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Moodle Quiz Presentation

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Moodle quiz presentation

  1. 1. » Infrequent» High-stakes» Controlled & Scheduled retakes» Supervised» Written» Real world
  2. 2. » Frequent» Low-stakes» Subject specific» More open re-sits» Unsupervised» Online
  3. 3. » Mini Tests» Encourages keeping up to date» Provides regular feedback» Can provide instant feedback and coaching» Provides data on delivery and mastery
  4. 4. » Use old questions» Timed like main test» Unlimited retakes» Provide feedback – but not answers
  5. 5. » Calculated» Simple Calculated» Calculated Multichoice» Description» Essay» Matching» Embedded Answers (Cloze)» Multiple Choice» Short-Answer» Numerical» True/False
  6. 6. » Individual Questions using wildcards» Values substituted randomly from data sets
  7. 7. » Using wildcards like calculated» Each option can be a different formula
  8. 8. » This is similar to a course label resource» Can be used to provide extra context for the following questions
  9. 9. » Best for short answers of 1 or 2 paragraphs» Not automatically graded -> requires grading by teacher
  10. 10. » Match statements against a second list» Each match equally weighted for grading
  11. 11. » A piece of text with answers embedded» Can be multi-choice, short answer or numerical
  12. 12. » Can create single or multiple answer questions» Use images, video or other media» Weight individual answers
  13. 13. » Answer can be word or phrase» Provide feedback for specific wrong answer» Provide multiple correct answers
  14. 14. » Looks like Short-Answer» Answers can have accepted error range
  15. 15. » Two choices for answer given» Can use html/media in question
  16. 16. Some custom types to explore» Drag and drop into text» Drag and drop markers» Drag and drop onto image» Select missing words» STACK» Pattern MatchSee
  17. 17. » Use images and video in questions» Group questions on pages» Randomise order of questions» Randomise the answers» Share questions between courses» Have you students create the questions
  18. 18. » Map each question to a course goal or objective» Use categories to store the questions» Create question and use randomised question pools» There is life beyond the MCQ
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