Repetition used in Literature


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Repetition used in Literature

  1. 1. Repetition…a clever trickauthors use whenwriting books!
  2. 2. Do you like greeneggs and ham?
  3. 3. “Ill huff and Ill puff and Ill blow your house down!”
  4. 4. The Three Little Rigs
  5. 5. Tikki Tikki Tembo
  6. 6. Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe It was many and many a year ago, In a kingdom by the sea, That a maiden there lived whom you may know By the name of ANNABEL LEE; And this maiden she lived with no other thought Than to love and be loved by me. I was a child and she was a child, In this kingdom by the sea; But we loved with a love that was more than love- I and my Annabel Lee; With a love that the winged seraphs of heaven Coveted her and me.
  7. 7. And this was the reason that, longago,In this kingdom by the sea,A wind blew out of a cloud, chillingMy beautiful Annabel Lee;So that her highborn kinsman cameAnd bore her away from me,To shut her up in a sepulchreIn this kingdom by the sea.The angels, not half so happy inheaven,Went envying her and me-Yes!- that was the reason (as all menknow,In this kingdom by the sea)That the wind came out of the cloudby night,Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee.(continued…)
  8. 8. Why do authors use repetition? •Stresses something important! •Creates mood. •Helps the reader know the character better. •Creates rhythm.
  9. 9. “Ron! Ron! Get back! Get back!” from Harry PotterPercy wasn’t sure, wasn’t sure at all what waswaiting for him. from The Lightning Thief"Never in his life has he been so vilely treatedand never in his life had he been so angry.“ from The Call of the Wild
  10. 10. ..and a couple more examples…I was glad it was raining so hard, because it made it easy to cry. Icried and cried and cried, and the whole time I was calling forWinn-Dixie.“Winn-Dixie,” I screamed.“Winn-Dixie,” the preacher shouted. And then he whistled loudand long. But Winn-Dixie didn’t show up.All of a sudden it was hard for me to talk. I loved thepreacher so much. I loved him because he lovedWinn-Dixie. I loved him because he was going toforgive Winn-Dixie for being afraid. But most of all, Iloved him for putting his arm around Winn-Dixie likethat, like he was already trying to keep him safe. from Because of Winn Dixie