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Focus 2012 07


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Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Focus 2012 07

  1. 1. FocusMonthly Newsletter of Zion Lutheran Church, Shawano, WI July 2012 “Everything is Possible with God!” Vacation Bible school was another big success this year with 39 students attending to participate in Imagination Station, Bible Blast, games, snack time, Chadder’s Theater, Arts ’n Crafts, and plenty of singing. It was a fun week where we know that “Everything is Possible with God!” VBS kids sang at the Sunday, June 17th worship at the Lake.
  2. 2. 2012 Financial Update Thank you !!! As expected, May was a positive month for our Dear Friends at Zion, General Fund. Revenues exceeded expenses by Thank you for the meals you prepared for us after about $3,000 bringing our operating fund balance Kenley was born. It was very nice to have nice, to over $15,000. Even though this year’s staff homemade meals, we enjoyed them! retirements and vacancies have created some Everyone has been so nice and welcoming to us. financial uncertainties, it appears we will be able Thanks again. to handle the situation well. ~ Roy & Lacey Wilson So far, June’s financial picture appears to look and baby Kenley pretty good, also. Contributions are slightly above normal and expenses appear to be slightly less than Dear Zion Members, normal for a summer month so we are estimating A sincere thank you for all the prayers and cards the General Fund balance to increase to between I received from you during my hospital stay and 18 and 20 thousand dollars. This should place us in recovery. good position as we enter the ‘slower’ summer months. ~ Ted Rudie Thank you, Zion members. We continue to appre- Dear Zion, ciate your loyal support. I wish to thank everyone for your prayers, cards, food, flowers, rides to treatments, and all the help I In Christ’s Service, received during my illness. You kept my spirit up and Your Finance Committee: made the trip for me so much easier. What a wonder- Scott Glysch, President ful thing it is to have a congregation with such love Renee Elertson, Vice President and caring individuals. I thank God for all of you. Gordon Holten, Treasurer I feel so blessed. May God always be with you. ~ Kathie Schutt The Parish Records Attention Expecting Parents! Transfer: Please remember to contact Leigh at the † Harvey & Ardell Jewel to St. John’s Lutheran church office with information including your Church, Prairie du Sac, WI name, address, contact phone number, and due Deaths: date of baby. This way we can be prepared for † Victor L. Lund. Funeral June 23, 2012 at Zion. when the baby does arrive to “shower” you † Erna A. Fletcher. Funeral June 28, 2012 at Zion. with some meals. 715-526-2017 or email † Hazel A. Paulson. Private service at funeral home. P Ladies Evening BibleE-mail Addresses for….. Study will meet Monday,Pastor Berninghaus.. July 9th at 6:30 in the library.Leigh Welander… We will not meet in August!Georgia Stapleton… nurse@shawanozion.orgDebbie / Office ….. P Faith Circle will meet the 3rd Thursday ofPlease update your address book today! the month starting July 19th at 1:00 in Room 101. P Afternoon Bible Study will meet the 4th What happened to that bowl? Thursday of the month at 1:00 in Room 101. It might be here at Zion! Anyone who has dishes left at Zion please stop by to pick P Items Needed for the LWR Kits! them up before the rummage sale or they Back-to-school sales are starting—please shop for could be included in the rummage sale! School Kit items. We also need: cloth for flat-fold Please check the table downstairs for any diapers and diaper pins. dishes you may have left here. Thank you!
  3. 3. Gifts and Memorials June 4—24, 2012 From Your Parish Nurse... First, thank you to Zion Lutheran for the ability to attendMissionary for a Day Concordia University twice in May. The first time was ParishBy: Anita Hartman Nurse training. I was able to return with numerous new andBy: Lois Krause updated resources to utilize in serving. The camaraderie In memory of her brother among participants was enlightening. The second week was Glenn Hartman the annual Concordia Parish Nurse conference. I was able toBy: Howard & Roberta Buenting attend at a student rate. The speakers and workshops at theBy: Donna Weishoff conference were very informative, ranging from the trials of In memory of her husband Loyal. our returning veterans, women’s leadership, to the benefits of community gardening. Each day at Concordia was rewarding.Church in Society Thank you so much for these opportunities.By: Kathie Schutt Second, as we think about summer with the temperatures inBy: John & Dejon Polzin the 90s on some recent days, I’d just like to mention the im-By: Lois Kruse portance of staying well hydrated. It seems quite common sensical, but this In memory of Edward Hartman simple piece of caring for ourselves and our family members can not only save discomfort, but also Emergency Room visits. Young children and el-Health Ministry derly adults are the most at risk.By: Lois Kruse Recommendations include drinking at least 8 eight oz. glasses of water for In memory of Helen Kaurala’s adults and 8 six oz. glasses of water for children. Keep in mind sugar and mother, Aune Kaurala caffeine tend to dehydrate the body, so better to stay away from those typesBy: Anita Hartman of beverages. Also, it is suggested to keep clothing light weight and light In memory of Helen Kaurala’s colored. Plan outdoor activities for very early in the day. Eating fleshy and mother, Aune Kaurala fresh fruits also helps combat dehydration – fruits such as mangos, water melons and other melons.Youth - Camp ScholarshipsBy: James Yeakey The Bellin Run, for example was still held this year despite the heat, partly Helen Kaurala because extra precautions were taken to keep the runners hydrated. Our body’s electrolyte system is a check and balance for our well being, so keepNational Youth Gathering the fluids near-by. Enjoy the summer by staying comfortable and safe.By: James Yeakey Georgia Stapleton, RNEndowment Parish NurseBy: Steve & Sandy RhodeBy: Marian Ellis In memory of Rudy Ellis Peace Through GriefPark Sound System Fund The Fox Cities Affinity Visiting Nurses Association is supportingBy: Donna & Jerry Milbauer a six week program called Peace through Grief. In memory of Victor Lund Tuesdays, August 7—Sept. 11 ~ 6:00 – 7:30 PMUndesignatedBy: Ken & Bonnie Wolf Please register by calling 920-727-2000. The purpose of the pro- In honor of Pastor Sherven’s gram is to look at the many pieces of life that are affected by loss. RetirementBy: Kalvin & Cheryl Boettcher In honor of Pastor Sherven’s Retirement Health Ministry Dates At A Glance...By: Ed & Arlene Fenney Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5-6 p.m. – Evening Exercise Class In honor of their 69th Wedding Fellowship Hall. New comers always welcome! Anniversary No need to pre-register. Nancy Schultz, Exercise Leader Ascension Lutheran in Navarino Wednesday, July 4: Happy 4th of July! is hos ng “Thee Big Event” Saturday & Sunday, July 14 & 15: Blood Pressure Checks August 25 ~ 9am—9pmMusical guests, speakers, food, inflatables, Thursdays, July 12 & 26: In-Stitches 1:00 p.m., Commons kid’s games, & more!
  4. 4. Who/What Is This Intentional Interim Pastor? Hello, my name is Pastor Gisele Berninghaus, most folks call me Pastor Gisele. I am looking forward to working with you and getting to know the congregation and your ministry at Zion. I hope to get to know you over these next few months as I get acquainted and I invite you to introduce yourselves to me and help me get to know you and the gifts/talents God has given you. A little information about me: I live in Appleton with my husband Tim and I have been an ordained pastor for 26 years. My past ministry includes calls in Caribou and Stockholm, Maine as well as Kankakee, IL. I was the mission developer for an ecumenical ministry with the Deaf community and served as pastor of that ministry for 13 years before participating in the training for Intentional Interim ministry. Most recently I served the congregation of St. Johns in Marion. My calling with you folks at Zion as your interim pastor will be two fold. First, I will ensure that pastoral ministry is done; preaching and presiding at Holy Communion, baptisms, weddings and funerals. Second, I will guide the congregation through this time of transition as you determine the goals for your future ministry. So the ministry and service of this con- gregation will continue while I am working with you; I will preach and lead worship. With the help of your congregations leadership, we will reflect on where God is calling Zion and how your gifts might be used for future ministry. One of the treasures I value in our Lutheran heritage is our understanding of the "priesthood of all Believers." St. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 12: 4-7 "There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit gives them. There are different ways of serving, but the same Lord is served. There are dif- ferent abilities to perform service, but the same God gives to everyone ability for particular service. The Spirits presence is shown in some way in each person, for the good of all." So what are your gifts and how is God calling you to use your gifts and talents? Please stop in the office to introduce yourself and ask questions too so that together we can learn and grow. Gods Peace, Pastor GiseleConfirmation Camp Was Fantastic! Six awesome Zion youth spent a week in June at Confirmation camp at Imago Dei Village. They spent the week in worship, Bible study, group build- ing activities, camp fires, and many other fun God-based experiences. The week centered around the Holy Spirit and what the Holy Spirit means to our life. Gabby Krueger, Meghan Hoffman, Landan Holtz, Alex Zimmerman, Kale McHugh, and Josh Schill attended camp!
  5. 5. Zion’s Annual Zion Rummage donations Picnic may be brought to Zion’s Sunday, & fellowship hall thru July 15 Bake August 1st. at the Shawano County Park Please schedule your calendars to Bring a dish to share: A—M …. Dessert Rummage Sale volunteer N—Z ….. Salad August 2 - 3 - 4 the week of July 30 - August 4 Zion will provide hot dogs, hamburgers, ● Thursday 8am - 4pm for set-up, pric- orange drink & water. ● Friday 8am - 4pm ing, selling, and ● Saturday 8am - Noon take-down!Save the date for good food, a fun time, a chance to meet new people, and have a few laughs! Bake Sale - Aug 2 - 3 Direct any questions to ● Thursday 8am - 4pm Donna & JerryBingo! Prizes! Games! Fun for everyone!! ● Friday 8am - 4pm Milbauer.JULY FOCUSZION LUTHERAN CHURCH1254 SOUTH UNION STREETSHAWANO WI 54166-3461Address Service RequestedFOCUS is published monthly byZion Lutheran Church.1254 S. Union St., Shawano, WI 54166Rev. Gisele Berninghaus, Interim PastorLeigh Welander, Minister of Family LifeRev. Howard Buenting, VisitationGeorgia Stapleton, Parish NurseDebbie Bernard, Admin. AssistantRev. James Sack, Missionary to JapanPhone: 715-526-2017 People of Zione-mail: zion@shawanozion.orgWeb site: