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Minutes council 12-06-19

  1. 1. 1 ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH, ELCA Shawano, Wisconsin Zion Lutheran Church Council Meeting Minutes Date: June 19, 20121. MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: Time 6:30p.m. Present: Gordon Holten, Renee` Elertson, Kathy Bruhn, Timothy Herrmann, Ginny Vraney, Mikki Moesch, Jim Ash, Jim Zimmerman, Leigh Welander and acting Secretary, Julie Effenberger.2. OPENING DEVOTIONS: Timothy3. SOUND OFF: Dennis Nelson gave the council a report on the Synod Assembly, East Central Synod of Wisconsin, ELCA that he and Marah attended on June 1-2 in Green Bay. The theme of this year’s assembly was “Seeds of Hope: Sowing, Growing, Harvesting”. Dennis and Marah attended the assembly as voting members of Zion and advised the council that Rev. James Justman was re-elected for a 3rd and final 6 year term as Bishop of our synod. Dennis noted that the synod budget was adopted, the salary guidelines for clergy and other church workers were adopted with a 1 ½ increase for inflation only and that revenues are down sharply over the last 4 years to the lowest since 1988. There are now 126 congregations in our synod which is down from 144. Dennis and Marah were able to enjoy the great music of Dakota Road and he thanked the Council and congregation for paying the registration and hotel fees so they could attend both days. Next year’s assembly will be May 17-18, 2013 at the KI Center in Green Bay.4. MINUTES: Ginny noted 2 changes to the Parish Nurse Contract for Georgia Stapleton that was amended after last month’s Council meeting. Those changes are: 1) Georgia did not take any health insurance offered by Zion, and 2) It will be 2 ½ years before she turns 66 years old. Motion made by Mikki and seconded by Ginny to approve the minutes as printed with those changes made for the May 15th, 2012 Council Meeting. Motion carried.5. PASTOR’S REPORT: (Note-- Leigh attended this council meeting as a representative of Zion’s ministry.) Leigh stated that the summer schedule is going as well as expected. This coming weekend (June 24th) will be the 1st time this year that communion is offered at the outdoor service with Pastor Dennis Nelson officiating. Also, she is working on a replacement for Pastor Gisele for the 3rd weekend in July as she has committed to attending the National Youth Convention as part of the deaf ministry. She also advised the council that Debbie is slowly working on transitioning the office over to the new computers and programs.COMMITTEE REPORTS: a. Worship/Music: Kathy reported that she and 2 others from her committee interviewed an individual for the organist position the previous night and felt this person was not a good fit for Zion. They will continue to look and will also try advertising in the local paper. Lee Kersten has offered to help a couple weekends a month as Deborah Maier has resigned as Zion’s organist as of July 31st. b. Health Ministry: Ginny announced that Georgia Stapleton, the new Parish Nurse, will check over all the equipment stored in the Loan Closet to make sure it is safe and will personally handle the check-out of that equipment. Georgia will work with the prevention part of the community AODA Summit to see if Zion’s Health Ministry can help with preventive education in any way through adult forums. There was a community baby safety seat activity held at K-Mart on 6/2/12 that Georgia and Christy Hay reported on. Their committee will host a blood drive August 20th in the fellowship hall from 3-7pm by North Central Blood Center of Wisconsin. The Health Fair is scheduled for Saturday, October 6th and Georgia has written a $1,200 grant which she has not heard back on yet. Blood pressure screening was offered this past weekend at church (June 16-17). Georgia did attend a 2nd conference at Concordia which had some very valuable sessions. They have asked their committee to help with the Community Dinner at the First Presbyterian
  2. 2. 2 Church next week. Patsey Robertson did receive mentoring money for the month of May for helping Georgia get acclimated with her new position. Georgia has done some home/nursing home visits along with attending church meetings making new acquaintances at Zion. Their committee will not meet again until August although Ginny and Patsey Robertson will meet with Georgia again during the summer. c. Staff Support: Jim Ash reported that he had the chance to meet Georgia Stapleton on Sunday while having his blood pressure checked. Considering the changes Zion is going through, everything else seems to be ok with the women in the office. d. Church in Society: Mikki reminded everyone of the Community Dinner which is being held Tuesday, June 26th at the First Presbyterian Church in Shawano and is being hosted by Zion. They have listed in the Focus the need for volunteers and donations and there is a sign up sheet for people to donate food or help volunteer with the meal on the bulletin board by the elevator. e. Stewardship: Jim Zimmerman reported that their committee discussed and are suggesting to the council to have a building fund set aside from the church budget. The last couple of years maintenance costs have come out of the building fund and they felt those costs should come out of the general fund. They would like to see a building renovation fund adopted and set goals, such as replacing the church windows first and proceed with the floors, pews etc. and pay for these projects as we go along. Each of these projects would be approved at the annual meeting. Gordon suggested that the Finance Committee talk this over and make suggestions to the council at the next council meeting. Jim mentioned that he had been confronted about placing the Community Garden under the responsibility of the Stewardship Committee but he stated they are a group of their own and even though they use Zion’s land it is not specific to just Zion members. After a discussion it was decided that the Community Garden is a club of their own, operating with a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer and was not the responsibility of the Stewardship Committee. f. Property: Keith was unable to attend but Renee` noted that the soffit/fascia water damage problem that the council viewed last month was repaired by Opperman Development. That repair bill for $869.72 is in the bills to be approved later in the meeting. Keith also did purchase a new leaf blower from Sears for $99.88 for the janitors. g. Pre-Confirmation Education: Timothy reported that he and his wife Sam have stepped down as Sunday School Superintendents and they are now searching for someone to replace them. Timothy will stay on the council as chairperson of the Pre-Confirmation Education Committee and will be teaching 5th grade Sunday School this fall. They had 39 children attend Vacation Bible School this past week and he felt it was very successful.6. TREASURER’S REPORT: Gordon read the financial update that will be printed in the Focus stating May was a positive month with revenues exceeding expenses and bringing Zion’s General Fund balance to $15,617.42. He then reviewed the Accounting Fund Balances Report explaining the expenses in #21 Undesignated Fund of $3,338.99 were largely due to the purchase of 3 new office computer systems. A motion was made by Julie and seconded by Mikki to approve the Treasurer’s Report as written, motion carried. Renee` then reviewed the bills to be paid, noting the Frontier bill has not yet been received. Leigh has requested $1,000 to come out of the #21 Undesignated Fund to help cover some of the costs of the 3 chaperone’s meals for the National Youth Gathering in New Orleans. Any amount not used would be returned and deposited back into the same #21 Fund. After a discussion, $1,000 was added to the $1,500 already listed for Leigh to take in the event of emergencies, with any amount not used being returned to the church. A motion was made by Jim Zimmerman and seconded by Jim Ash to approve the June bills for payment and the motion carried. Jim Zimmerman asked if the parents signed a waiver for those students who attend the Youth Gathering to protect the
  3. 3. 3 church, and when Leigh answered no he asked to have that put on the agenda to discuss in the future.7. OLD BUSINESS: Renee reminded everyone of the meeting that was held on May 1st for those council members who could attend to discuss the salary and benefit costs of the interim pastor that had been emailed to them. Those items were the 2012 guidelines and benefit costs recommended by Bishop Justman. After a discussion the proposed salary and benefits were approved at that meeting for Pastor Gisele Berninghaus. Zion has received the Intentional Interim Ministry Covenant for Pastor Gisele Berninghaus with those exact figures that were approved at the May 1st meeting. Scott Glysch, council president has just signed that contract and will be returning it to Bishop Justman.8. NEW BUSINESS: Renee` asked since we are without a pastor if the council could approve the Certificate of Transfer for Harvey and Ardell Jewell. Jim Zimmerman moved that we approve the transfer of Harvey and Ardell Jewell to St. John’s Lutheran Church in Prairie du Sac. Ginny seconded the motion and the motion was approved. Jim Ash reminded everyone of the church picnic scheduled on July 15th immediately following the outdoor service as they will need help in all areas. He suggested the new interim pastor attend if possible, and bring her family. Also, Jim mentioned that there were 2 visitors to the service last week and they signed the guest book but nothing has been done to thank them for worshipping with us. After a discussion it was agreed that we should have Debbie create a postcard and send it to all visitors immediately following their visit to thank them for worshipping with us. The Stewardship Committee has discussed following up with a personal visit or phone call to those people who sign the guest book and live in the area. Next, Renee` passed out copies of a 2’ x 3’ maplewood sign the Community Garden would like to put on display in the garden. Jim Zimmerman moved to approve the placement of a 2’ x 3’ maplewood sign entitled “Dreams of Green Community Garden” near the garden. Kathy seconded the motion and the motion carried. Lastly, a discussion was held on the emailing of the council minutes to members of the congregation as was done this last month. It was agreed upon by the council to wait until the following month when the minutes are approved by the council before emailing them to all the members of the church. Case being, this month changes were made to the minutes from last month and to avoid any confusion or problems in the future it would be better served to wait until the council approves the minutes before emailing. In the past the council has not met in the month of July but being we will have a new interim pastor and numerous changes happening it was agreed to meet on Tuesday, July 10th at 6:30pm. Jim Zimmerman made the motion which was seconded by Ginny to adjourn the meeting. MEETING ADJOURNED at 8:22 pm. CLOSING DEVOTION: Jim Zimmerman led the council in a closing prayer. Completed in God’s Service by: Julie Effenberger Acting Council Secretary