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Minutes council 12-01-10


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Minutes council 12-01-10

  1. 1. 1 ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH, ELCA Shawano, Wisconsin Zion Lutheran Church Council Meeting Minutes Date January 10, 20121. MEETING CALLED TO ORDER: Time 6:30 p.m. Present: Scott Glysch, Gordon Holten, Bob Gehm, Kathy Bruhn, Timothy Herrmann, Ginny Vraney, Mikki Moesch, Sandra King, Pastor Sherven, Julie Effenberger2. OPENING DEVOTIONS: Kathy3. SOUND OFF: None4. MINUTES: Motion made by Bob and seconded by Ginny to approve the minutes as printed for the December 20th Council Meeting. Motion carried.5. PASTOR’S REPORT: Pastor Sherven reminded everyone of the annual meeting on Sunday, January 29th and to make sure all chairpersons try to have their written report into Debbie in the office by noon of this Friday if possible. He felt Christmas was a big success again this year with great attendance. He clarified from last month that Mikki Moesch’s term as the chairperson for Church in Society was for a 2 year term with her being elected last year, so she has 1 year remaining. The conference assembly is Thursday, January 26th at 5:30 at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Wittenberg for anyone who would like to go and represent Zion. Pastor stated that Bishop Justman’s term ends this summer and so they will have nominations for a new bishop at this conference assembly.COMMITTEE REPORTS: a. Worship/Music: Kathy was informed by our guest organist about a gentleman out of Appleton, Tom Salzman, who can do organ tuning/repairs. A large part of our payment to Fabry Inc is for travel time which is 3 hours one way and if we can save money on tuning it would be worth looking into. Some organs that Salzman has worked on are St. John’s ELCA in Marion, the ELCA Church in Wittenberg, St. John’s in Tigerton and he will be rebuilding the organ at Christus Church in Clintonville. Kathy will look further into this matter and report back to the council. b. Health Ministry: Ginny announced that their committee approved the Parish Nurse Job Description so they have that along with a copy of the current contract ready for Mike Eidahl of the Personnel Committee to proceed with once it’s approved at the annual meeting. Their committee served cookies and punch after the Blue Christmas Service which was held on December 15th and they received good feedback on that event. The Blood Drive is scheduled for Monday, January 16th from 3-7pm in the fellowship hall. Cellcom has again sponsored Zion’s Relay for Life Team that will be held the end of March. Kathy Beyer is co-chairing that event with Ginny and they are still looking for more walkers to fill their 15 person team. CD players will be purchased for shut in use with money from the Joan Voss Memorial Fund. As of February 1st they will need a new person to record the church services as Bob Gehm will retire that position the end of January. Their Lenten Devotional Booklet meeting was today and since they need 47 devotions for the Lenten season, committee members will be calling soon. They are seeking the addresses of this year’s college students and will begin collecting goodies for the College Care packages to be mailed out by February 17th. They have received information regarding liability insurance which is allowing them to continue with the evening exercise classes that Nancy Schultz is conducting. The Blood Pressure screenings, anything that would take a referral or tasks which would require a nurse to complete, will have to cease until a new Parish Nurse is hired. Their committee has scheduled Patsey Robertson’s retirement reception after the late service on February 12th in the fellowship hall with a light meal. Most of the food will be
  2. 2. 2 donated by volunteers but any additional funds needed would be taken out of the Undesignated Fund. The prayer chain is being revamped right now from the new people being added in from the Time & Talent sheets. A resolution will be drafted for the annual meeting stating Zion’s intention along with the council’s endorsement to continue with the Parish Nurse Ministry. c. Staff Support: Sandy had nothing to report regarding the staff. d. Church in Society: Mikki reported their committee has not met since the last council meeting and she had nothing to report. e. Stewardship: Bob stated that they are still waiting for the final proofs for the pictorial directory so they can send it to print. The photographer had been on vacation otherwise they had hoped to have the proofs to the printer by Christmas. Bob will follow-up with the photographer next week if he doesn’t hear anything before then. f. Property: Keith was unable to attend the meeting but Scott reported for Keith regarding the new windows that were installed by Dearco. Questions had come up regarding whether the old trim work needed to be put back on the windows. The council went and looked at the windows and felt they were complete as is except for a little paint needed around a couple of them and there was no need to attach the old trim work. Dearco will also be submitting an estimate to replace the sacristy door that is in poor condition. g. Pre-Confirmation Education: Timothy had nothing to report as their committee was to meet this evening but has rescheduled.6. TREASURER’S REPORT: Gordon read the financial update that will be printed in the Focus stating what a great year 2011 was for Zion’s financial picture. With strong Christmas week offerings our year end General Fund balance increased to $12,086.85. The new electronic giving program along with Thrivent’s Member Choice Program, and the Congregational Council’s efforts at carefully watching expenses have all contributed to the most positive year- end in years. Gordon has scheduled an audit committee for next week to review the books. The Accounting Fund Balances Report shows $2,660.74 in the #13 Missionary for a Day Fund, which Gordon noted is a lower balance than it has been in the past few years. A motion was made by Julie and seconded by Ginny to approve the Treasurer’s Report as written, motion carried. Scott then reviewed the bills to be paid noting the Frontier bill has not been received yet. The $256.99 to Bubrick’s Complete Office is for the Sunday School printer and toner that were discussed at last month’s council meeting. The bill to Dearco Distributing for $7,447.00 was for the 6 windows that Dearco installed and the same amount they had bid back in September. A motion was made by Mikki and seconded by Kathy to approve the January bills for payment and the motion carried.7. OLD BUSINESS: Gordon shared an updated draft of the proposed budget for the 2012 year with the council noting that this budget shows a 1.5% salary increase leaving us with a $940 balance. After the budget was reviewed, a motion was made by Kathy and seconded by Julie to accept the 2012 Spending Plan as presented by Gordon and submit it to the congregation for their approval at the annual meeting.8. NEW BUSINESS: Scott brought up the issue of the office computers and their need to be updated, both software and hardware. The council agreed to have Debbie proceed with getting information and estimates concerning the office computers and report back to the council. Scott then read to the council a letter of resignation from Pastor Peter Sherven. His last day of presiding over worship will be May 20 and then he has enough vacation time accrued to run until June 30th, at which time his resignation and retirement will become effective. It is synod policy that once a pastor’s call to a congregation ends, the pastor is no longer available for
  3. 3. 3pastoral service in that congregation. Bishop Justman is aware of Pastor Sherven’s decisionand will await a call from Zion’s leadership in order to set in motion the matters of transition,leading to the calling of a new pastor and the appointing of a pastor to serve in the interim.MEETING ADJOURNED at 7:44 pm.CLOSING DEVOTION: Pastor ShervenCompleted in God’s Service by:Julie EffenbergerCouncil Secretary