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Just in-time training with user tours - Karen Holland


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A presentation delivered by my colleague Karen Holland for how to use User Tours in Moodle for just in time training of staff and students.

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Just in-time training with user tours - Karen Holland

  1. 1. Just In Time Training with Moodle UserTours Karen Holland Technical Analyst, LTS #mootieuk19
  2. 2. “90% of knowledge people get is a result of practical experience.” UX Planet
  3. 3. So offer “helpful information at the point of user action” UX Planet
  4. 4. 70:20:10
  5. 5. UserTours filters ● Role ● Category ● Course ● Course format ● Theme ● Multilingual
  6. 6. UserTours allow... ● Positioning ● Targeting ● Accessibility ● Logging ● Reset / Repeat
  7. 7. Demo usertour of Gradebook History
  8. 8. Why? Raising awareness of the great benefits of using usertours for on-boarding and just in time training
  9. 9. Credits ● Trail guides, 644743789
  10. 10. Thank you! Questions?