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discribe how social media can affect well on your business

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Imkt120 martin[1]

  1. 1. The way to the future with social media
  2. 2. What to expect What is Social Media? How did Social Media come to be? How is Social Media used in today’s society? How can our company grow using Social Media? Review of what we have discussed Questions
  3. 3. What is Social media? • A new way of building our future!
  4. 4. How did Social Media come to be It all started in the 1970’s with something called the Bulletin Board System (BBS) Introduction to CompuServe in the 1979 AOL made it’s day view Mid-1990’s Yahoo and Amazon was introduced
  5. 5. How social media is used today
  6. 6. How is Social Media used today cont. In a survey two-thirds of big companies us Web 2.0 tools such as social networks or blogs. SuperValu used Yammer to connect to 11,000 Executives and store managers. Dell uses IdeaStorm site to listen to their costumers that had more than 17,000 ideas and adopted 500 BlendTec used an ad saying “will it blend” on YouTube increasing it’s sales 5x
  7. 7. BlendTec Results2005 October 30-31 November Some Time January 2009 2006 2006 LaterGreat Products Built First 5 videos BlendTec YouTubebut no brand top 5m views begins channel hasawareness first 5 videos on YouTube optimizing 3,013,978 posted to YouTube tags views, 157,621 YouTube and purchasing subscribers Adwords and Yahoo!
  8. 8. How our company can grow using social Media Start applying our logo’s and some commercials to network sites such:• Facebook• Twitter• YouTube Set advertisements that relate to people in the range of 18 – 64 Also relate towards adult women ages 18-29 because they have a full use of 89% overall and 69% on an average day
  9. 9. How our company can grow using social mediacont.
  10. 10. Review of what we have discussed What Social Media is Background to how social media became popular How companies in today’s market utilized Social Media to their advantage How we as a company can make ourselves better and use social media to it’s fullest
  11. 11. QUESTION’S?
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