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Moodle Gamification Canvas


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Published in: Education
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Moodle Gamification Canvas

  1. 1. Moodle Gamification Model Canvas For:_____________ By:__________ Date: ________ FEATURES Describe the features you have available in Moodle for incorporating mechanics MECHANICS Describe the rules of the game with components for creating game dynamics DYNAMICS Describe the behaviour of the mechanics acting on the player over time AESTHETICS Describe the desirable emotional responses evoked in the player when they interact with the game PLAYERS Describe who and what the people are like in whom we want to develop behaviours COMPONENTS Describe the elements of the game to create mechanics or give feedback BEHAVIOURS Describe the behaviours or actions necessary to develop our players in order to get returns from the project COSTS What are the main costs in designing and implementing the game What is the budget available for achieving the goals Can the costs be phased Benefits Describe the tangible outcomes of the success of the project in introducing gamification into the learning How is success being measured? What results do we hope to achieve? The Moodle Add-on Canvas is based on the Business Model Canvas and the Gamification Canvas by and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 Un-ported License. This Canvas is created from the workshops of Learning Technology Services on applied Gamification in learning delivered through Moodle Learning Management System. See