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  1. 1. LinkedIn Marketing TipsApril 16, 2012LinkedIn Company PageUp until now, your LinkedIn company page existed in isolation. Now businesses can update theirindividual company pages to enable their followers to receive updates and insights about jobopportunities, company news, employee moves and more.#1: Update/create and complete your company pageCurrently there are more than 2 million businesses with a LinkedIn company page.At some point, many professionals will choose to follow numerous company pages on LinkedInjust as they do Facebook business pages, and the stream will become noisier.With these pages, LinkedIn provides you with the opportunity to integrate rich media content-such as images, hyperlinked banners, links to your website and blog, and YouTube videos intoyour company profile. Take advantage of these benefits to make your page more attractive,engaging and interesting to your target markets!To enhance your existing LinkedIn company page, focus on the following tips:Populate your company overview page using informative descriptions about whom youserve (your ideal customer) and how you serve them. Include the key specialties of yourcompany in the designated “specialties” area and incorporate keywords that will resonate withyour target markets.AcrobatAnt: 918-938-7928 ginaholloway@acrobatant.comFollow us on LinkedIn at:
  2. 2. LinkedIn Marketing TipsApril 16, 2012Build out your products and services pages on your company profile. On these pages you caninclude an image, description, list of key features, landing page URL to your site, a link to aspecial promotion, and embededYouTube video both on the products and services overview pageas well as on each individual product/service page! Take advantage of the opportunity to integraterich media; It will liven up your company page significantly.#2: Build followers for your LinkedIn company pageBefore you can really start to see any benefit from your LinkedIn company page, spend ampletime working to increase your company followers! Your updates won’t be visible unless someonevisits your page directly and decides to share or comment on a status update.Increasing your company followers will increase your company visibility. Your updates willbe seen throughout LinkedIn and can easily be shared by your followers with their ownprofessional networks.Building followers for your company isn’t just a one-time process. You should constantly beworking to build followers for your company page on LinkedIn in order to expand your reach.Below are some suggestions to quickly build your unique business community foryour company page:Encourage existing employees to link up and recommend with your page (existing employeescan help extend your company’s reach by sharing your status updates with their connections onLinkedIn).Follow the company pages of industry peers, vendors, current customers and prospectivecustomers; many of them will reciprocate the action. Also consider following companies outsideof your industry that are in your same geographic location.Send an announcement to the appropriate LinkedIn personal connections. (Best practice:Always provide 2 to 3 concrete benefits for why someone should follow your page. What willthey get out of it? How can it help them to be better at what they do?)Consider sending that same“call to action” message to your existing database of customers and prospects, especially if manyof them are on LinkedIn.Post a “call to action” to follow your page within relevant LinkedIn groups.AcrobatAnt: 918-938-7928 ginaholloway@acrobatant.comFollow us on LinkedIn at:
  3. 3. LinkedIn Marketing TipsApril 16, 2012#3: Provide interesting and value-added company status page updates.Company status updatesAs a LinkedIn company page administrator, you can post a status update on behalf of yourcompany. This is a powerful way to build relationships with your companys followers and keepyour company top of mind.Your company status updates will appear on your company’s followers homepage updates.Encourage followers to like, share, and comment on your posts helping spread the word to eachfollowers entire network.AcrobatAnt: 918-938-7928 ginaholloway@acrobatant.comFollow us on LinkedIn at:
  4. 4. LinkedIn Marketing TipsApril 16, 20123 steps to posting a company page status update:1. Navigate to the “overview” tab of your LinkedIn company page.In order to create Company Status Updates, you must designate administrators for your companypage.2. In edit mode, click the “designated users only” radio button, type in the names of the peopleyou’d like to designate as administrators and click “publish.”3. All admins can then create updates by entering content in the “Share an update” box. You canadd a link by clicking "Attach a link."Tips for company updates:Mix it up: Keep the conversation fresh by including links to interesting press about yourcompany, exciting new jobs and other content. You can also post industry news and insights tobuild credibility with your followers.Post timely updates: Update during business hours for the followers you’re trying to reach, andtarget the beginning and end of the work day.Participate in the conversation: See how followers respond to your updates and add your owncomments.Weave in your LinkedIn assets: Use status updates to raise awareness of your LinkedIn Groups,Career Page and Jobs.Spice up your content with embedded images or videos from YouTube: Members can viewany videos you share within your status update.Involve your employees: Encourage your employees to share your updates spreading the word totheir professional connections.AcrobatAnt: 918-938-7928 ginaholloway@acrobatant.comFollow us on LinkedIn at:
  5. 5. LinkedIn Marketing TipsApril 16, 2012#4: Engage and network with companies you followWant to get on the radar screen of a business you’d like to work with? Watch for their companystatus updates and engage with them! Just as you can engage by commenting on individual statusupdates you see on LinkedIn, your company can do the same with company page updates.Perhaps a company that you follow is looking for a qualified candidate to fill a position. Pointthem to several professionals in your network who might be a good fit!Maybe a company posts something that is helpful to you in your business. Thank them for theresource publicly and share it with your connections!By helping the companies that you care about grow their visibility, you’ll also expand yourinfluence with the company. It’s a very simple concept that most people don’t think about.Promote and refer the companies that are important to your business by liking, sharing andcommenting on their updates. These companies may also return the favor and help to promoteyour business on LinkedIn as well.In order to find the right companies to follow on LinkedIn, utilize the advanced search features tofind and follow industry partners, companies in your geographic location, companies youAcrobatAnt: 918-938-7928 ginaholloway@acrobatant.comFollow us on LinkedIn at:
  6. 6. LinkedIn Marketing TipsApril 16, 2012currently do business with, companies you’d like to do business with and companies within yoursame industry, competitors and non-competitors.Resources: Marketing Tips For your Profile Page• Fill out your personal profile completely to earn trust.• Use widgets to integrate other tools such as a blog RSS feed or Twitter stream.• Use the “poll” feature to gain information and share with your connections.• Complete the Questions and Answers section to get a feel for what customers andprospects want or think.• Publish your LinkedIn URL on all your marketing collateral-including business cards,email signature, email newsletters, websites and brochures, so prospects learn more aboutyour company.• Grow your network by joining industry groups.• Use the “search” feature on LinkedIn to find people by company, industry and city.• Start a group for your business.• Use the group search feature and target keywords.• Use LinkedIn to research your prospects before meeting or contacting them.• Share useful articles and resources that will be of interest to customers and prospects.o For example discuss, new financial topics, trends and their impact on individualcustomers (account holders); details on tips for better money management,enabling peer discussions on tips; best practices and experiences. Topics such asthese make great posts on blogs or linked group discussions.• Write honest and valuable recommendations for your contacts.• Request LinkedIn recommendations from happy customers willing to providetestimonials.• Ask your first-level contacts for introductions to their first-level contacts.• Customize your settings to receive LinkedIn messages in your inbox so you can respondright away.• Link to articles and content posted elsewhere, with a summary of why it’s valuable to addto your credibility.• Export your contacts to LinkedIn.AcrobatAnt: 918-938-7928 ginaholloway@acrobatant.comFollow us on LinkedIn at:
  7. 7. LinkedIn Marketing TipsApril 16, 2012• Post job listings to find qualified talent.• Support your LinkedIn company page or group page by placing a LinkedIn icon on yourcompany’s website.AcrobatAnt: 918-938-7928 ginaholloway@acrobatant.comFollow us on LinkedIn at: