animation. For instance, here are some ways to use 3D animation and imaging to increase interest, understanding and boost sales. Medical Animation, Illustration, & Interactive Media NUCLEUS MITOCHONDRIA