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Yr 10 force aneta


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Yr 10 force aneta

  1. 1. GCSE Fortismere Photography Department GCSE Photography Assessment Sheet STUDENT: TEACHER(S): TITLE: Anete Foss Mr Holden Coursework tasks Target grade WAG DATE: UNIT: 06/01/14 Coursework tasks A+ B+ Comments & Targets An interesting choice of exhibition which you clearly have enjoyed, this is evident in the visual representations that you have made. However your analysis is very limited and needs to be much more in-depth. It is key that you demonstrate an written understanding of the work. The pictures that you have taken in this task show a real sense of discovery. However I would have liked to of seen a few more close up images demonstrating a willingness to develop and refine your ideas. Some interesting work but you must work on your analysis and development of your ideas Comments & Targets The pictures that you have taken in this task show a real sense of discovery. I especially like the mix of black and white and colour this is particularly effective. The way you are framing is excellent breaking rules and making interesting crops really adds to your photography. The exhibitions that you visited are interesting and the analysis that you have written is excellent. In particular the way you have described the Milles Aldridge work is very effective. Your use of contextual language and the way you have broken up the pictures meanings demostartes a very good understanding of the work. Overall some very good work that shows visual and understanding of your own work and that of the photographers that you have chosen to look at. Well done ] Forces Strand 1 - Force of nature – (T-) Interesting use of photoshop but you must make sure to annotate your own work fully explaining what it is you are setting out to do and if you feel you have been successful. You have a lot of images that are difficult to reas as a whole I think your work would benefit from contact sheets. Strand 2 - Applied Force – (T) Again some interesting images but I thin you would benefit from creating contact sheets and putting more annotation in to your own work. Remember the examiner will not get the chance to speak to you so all work must be self-explanatory. Strand 3 - Force of transformation – (T-) You need to make sure that you add the work of Maurizio Anzeri Giovanni and show some detailed analysis of his work. Also again there is not enough work. You need to clearly show that you have developed the ideas in full. GENNERAL COMMENTS Some interesting work but you must make sure to explain all your ideas in full. You should also have in-depth photography studies to back up all of your work. You also need to add your moving image work based on fire. It is key that you now fill in the gaps in your project and develop your ideas further. Force continued Continue experimenting with melting plastic Melt candles Create a piece of work looking at the idea of fusing different objects in a melted state a juxtaposition of objects to create a new exciting outcome. Artists to look at Salvdorr dali Ted Freeman
  2. 2. GCSE Teppei Kaneuji A detail from Melted Bottle, Nagasaki, 1961 (from series Nagasaki 11:02). Photographer: Shomei Tomatsu/Marta Movement – Move light painting section from landscape. Rework final light painting final poise it needs to be refined and maybe be closer up so we can see more of what is going on. More Light Artists need to be added in to the work to increase the contextual part of the project Close up abstraction – Revisit final piece the one you have chosen at the moment is more of an interim. I would like to see you print them big and capture the sense of texture and relief. Landscape – Move all work onto one page rather than having it on different sections. Start with your environments then move onto ideas of dereliction. The joiners and david Hockney can be a strand that you don’t continue. For your derelict series visit the abandoned warehouse in Totteridge see Leah for location.