Moving Telehealth from the future to the present


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This is a program delivered on 19 March 2012 by Glen Hiemstra to the 2012 Future of Telemedicine Conference put on by the Northwest Regional Telehealth Resource Center, in Billings, Montana. Glen Hiemstra is the Founder of and the Curator of

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Moving Telehealth from the future to the present

  1. 1. Thinking in the Future Tense moving telehealth from the future to the present
  2. 2. what is your image of the future?
  3. 3. the future creates the present…
  4. 4. not a mystery
  5. 5. 6 forces drive TH to the present• income gap economics• health care requires it• age wave need and digital natives lead• tech acceleration• quantized-self health revolution• 4-P medic ine
  6. 6. debt drag & income gap economics6000 years American experiment
  7. 7. National Institute for Healthcare Reform, via NYT, Mar. 18, 2012
  8. 8. medicine today• Diagnostics: “pauciparameter”• Therapy— still reactive• Prevention -- still a minor role• Impersonal – generic answers
  9. 9. health care provider of the future?•digital natives •life style specialists•systems biologists •quick change artists•upstream specialists •gerontologists•pre-disease counselors
  10. 10. 2020 traditionals now 75+ boomers now 56-74old generation Xyoung now 40-55diverse millennials now 20-39 post millennial now 1-19
  11. 11. technologyacceleration
  12. 12. connectivity | convergence | 3D nanotechnology | biotech
  13. 13. super intelligent assistance
  14. 14. Survey of 3700 physicians globallyForbes, Jan. 26, 2012 - Why you may want your next exam via computer
  15. 15. the quantized-self health revolution
  16. 16. future medicine via systems biology•PREDICTIVE •probabilistic  health  history-­‐-­‐DNA  sequence •biannual  multi-­‐parameter  blood  measurements•PREVENTIVE   •design  of  preventive  measures  via  systems  approaches•PERSONALIZED   •unique  human  variation  mandates  individual  treatment•PARTICIPATORY •patient  enlists  doctor  as  partner Courtesy Leroy Hood: Institute for Systems Biology
  17. 17. 2 forces keep TH in the future• political restrictions• achieving consistency - trust - sustainability
  18. 18. 3 waves to rideto get from the future to the present... • digital native practitioners • 4-P medicine & Quantized- self health revolution • leverage urbanization u F TURIST•co
  19. 19. the future is something we dothe future is notsomething thatjust happens to us
  20. 20. thank you for your timefor more information www.facebook/glenhiemstra