Organization and teams creativity


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creative organization and creative team

how to build suitable environment

and how to empower you`r teams creativity

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Organization and teams creativity

  1. 1. creativity Created by : Supervised by : Ibrahim abuoda T.Nizar NaimCreative ogranization Ayman mahdi Kareem badrsawy Monzer maher
  2. 2. What Is creativity? There are lots of definitions. Id suggest two useful ones:: of definitions. Id suggest two useful ones Seeing connections betweenThe first definition things that other people dont - and making these connections frequently. Thinking that seems to comesecond definitionsecond definition from nowhere and wakes you up when you hear it.
  3. 3. Characteristics of a creative organization Characteristics of a creative organization stable, secure internal environment  investment in basic research open channels of communication  decentralized, diversified encouragement of outside contacts  risk- taking ethos idea units freed of other responsibilities  not run as a “ tight ship”  separation of creative from heterogeneous personnel policy productive functions
  4. 4. How does creativity work?
  5. 5. How does creativity work? How does creativity work? lack of certainty has created confusion. observations in business suggest it has five stages:1. "Gathering your ingredients" or taking in information .  Creative people tend to take in a lot of  information all the time, often from seemingly irrelevant and trivial areas. Theyre not necessarily preparing to solve a problem; the more information they have, the more likely they are to make an unusual connection.2.  putting the ingredients together and letting things simmer. Creative people often do this by themselves. They think about something different from the project in hand; the "simmering" goes on in the background. continued
  6. 6. How does creativity work? How does creativity work?3. Ideas appear. Creative people in a number of fields report that solutions appear out of the blue in dreams or through a sort of self-induced meditation. You have probably tried to remember a name, given up, then find it on the tip of your tongue some  time later. 4. Deciding which are the good ideas. 5. Making the good ideas happen efficiently.
  7. 7. Organization CreativityWhy is creativity important?
  8. 8. Why is creativity important? Why is creativity important?  Rational planning can create a good, efficient company but, combined with new IT systems, tends to make all companies look and act alike. Creativity is human -  Creativity is individual.and businesses are Only creativity canhaving to take on a provide the transforming idea that makes a greatmore human tone of company  and leavesvoice, either  because competitors trying tothats what their catch up. This is bornecustomers expect or out as much in sciencebecause it differentiates and art as it is in business.organizations
  9. 9. Creating a creative culture Dont jump on people if they makemistakes, if they come up with ideasbefore they have thought them through .  Dont mistake goodFeeling comfortable about making a fool communication forof yourself is essential for a creative creativity. Just becauseperson. They get things wrong many times you write or speak wellbefore they come up with a great idea. doesnt  mean youre truly creative; and many creative people find it difficult to Dont surround creative people with lots of communicate.other creative people.  Creative people  Tiredness and ill-compete - the old idea of the other-worldly health kill creativity . Aartist/creative person is a fiction and theyll tired person can stilltalk for years without  doing anything.  Many produce a lot of ideascreative people are introverts and an - but bad  ones.essential part of the process is letting themgo away to mull over a problem .
  10. 10. Creative Teams
  11. 11. Team creativity Team creativity Are you getting the most from your team? Many leaders try to solve challengingproblems alone, but teams can do muchbetter than individuals in coming up withcreative solutions to difficult problems. In ourfast changing world, innovative solutions arethe source of your competitive advantage.
  12. 12. How to create suitable environment for enhancing team creativity ?Establish clear outcomes for teamwork. You will derive the best resultsfrom your teams when members clearly understand what is expected ofthem. They need to understand both the overall big picture and visionfor the organization, as well as your expectations of them operationallyBelieve in the capabilities your team.  As the leader, you need toexpect the best from your team, keeping your expectations high andrealistic. This is a challenging balancing act, but people need to beinspired to perform at their best.  In terms of creativity - a group is morelikely to come up with innovative solutions if you believe that they can.Encourage and respect new thinking. It takes courage to bring up a newidea or a fresh perspective within a team.  Creativity is a mindset thatneeds to be championed and valued by the leader. Make sure that youare open to new ideas, and that you suspend judgment during the ideageneration phase.  Encourage people to build on ideasStrengthen relationships. Creativity is generated when you have acollaborative environment. Collaboration can only exist when there istrust between team members. The leader sets the tone, so make sureyou encourage, recognize and reward collaboration andinterdepartmental communication.
  13. 13. How to create suitable environment for enhancing team creativity ? 7. Empower 6. Have fun5. Hire for your creativity. employees
  14. 14. Empowering organization Teams
  15. 15. What Leaders do to Empower teams ? What Leaders do to Empower teams ? Facilitating creative collaboration is one of the mostimportant management roles in leading a creativeenvironment. In particular empowering a team with criticaland creative thinking facilitates innovation effort that drawsout new exciting ideas from the team.  Today’s leader is a facilitator that draws on experience,Critical and Creative Thinking skills, and design processesand tools to promote team innovation.  Understand the nature of critical and creative thinking and how theyprovide a powerful framework for seeking out innovationUnderstand the role of the ideation facilitator – guiding the team to theedges well beyond brainstorming Appreciate how the deliberate application of critical thinking leads tocreativity on demand and inspires innovation at all levelsHave the skills to challenge the team to generate great new ideasUnderstand how to lead a creative environment so useful ideas can bedesigned into valuable outcomes
  16. 16. What Leaders do to Empower teams ? What Leaders do to Empower teams ? This is highly interactive program is specially designed to support anyone wanting to improve creative collaborationEnhancing team creativity with the elbow-room to explore:  Providing creative space - your own idea factory  Play time - unleashing creative energyCritical and Creative Thinking :  Reading time - everything connects to everything else  Principles and methods for focused idea generation
  17. 17. The role of the Technology toLeading a creative enhance Creative leader creative Environment ideation
  18. 18. M.D.T Leader 1 A.D.TDirector S.D.T Enhancing M.D.T Leader 2 T.D.T
  19. 19. Conclusion
  20. 20. Creativity is one of the mostimportant things for the success oforganization . Creativity need more and more training and learning to become a good creator and innovator . Finally no success with out creativity .