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Dermama catalog corporate profile


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Dermama catalog corporate profile

  1. 1. Dermama™Corporate Profile Email:
  2. 2. Corporate InfoAbout Us Dermama Bioteknologi Laboratorium is research based company in regenerative medicine.We focus on product R&D, clinical trial applications, and knowledge management in theinflammatory, wound healing, and necrosis medical conditions.dermama™ stem cell products have significant therapeutic potential because of their abilityto regulate inflammation, promote tissue regeneration, prevent pathological scar formationand work as natural immuno-suppressor.In medical practice of regenerative medicine, our procedure has been studied extensively forseveral years with hundreds of clinical trials and continues to prove to be safe and reliable.Every patient treated by us is entered into treatment registry and will be contacted at varioustime points regarding the outcome of the procedure, any complications, etc. As a result wehave extensive experience in what works and what doesn’t work. We have published ourprocedure in several medical conference papers, seminars and journals.
  3. 3. Corporate InfoAdvantageThe technology being developed by dermama™ has shown significant advantages over othercellular therapies in regenerative medicine of wound healing, for the following reasons: • Availability - Over thousand treatments can be produced form a single donation • Universal Compatibility – Products can be used in any patient without typing or matching • Ease of Use – Treatment can be accomplished with a simple I.V. infusion or injection • Intellectual Property – The company has applied for several patents in the area of stem cells and bio surgery
  4. 4. Our TeamsDr. Indah Yulianto, SpKK (K) PhDAssociate Professor of Dermatology and VenerologyUniversitas Sebelas Maret,Solo, Central Java, IndonesiaDr (Vet). Yuda Fibrianto, PhDAssociate Professsor at Physiology Department,Veterinary Medicine at Gajah Mada UniversityYogyakarta, IndonesiaDr. Yuyun RindiastutiResearcher at Dept of Theriogenology and BiotechnologySeoul National UniversitySeoul, South Korea
  5. 5. Our Senior AdvisorsProf Dr. Suhartono Taat Putra, MSc Sp PA, PhDProfessor of Anatomy and Pathology,Universitas Airlangga,Surabaya, East Java, IndonesiaProf. Dr. Indropo Agusni, SpKK (K) PhDProfessor of Dermatology and VenerologyUniversitas AirlanggaSurabaya, East Java, IndonesiaDr. I Ketut Sudiana, Drs. MSc, PhDAssociate Professor of Biotechnology and Molecular PathologyUniversitas AirlanggaSurabaya, East Java, IndonesiaDr Agus Darwanto, PhDResearch Scientist of EpigeneticUniversity of TexasGalveston, Texas, USA
  6. 6. Medical PartnersDr. Titi Moertolo SpKK Dr. Titi Moertolo SpKKKlinik Dr. Titi Fauzia Moertolo Klinik Dr. Titi Fauzia MoertoloJl Bendungan Jatiluhur 76 Jl. LLRE Martadinata No. 169 LoreBendungan Hilir, Tanah Abang UtaraJakarta Pusat 10210 DKI Jakarta Bandung Jawa BaratTelp: 62 21 573 1788 Telp: 62 22 7234634Drg. Dewi Anggraini Margono SpKG(K), PhDFKG UI Departemen Ilmu KonservasiGigi. Jl. Salemba Raya No. 4Jakarta Pusat 10430Tlp/Fax : +62213913413Dr. Nanda Dewi SpKKSkin Health and Beauty CenterRS. Sentosa Bandung
  7. 7. Medical PartnersDr. Kuncahyo Kamal Arifin SpOTKlinik Bedah TulangRS PKU Muhammadiyah YogyakartaJl.KH.Ahmad DahlanNo.20 Yogyakarta 55122Telp. (0274) 512653PKU Muhammadiyah Stem CellCenterRS. PKU Muhammadiyah SurakartaSolo, Jawa TengahDr. Ratna Djuwita SpKKKlinik Dermatologi dan VenerologiRSI Siti Hajar,Jalan Raden Patah No. 70-72,PucanganomSidoarjo, Jawa Timur 61217
  8. 8. CollaborationsBerlin-Brandernburg Center for Regenerative Therapies(BCRT)Leprosy Laboratory,Institute of Tropical Disease, Airlangga UniversityIndonesia Society of Psycho-Neuro-ImmunologyIndonesia Association of Stem Cells (ASPI)Muhammadiyah Hospital SurakartaOrthopedic Surgery Division,Muhammadiyah Hospital YogyakartaIndonesia Medical Society of Dermatologist and Venerelogist(PERDOSKI)Indonesia Medical Society (IDI)