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Joe beedle

  1. 1. A2Photography Assessment:Unit 3 Coursework Portfolio PRESENT AO1 AO2 AO3 AO4 UNIT 3 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 17 16 16 17 66 GRADE: RECORD UNITS: UNIT 3 80 A* 78 A 67 B 54 C 42 D 33 E 24 F 15 G 6 U 0 TEACHER(S):Mr Holden/Ms Powell COMMENTS: Joe some excellent work the soup kitchen stuff is strong I would like to see the Christmas party video uploaded. I would also like youto scan the pages of your notebook that shows your interviews with the different people you have met. The last portrait of the big issue seller is great and I think if possible some more of these would be good. If you could get another three that would create a good balance when placing them alongside each other for final presentations. You must make sure that you back up all your developments with contextual research. Also make sure that all the artists are analysed in full. Tasks Upload Christmas video to weebly Rosie holtom – project on homeless people Anayse images of artists used in full Scan and upload note book Take further portrait and get more interviews Maybe if possible film them as well or at least record them speaking. Personal Project TOTAL: EXPERIMENT CANDIDATE # DEVELOP STUDENT:Joseph Beedle B+ This is a working at grade at present you don’t not have a clearly defined final piece so this is reflected in your mark