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The E-tailing industry overview

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Service marketing(

  1. 1. Thus …….we are LAZY!An insight into Indian E-Commerce industry and services provided
  2. 2.  Introduction Some numbers(which Im least bothered about) The NEW Divide(Overview of the internet marketing) Services offered by them and the market Contents
  3. 3. Why E-Marketing?? Why not??
  4. 4.  In June 2010 nearly 150 million U.S. consumers visited a travel Web site(35% increase from 2006) Revenues exceeded $60 billion (20% increase) Fierce competition showed 53% rise in the sale of airline ticket According to survey people in US referred Expedia, Travelocity or Orbitz rather than a local travel agent Some numbers
  5. 5.  Indian e-commerce market galloped at an impressive growth rate of 47 per cent to over Rs 46,000 crore in the 2011 calendar year Total market size increasing from Rs 19,688 crore by the end of 2009 to an estimated Rs 31,598 crore in 2010. 12% 8% Online Travel Industry Financial 80% Services E-tailing Some numbers(Indian perspective)
  6. 6. Kolaveri reached 38 million people….. So why not your product?? Moreover
  7. 7. Internet Marketing services can be casually divided into Movie Rentals Mobile Applications Online Music Personal Finances Personal Healthcare Photo Printing and Gifts Real Estate Search Engines Travel Portals Online Discounts Food Fashion and Lifestyle The NEW Divide
  8. 8. Movie Rentals
  9. 9. Mobile Application
  10. 10. Online Music
  11. 11. Personal Finances
  12. 12. Travel Portal
  13. 13. Online Discounts
  14. 14. Food Portals
  15. 15. Fashion and Lifestyle The major players
  16. 16.  Started in June 2007 in a three bedroom service apartment in South Bangalore by three graduates from IIT Kanpur( Mukesh Bansal, Ashutosh Lawania and Vineet Saxena) 3 billion unique visitors a month 2-3000 transactions on a daily basis Started its business with selling personalized items like T-shirts and chains with logos or personalized statement Because of the fragility and wafer thin margins of the business jumped in as online apparel merchandiser More Emotional Connect with the end consumer
  17. 17. and the competition
  18. 18. • More than 80-100 brands• User Friendly Website• Designs from the latest season• Brand Exposition• Info-centric Buying and Selling• More data available(north v/s south, east v/s west, towns v/s cities – targeting can be more specific)• Cash on Delivery(COD)• 24-hour call center• Dedicated warehouses in Bangalore• Unique Logistics
  19. 19.  Websites design and experience offered to the user are still rudimentary Absence of a plan to provide a mobile phone and/or I pad platform is also seen as a glaring gap in its portfolio Delivering orders and after sales support UPS n LOWS
  20. 20. THANK YOU!