Zion council minutes 2012 07-10


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Zion council minutes 2012 07-10

  1. 1. 1 ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH, ELCA Shawano, Wisconsin Zion Lutheran Church Council Meeting Minutes Date: July 10th, 20121. MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: Time 6:28p.m. Present: Scott Glysch, Gordon Holten, Renee` Elertson, Kathy Bruhn, Timothy Herrmann, Ginny Vraney, Mikki Moesch, Jim Ash, Jim Zimmerman, Leigh Welander, Pastor Gisele Berninghaus, and acting Secretary, Julie Effenberger.2. OPENING DEVOTIONS: Pastor Gisele3. SOUND OFF: None4. MINUTES: Motion made by Jim Zimmerman and seconded by Mikki to approve the minutes as printed for the June 19th, 2012 Council Meeting. Motion carried.5. PASTOR’S REPORT: Pastor Gisele was welcomed to her first Zion Council Meeting. She would like to meet with all the council chairpersons in the near future to familiarize herself with the people, their committees and their duties. She will be asking a lot of questions in the weeks and months ahead to help understand how and why we do things. There was a list of questions Pastor Gisele had for the council regarding issues that have come up since she became employed at Zion and needed clarification on. She then asked to be on vacation August 13th through the 19th. Leigh added that they do have replacement pastors set in place for July 21st and 22nd when both Pastor Gisele and she are in New Orleans for the National Youth Gathering.COMMITTEE REPORTS: a. Worship/Music: Kathy reported that they have had no luck in finding an organist. They have had numerous turndowns and are continuing their search. Lee Kersten has offered to help a couple weekends a month after Deborah Maier is done July 31st. b. Health Ministry: Ginny announced that their committee did not meet in full this month, but a few of them did invitations to the vendors for the October 6th Health Fair which Zion hosts. Georgia Stapleton, the Parish Nurse did receive the $1,200 grant she wrote for the Health Fair from Thrivent. Georgia will host her blood pressure screenings this week after services (July 14 & 15). Their committee will host a blood drive August 20th in the fellowship hall from 3-7pm by North Central Blood Center of Wisconsin. Their committee gave a helping hand of $100 to the Eve and Phil Kurtz family in their time of need as they have been generous supporters of their committee in the past. c. Staff Support: Jim Ash reminded everyone of the church picnic this Sunday, July 15th after the park service and added they could use help in all areas. He noted that the visitors he mentioned at last month’s meeting returned to Zion and may be interested in joining. His wife, Barb, was able to talk with them and is currently working with Debbie in the office on procedures to follow up with visiting worshippers. Leigh did find out from Debbie that she does send visitors postcards if they leave their addresses in the guestbook. Jim also does his routine check on all the church staff to offer his support. d. Church in Society: Mikki reported their committee does not meet in July but thanked everyone who contributed or attended the Community Dinner which was hosted by Zion on Tuesday, June 26th at the First Presbyterian Church in Shawano. They felt it ran rather smoothly with approximately 85 people being served for dinner. Her committee felt Zion should welcome another opportunity to host the Community Dinner again in the future. e. Stewardship: Jim Zimmerman shared with all the council members a copy of the minutes from their meeting last night (June 18th). His committee asked the council’s approval for them to list information pertaining to stewardship every week on the back page of the bulletin. This spot could also incorporate the revenues collected and what is needed each week as per the Finance Committee. The council agreed to Jim’s request. It was noted that this committee is working on contacting visiting guests and thanking them for
  2. 2. 2 worshipping with us and hopefully have welcome bags to distribute later this year. Jim asked if the Finance Committee had time to discuss the request from his committee to adopt a building renovation fund as discussed last month. Gordon advised they will address that request at next month’s Finance Committee meeting which is held prior to the council meeting. Leigh noted that she will be attending the Youth Gathering in New Orleans next week with Zion’s students and they will be focusing on the “7 Practices of Discipleship” and hoping they can bring those principles back to Zion to help share and implement with our congregation regarding stewardship. f. Property: Keith was unable to attend. Scott noted to Pastor Gisele that this is one of the areas we are trying to recruit help for Keith as he is the only one on this committee. g. Pre-Confirmation Education: Timothy reported that his committee will meet tomorrow night and they are still searching for someone to replace him and his wife as Sunday School Superintendents. He anticipates having enough teachers this fall but they still need someone for the movie theater. Leigh also asked the council if it would approve adding someone to the council to represent the youth of Zion. She explained that the youth ministry is separate from the pre-confirmation ministry and technically the youth has always been a part of the church council but somehow in the past years have lost their representation. A motion was made by Kathy and seconded by Mikki to approve the addition of a representative (youth or adult) from the youth committee to Zion’s council. The motion carried.6. TREASURER’S REPORT: Gordon read the financial update that will be printed in the Focus stating June expenses exceeded the contributions bringing Zion’s General Fund balance down to $8,965.74. After reviewing the Accounting Fund Balances Report, he provided the council with a Summary of Zion Lutheran Church Insurance Coverage. Gordon briefly reviewed the insurance coverage which answered questions pertaining liabilities that were brought up at last month’s meeting. Leigh stated that Zion does not currently run background checks on any adults who work with the youth and this is something that should be addressed in the future and may help lessen insurance premiums. Gordon said he will look into the matter further. A motion was made by Ginny and seconded by Julie to approve the Treasurer’s Report as written, motion carried. Renee` then reviewed the bills to be paid, noting the Frontier bill has not yet been received. Since the council meeting is early this month the East Central Benevolence of $1,670 also needs to be added to the list of bills along with any other ordinary monthly bills. Kathy moved to approve the July bills for payment. Mikki seconded the motion and the motion carried.7. OLD BUSINESS: Scott then shared paperwork with the council from the East Central Synod of Wisconsin Pulpit Supply List regarding Dennis Nelson and funds owed to him for funerals he officiated after Pastor Sherven’s departure. Jim Zimmerman moved that we pay Dennis Nelson the amount due him for officiating 2 funerals and the hours he spent with the families. Renee` seconded the motion and the motion carried.8. NEW BUSINESS: It was brought to Scott’s attention that the price of doughnuts has increased $.20 a dozen. It was agreed upon by the council to continue purchasing doughnuts for fellowship after services even with the price increase. Scott noted that since Bob Gehm’s term is done serving on the Endowment Committee as a representative of the council they need someone to replace him from the council. Jim Zimmerman offered to serve on the Endowment Committee as a representative of the council. Pastor Gisele then briefly reviewed with the council the Developmental Tasks of Interim Ministry. She explained the tasks the transition team will have to work on, with her guidance, along with the tasks she must perform during this transition time. She further explained the transition team will be an extension of the council and stressed the importance of communication between the transition team and the congregation as they pursue finding answers to the tasks that need to be completed. Once a transition team is chosen,
  3. 3. 3numerous meetings will be held to gather the congregation’s input for the questions that need tobe addressed.MEETING ADJOURNED at 9:04 pm.CLOSING DEVOTION: Scott led the council in a closing prayer.Completed in God’s Service by:Julie EffenbergerActing Council Secretary