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Ted talk slideshow


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Full sail university TED presentation
by Noah Olliff

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Ted talk slideshow

  1. 1. Mike EbelingThe invention that unlocked the locked-in artist.
  2. 2. He captures his audience in my opinion with his ideas,
  3. 3. Also, with his feeling ofwanting to help otherpeople.
  4. 4. He maintains his audiencewith a little humor andtruths.
  5. 5. Also a lot of drive tomake one realize thatchange can be made inoneself and in otherpeople.
  6. 6. Time Magazine namedhis invention in the topfifty in there issue inMay, 2010
  7. 7. I would give Mike Ebeling a five outof five. In his presentation his voiceis monotone at moment’s when heis enthusiastic.
  8. 8. He plays it off using his body language making one still payattention to what he has to say.
  9. 9. I have learned that delivery iseverything when it comes to selling orgiving away ideas from hispresentation.
  10. 10. He literally made an invention for people to write or make art whocouldn’t use there body, and gave them the directions on how to do it themselves.
  11. 11. This was done using his invention.
  12. 12. Compared to Ken Robinson saysschools kill creativity, they are both inways alike.
  13. 13. They both use humor and they also both want to help others.
  14. 14. Thank you