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kidstory - project presentation

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kidstory - project presentation

  1. 1. Project Presentation 2015
  2. 2. Proje Sunumu 2015 Our Vision Make the child-book interaction more fun by using the art of sound and new sound recognition technologies. We want to improve our kids' reading habbits.
  3. 3. Emre Bayrak Founder, Business Dev. Our Team Onur Bayrak Founder, UX/UI Designer Basar Under Co-Founder, Sound Dev. Melih Mutlu Project Manager Hazar Ilhan Software Development Mert Dogar Hardware Development Ahu Ayan Literary Advisor
  4. 4. Today Source: Ofcom research, fieldwork carried out by Saville Rossiter-Base in April to June 2014 5-15 aged Percentage of Tablet Ownership 2% 23% Increase in last 3 years 27 Hours / Week 3-4 aged Total Media Consumption Experts' Advice : 14 hours
  5. 5. Paper vs Tablets Source; Print Books vs. E-books ,The Joan Ganz Cooney Center, 2012 Digital devices distract children from the story, affecting the amount of children recall. Content Actions Number of non-content related actions are 3x higher in digital devices. 3x Engagement 31% children are engaged with paper books while only 6% are engaged using e-books. 31%
  6. 6. Parents Know Source; Pew Research Center's Internet a American Life Reading Habit Survey, November 2012 and November-December 2011 Although the increase in tablet ownership is significant, the readers acknowledge that print books are best for children. Parents who read print books in last 12 months. The readers who say print book is better for reading with a child. 86% 81%
  7. 7. Proje Sunumu 2015 Our Challenge How can we preserve the benefits and pleasure of a paper book while using the new and the advanced technology to motivate the reading experience?
  8. 8. A mobile application that listens and simultaneously plays the related music or sound effects while you are reading a story to your child.
  9. 9. How It Works? Select a book from the Kidstory's library and leave your mobile device away.
  10. 10. How It Works? While you are reading, Kidstory listens using sound recognition technologies and follows you where you are in the story. Kidstory plays related sound effects during the whole reading experience.
  11. 11. With Kidstory Kidstory provides curiosity, fun and imagination. Improves and motivates the shared-reading experience using content related sound effects.
  12. 12. Thank You!