A2 first assessment sophie


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A2 first assessment sophie

  1. 1. A2 First Assessment: Sep 2013 Name: Sophie General A very good start to the year, you have created a body of work that shows clear cohesion between the two part s of unit 3. As always your visual work is strong but you must make sure all visual documentation is clearly visible to be able to see fully your thought processes. Task Assessment Criteria Covered Feedback AO band Leaflet AO1 An excellent leaflet that has a real professional feel to it. The subject matter is extremely interesting and very topical. The classic theme is one which I think would work well at the Tate as a more traditional gallery. Your research demonstrates your fluent ability to glean significant information from your chosen sources. AO1: Fluent Practical Work and Gallery responses. AO1 AO3 The documentary / journey work looks as if it could be interesting but it is very difficult for me to make a judgement because the images are so small. I appreciate you want to make an edit but I (and the examiner) needs to see your visual thought processes to be able to give you the marks that you are due. It is essential that your visual decisions are shown on screen. It is rather disappointing that you have not completed all the tasks set for you in the summer and this is demonstrated by your lack of gallery responses. AO1: basic AO3: confident Observational Starting Points AO3 AO2 Good work you have made a strong start to the practical brief that is backed up with equally as strong contextual research. CONTACT SHEETS MUST BE LARGER AO3: Confident AO2: Confident Research Starting Points AO1 AO1: