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Moodle 2.5 some of the improvements since moodle 2.4


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This presentation was delivered at #edtech13 at University College Cork Ireland.

It covers the new features of Moodle 2.5

Published in: Education, Technology
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Moodle 2.5 some of the improvements since moodle 2.4

  1. 1. Some of the improvements since Moodle 2.4
  2. 2. » Open Badges» Managing Add-ons» Theme changes» Moodle Forms» User Interface» Enrolments» Performance» Activities» Activities» Blocks» Repositories» Admin
  3. 3. “if a resumé or CV is a bunch of claims, Open Badgesare a bunch of evidence”» Award graphical badges based on criteria˃ Finishing a course, completing your profile, completing an activity in acourse, ad-hoc assignment by teacher» Learner can download or export badge˃ Badge Backpack» Badge holds metadata for verification» Learner can display badges elsewhereSee
  4. 4. » Easier to manage add-ons» Upload a new add-on or search in plugin directory» Automated checking of the add-on code» Web based process for installation of add-on» Automated notification of add-on update» Web based process for update of add-on (2.4)» Notes˃ Requires permissions on server to be set to allow this˃ All add-on deployment should follow a good testing policySee
  5. 5. » New responsive Bootstrap theme added» Works with all screen sizes» On-going work on this areaSee
  6. 6. » Improved usability» Sections of long forms collapsed» Can expand them when needed» Required fields shown at topSee
  7. 7. » Settings block renamed Administration» Reports moved from Navigation block toAdministration Block» Drag and drop of blocks across all pages» Drag and drop improvements˃ Drag n Drop media file to create label on course page˃ Drag n drop text to create label on course page» Jump to section navigation for One section perpage setting in course formatsSee
  8. 8. » Cleaned up interface for manage enrolmentplugins» Can search list of users» Improved Paypal support for˃ Currencies˃ Expiration of enrolments˃ Course restore» Flatfile enrolment fixes
  9. 9. » A new Performance report» Improved caching˃ Repositories˃ Config caching in MUC˃ Plugin information» Improved YUI performance
  10. 10. » Database - URL field can open in new window» Folder resource˃ display contents on course page˃ Display sub folders collapsed or expanded» Assignment˃ Interface improvements» Forums˃ Can show word count of posts» Workshop˃ “Save and Show next” for submissions
  11. 11. » Quiz˃ Option to auto-save during attempts˃ Essay questions can have template˃ Better grading for Cloze questions
  12. 12. » Random Glossary Block˃ Can use global glossary not just course glossary˃ Alphabetical order option too
  13. 13. » Improved Caching» Google docs renamed Google Drive˃ Folders are now displayed» Equella˃ Option to access Equella site when using Equella repository
  14. 14. » Scheduled maintenance mode» Upload users accepts date-time format customprofile field» Categories edit page is separated from view anddoes not depend any more on global editingmode» Excel and ODS export improvement» Behat integration
  15. 15. Gavin HenrickE: gavin@lts.ieT: @ghenrickB: www.somerandomthoughts.comS: