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Music professional areas


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Music technology, the music industry and the changes it has experienced. The major labels and independent labels, music business

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Music professional areas

  1. 1. Looking at different Areas of the Music Profession There are a number of different areas to the music industry, and these aspects are constantly changing. With the advent of the internet the music industry has experienced many changes, which nobody was prepared for or even considered. The Music industry is not the business it was 10 years ago or even 5 years previous. All areas surrounding music have experienced some metamorphosis and transition which some have survived and some have not. From the top to the bottom, from the top people have changed job roles or just got other jobs. From the bottom people have come from nowhere to the front row of what the industry is today
  2. 2. Music Industry Earlier from the year 2001 till 2014 the Music Industry had three main areas. These were the dominating areas of the industries mechanics. However things have diversified into more unique and specialist areas of function. 1.Record Companies 2.Music Publishing 3.Live Music
  3. 3. Music Profession However, it has been broken down into different aspects of production. Production companies Service Companies Agencies Media Companies Professional Organizations Educational
  4. 4. Production Companies Up until recently Record Companies are usually described as either major or independent. But this too has changed There are four major labels and these have numerous sub-labels. And these sub labels have sub labels to them The majors were EMI, Sony/BMG, Universal. But this has developed into a different kind of label The majors did make less than 1 in 5 of all controlled releases, and sell about 70% of recorded music worldwide. The rest was sold by the independents, but this has also changed. There are thousands of Independent labels, and they often specialize in a particular style or genre. But these labels can be more active than major of the past generations
  5. 5. Record labels fall roughly into two groups: the majors and independents. These figures don’t change much from year to year.
  6. 6. Major labels
  7. 7. Production Companies Apart from labels, there are other parts of the Industry that can be discussed as production companies, these include:- Radio TV Video production Concert Promoters etc
  8. 8. Service Companies Recording Studios Rehearsal Studios Lighting Companies PA Hire Companies Transport Companies, Tour Bus Hire etc Music Business Lawyers Music Business Accountants
  9. 9. Agencies Artist’s Booking Agents DJ Booking Agents Online musician Online agency Artist Management
  10. 10. Media Companies Music Magazines Radio Television Internet (Design and Promotion) By using the media, labels, artists and management can promote artist’s releases and gigs to the public.
  11. 11. Professional Organisations PRS (PRS for music) MCPS (Mechanical copyright protection society) PPL (Phonographic performance limited) Musicians Union BPI (British Phonographic Industry) Online agencies
  12. 12. Educational Teaching in a college or school Private lessons Music Therapy Online tutorials You-tube tutors Podcast tutors