Minutes council 12-04-17


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Minutes council 12-04-17

  1. 1. 1 ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH, ELCA Shawano, Wisconsin Zion Lutheran Church Council Meeting Minutes Date: April 17, 20121. MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: Time 6:30 p.m. Present: Scott Glysch, Gordon Holten, Renee` Elertson, Kathy Bruhn, Timothy Herrmann, Ginny Vraney, Mikki Moesch, Jim Ash, Jim Zimmerman, Pastor Sherven and acting Secretary, Julie Effenberger.2. OPENING DEVOTIONS: Kathy Bruhn3. SOUND OFF: Jim Zimmerman moved that Julie Effenberger be granted all voting rights and privileges as the rest of the council members in her capacity as “pro-tem” council secretary in Bonnie Little’s absence. Kathy Bruhn seconded the motion and the motion carried.4. MINUTES: Motion made by Jim Zimmerman and seconded by Kathy Bruhn to approve the minutes as printed for the March 20th Council Meeting. Motion carried.5. PASTOR’S REPORT: Pastor Sherven plans on receiving a group of new members (around a dozen) on May 6th during the 10:30 service. He had nothing else to report other than he is gradually starting to clean out things in his office in preparation for his final day on May 20th.COMMITTEE REPORTS: a. Worship/Music: Kathy reluctantly read the letter of resignation from Zion’s organist, Deborah Maier. Due to health related matters, Deborah is resigning her duties as organist and director of music as of July 31st. It was with a very heavy heart that Debra has come to this decision but unfortunately her health won’t allow her to continue in her present capacity much longer. She has asked and was granted permission to use the organ at Zion for giving lessons. Kathy and her committee will start the process of seeking another organist immediately. b. Health Ministry: Ginny announced their committee met on April 2nd and the new Parish Nurse, Georgia Stapleton attended that meeting. Georgia will be re-taking the Parish Nurse Certification Class and plans on starting at Zion on May 14th. She still has not signed a contract with Zion and Gordon acknowledged that Mike Eidahl and the Personnel Committee were presently working on that contract. Zion’s Relay for Life Team consisted of 16 walkers which collected $2,818 for the American Cancer Society on March 31. Cellcom sponsored Zion’s Walkers and Fred Beyer made and donated the sign. A Healing Service was held on March 28th Lenten Service and their committee received positive feedback on that service. Joni Shebuski has purchased 2 new fans for the fellowship hall and kitchen. Christy Hay will be attending the garden meeting on April 25th to explore the possibility of creating a meditation corner in Zion’s garden. To date all Need-A-Lift requests have been met and the Prayer Chains are completing. The loan closet is being inventoried and will be cleaned out by April 25th. Their next blood drive will be in August and that will be with the NorthCentral Blood Center of Wisconsin. The Health Fair will be held on October 6th and the hospital will again be a sponsor of that event. c. Staff Support: Jim Ash reported that he was at the church today and had the opportunity to talk with Leigh and was advised she has just completed the summer schedule. d. Church in Society: Mikki stated their committee just met today and they purchased $716 worth of diapers that will be dispersed through the WIC Cuddle with Love Program. The final check is in the bills to be paid from their “Helping Hands Market Day Project” for the Randy and Ann Steffen family for $1,194. Karen Childs from their committee is still investigating the possibility of Zion participating in the Community Dinner which is held the last Tuesday of the month at the 1st Presbyterian Church in Shawano. As usual, they will be providing their monthly meal for Safe Haven. e. Stewardship: Jim Zimmerman had nothing to report.
  2. 2. 2 f. Property: Keith was unable to attend but Scott reported that they were planning a spring cleaning for this coming Saturday, April 21st at the church. Leigh had lined up youth to assist the adults with the outdoor clean up. Russ Konkel had inquired about doing lawn applications at the church and it was agreed he should come up with a proposal to present to the council so it can be discussed further. g. Pre-Confirmation Education: Timothy read a letter proposed by the Education Committee for a 9th grade student to attend another year of confirmation classes as requirements have not been met in order for her to be confirmed this October. The Education Committee has exhausted all avenues with the student and family to try to rectify the situation, with no avail. Jim Zimmerman moved that the council support the Education Committee in their decision and give her another year to complete the confirmation requirements. The motion was seconded by Ginny Vraney and the motion carried.6. TREASURER’S REPORT: Gordon read the financial update that will be printed in the Focus stating Zion’s General Fund ended the month about where it began, with a balance of $4,423.36. With the month of April off to a good start and containing five Sundays, he projects a better ending to April than the last couple of months. He then reviewed the Accounting Fund Balances Report explaining the income and expenses as listed. Jim Zimmerman inquired where the Thrivent Choice Program money goes and Gordon stated it’s deposited into the General Fund which to date has been $3,700 this year. Also, to date $8,100 has been received from direct deposit from Zion’s members. A motion was made by Julie Effenberger and seconded by Ginny Vraney to approve the Treasurer’s Report as written, motion carried. Renee` then reviewed the bills to be paid, noting the $275 to Allied 100 was for a new AED battery for the defibrillator. The following bills were also approved to be paid but were not listed; a bill for $62.96 to Wal-Mart for the fellowship hall fans, a check for $1,194 to the Randy and Ann Steffens family for the final balance from the Helping Hands Market Day Fundraiser (which comes out of the Church in Society Fund) and lastly, the Frontier phone bill. A bill for $677 from Opperman Development for repairs for a water leak near the sacristy was not approved for payment until an investigation into the cause of the leak and whether warranty covers it is completed. A motion was made by Mikki Moesch and seconded by Jim Ash to approve the April bills for payment and the motion carried. Kathy Bruhn pointed out that the bill to Charlie’s County Market for $85.97 was for the Easter breakfast provided for the choir members in which $60 of it was donated by one of Zion’s members.7. OLD BUSINESS: Last month Jim Zimmerman had asked what Zion’s mortgage payment was and when it had been paid in full. Julie looked up in her minutes from previous years to advise the mortgage was reported paid in full by Jim Yeakey at the August, 2008 council meeting. Payments differed per month that year, depending on what was given to the Building Fund with amounts from $3,283 to $4,657 per month.8. NEW BUSINESS: Ginny stated that when the May calendar came out it showed 2 services on Sunday morning, May 27th (Memorial Day Weekend) at Zion instead of showing the park service and only one service at Zion. MEETING ADJOURNED at 7:45 pm. CLOSING DEVOTION: Pastor Sherven Completed in God’s Service by: Julie Effenberger Acting Council Secretary