Council Committee Orientation Program as of November 1 2016


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Council Committee Orientation Program as of November 1 2016

  1. 1. Council Committee Orientation Program Updated 11/1/2016
  2. 2. Objectives • Responsibility of Committee to Executive Board • How the Committee Supports District Operations • Committee Member Responsibility • Committee’s Role in Vision Statement, Journey to Excellence, and Strategic Plan Implementation
  3. 3. Mission Statement It is the mission of the Boy Scouts of America to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.
  4. 4. Purpose of the Patriots’ Path Council Establish and implement a plan to: – Support Membership Growth – Provide Program Support to Units – Give Direct Service to Units – Provide the Necessary Funding to Carryout the Programs and Services
  5. 5. Vision Statement Patriots’ Path Council provides outstanding opportunities to today’s youth from all backgrounds and communities. We are guided by Scouting’s core values as expressed in the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. Our motivated, energetic and experienced leadership is dedicated to delivering our programs and services, utilizing all of our resources and the latest technologies to best serve our stakeholders. We are committed to remaining financially sound and to serve as trustworthy stewards of the assets entrusted to us. But most of all, youth members and their families, come to us for a great time and for adventures that will be cherished for a lifetime.
  6. 6. But most of all, kids, and their families, come to us for a great time, and for adventures that will be remembered for a lifetime!
  7. 7. • Cub Scouting • Boy Scouting • Venturing • Exploring • Learning for Life • Total Youth Members 14,188 • as of 10/31/2016 Programs of Scouting
  8. 8. Charter Concept • National Council Charter incorporated in 1916 • Local council receives a charter on an annual basis to carry out responsibilities of council • Community organization receives a charter from the Patriots’ Path Council on an annual basis to serve the youth through Scouting in their neighborhood.
  9. 9. Charter Concept • Patriots’ Path Council Responsibilities: – Direct Service – Program Support – Service Center – Outdoor Facilities – Liability Insurance – Professional and Volunteer Support • Community Organization Responsibilities: – Serve Youth and Families – Follow BSA Ideals and Principles – Select and Approve Adult Leadership
  10. 10. Council Organization
  11. 11. Council Annual Meeting – February • Chartering organization representative • Council members-at-large • Receives reports on council programs and services • Elects council executive board • Presents the Silver Beaver Award and other council awards
  12. 12. Executive Board Responsibilities • Governing body of council • Responsible for all functions of council • Consists of about 90 members • Meets 6 times a year
  13. 13. Council Board of Trustees • Members elected by the council at the annual meeting • Meets 4 times a year • Also serve as executive board members
  14. 14. Council Key 3 • Council President -Top Volunteer Officer • Council Commissioner -Top Uniformed Officer • Scout Executive -Chief Executive Officer
  15. 15. Council President • Presides at all board and council meetings • Appoints vice presidents when vacancies occur • Responsible for strategic planning, compensation and benefits and nomination committee George T Barnard
  16. 16. Council Commissioner • Responsible for direct unit service • Gives leadership to the charter renewal process • Conducts monthly roundtables with commissioner staff Mark M. Tallmadge
  17. 17. Scout Executive • Gives professional guidance to president, commissioner, and executive board • Serves as corporate secretary • Hires staff to support council functions • Manages the day-to-day operationsDennis J. Kohl
  18. 18. 2106-2017 Patriots’ Path Council Organization Structure As of March 1, 2016
  19. 19. Council Committee Responsibilities
  20. 20. Council Committee Chairmen • Committee chairmen are appointed by the president and vice president • Chairmen serve a maximum 3 year term • The responsibilities and annual plan of each committee are in your binder
  21. 21. Council Committee Members • Committee chairmen recommend to vice president for appointment, members-at-large who support in carrying out the committees’ objectives • District chairmen also appoint individuals to appropriate committees with approval of council committee chairman
  22. 22. Council Committee Member Responsibilities • Committee recommends policies and procedures within the committee’s function to the council executive board • Responsible for developing and implementing an annual plan of operations to meet the National Council and Patriots’ Path Council objectives and benchmarks • Assist in securing funding for the committee’s portion of the council budget • Create a budget to support committee activities and events as per council budget guidelines.
  23. 23. Council Committee Member Specific Responsibilities • Accepts one or more assignments from the committee chairman • Fulfill committee attendance/participation expectations set by committee • Supports the council revenue development plan by making a Friends of Scouting gift • To support the council revenue development plan by making a Friends of Scouting gift (suggested gift is at the family gift level or higher)
  24. 24. Council Professional Management Team • Scout Executive - Dennis Kohl • Assistant Scout Executive - Robert Morris • Director of Field Service - Mark Spaldo • Director of Development - Joseph Gonnella • Chief Financial Officer - William Markert • Team Leader Council Operations – Amy Schwartz • Properties Director - Keith Dlugosz • Scout Shop Director - Mary Lynne Capen • Winnebago Reservation Director - Curt Haak • Field Director – Art Lobdell
  25. 25. District Organization The purpose of the district is to carryout the sales and service role of the council through the four functions of: • Membership/Relationships • Program Support • Unit Service • Revenue Development
  26. 26. District Organization • The district is a committee of the board • The district chairman is elected at the district annual meeting • Maximum term is 3 years
  27. 27. District Organization • District chairman serves as a member of the council executive board • Appoints chairmen of various committees to carryout the district’s role of the council committee plan • Presides at district meetings
  28. 28. District Organization • District commissioner responsible for implementing the unit service function determined by the council commissioner staff • The commissioner is recommended for appointment by the council executive board at the district annual meeting • Maximum term is 3 years
  29. 29. Directors and Officers Insurance • Six million dollars in coverage • For claims that arise from activities of the board, council and district committees
  30. 30. Council Facilities • Cedar Knolls (Council Service Center) – This facility houses the professional and support staff – The center is a records and resource facility – Houses one of two or our Scout Shops • Mountainside (Wyatt Scout Shop) – Is located at 1130 Route 22 West
  31. 31. Council Camping Facilities • Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation - Stanhope • Sabattis Adventure Camp - Long Lake, NY • Watchung Reservation - Union County Park • Winnebago Scout Reservation – Rockaway Twp.
  32. 32. Major Council Programs • Cub Scouting Programs – Cub-E-Los/Camporee – District Cub Activities – Cub Day and Resident Camp – Liberty Science Center Winter Camp-in – Sporting Games-Devils, Nets, etc.
  33. 33. Major Council Programs • Boy Scouting –Philmont Scout Ranch New Mexico –Order of the Arrow programs –C.O.P.E. –District Activities-Klondike –Camporee –Boy Scout Resident and Day Camp –Florida Sea Base –NYLT/NAYLE/LEDR
  34. 34. Major Council Programs • Venturing/Explorer – Fall Extreme Leadership Extravaganza – NYLT/NAYLE/LEDR – Youth Leadership Brunch
  35. 35. Major Council Programs • Leader Programs • University of Scouting • Tradeshow of Scouting • Youth Protection Training • Risk Zone Training • Leader Essentials and Specific Training • Wood Badge • Roundtables • BALOO
  36. 36. Scouting Finances
  37. 37. Scouting Finances • Who Pays for Scouting: – Youth Member – Parent – Unit – Chartering Organization – Patriots’ Path Council – National Council
  38. 38. Scouting Finances • Friends of Scouting • Special Events • Project Sales • Popcorn Sales • Camp Cards • Foundations • Net Income from programs and Scout Shops
  39. 39. Council Operating Budget • Vice president finance management appoints council budget committee • Council committee chairman and professional staff advisor develop committee budget with other committee member support • Budget is submitted to executive board for approval
  40. 40. Scouting Finances • Endowment –Council Endowment Fund $4 million • Cash Gifts – James E. West, Second Century Society • Deferred Gifts – Heritage Society, Wills, Insurance, Trusts, Annuities
  41. 41. Council Committee Member Responsibility in Revenue Development • Make an FOS gift • Encourage units to support the FOS campaign • Support the council popcorn sale • Other ways to help • Special Events • Project Sales • Care 3 Bank Program • Car Donations
  42. 42. The door to adventure is what our youth are depending upon you to open! The completion code to finalize your orientation is: cco2014bsa Please note you cannot copy and paste the code.