Yr 10 summer work sonni


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Yr 10 summer work sonni

  1. 1. GCSE Fortismere Photography Department GCSE Photography Assessment Sheet STUDENT: TEACHER(S): TITLE: Sonni Rossi Mr Holden coursework Target grade Wag DATE: UNIT: 06/01/14 Coursework A C+ Comments & Targets The pictures that you have taken in this task do show some sense of discovery. The city landscape shots are particularly strong but I would have liked to of seen a lot more of them. The exhibition task has some has some excellent analysis and you have clearly begun to look at and describe the more complex issues involved in the construction of the image. Your wording is good and the way in which the images have clearly inspired you is great Forces Strand 1 - Force of nature – (T-) This should consist of two responces one in school and the other at home. It would be better if you hads contact sheets befor your enlargments. Strand 2 - Applied Force – (T) Some interesting images but again it would be good to see contact sheets of your images Strand 3 - Force of transformation – (T-) Some good images but you must make sure that all images are yours and not just taken from the internet GENNERAL COMMENTS Some good work Sonni you must make sure that you analysis the work of other photographers in full to make sure that the contextual side of the course is covered. Development Each of the following strands need to have two sets of observations consisting of contact sheets and chosen enlargements 1) Force of nature 2) Applied force 3) Force of transformation Develop the idea disjointed portraits you could try printing out the images and sticking them on different sized pieces of card so they are on a relief. You could look at the portrait work of david Hockney and experiment creating cubist portraits. This could also be linked to the idea of breaking the faces down into different boxes Movement Please put all work in one tab and make it run concisely Close up abstraction Two observation sets one in class and then one at home. You should then select a number of images that can be put alongside 6 words. You should then develop one of these word strands which should then culminate in a final piece. Landscape. Please put all work in one tab and make it run concisely