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Hybrid Meetings Made Simple & Affordable | IMEX America


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Session at IMEX Frankfurt, the global meetings & events tradeshow.

Title: Hybrid Meetings Made Simple and Affordable
Date: Wednesday October 14th 2014,
Time: 13:30 - 14:00
Venue / Room: Tech Hub, Show Floor,
Organisation: HCIBS | LiveOnlineEvents
Speaker: Gerrit Heijkoop
Track: Technology/Social Media
Language: English
Level: Intermediate

Learning Outcome:
Understand why you should consider going hybrid.
See how hybrid can be implemented easily at your next event or conference.
Discover potential revenue models for your digital content during and after the event.

Do you want to double the audience of your event or conference? Truly engage your participants? Mobilize knowledge and questions?
Join this energizing and interactive session by Gerrit Heijkoop of LiveOnlineEvents. He will share his insights, tips and tricks on hybrid meetings using live cases that he is working on. These will be mixed with exercises to let you share your experiences, ask questions and apply new insights to your own situation.

For more information contact Gerrit Heijkoop at

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Hybrid Meetings Made Simple & Affordable | IMEX America

  1. 1. Hybrid Mee*ngs Made Simple and Affordable: Lower your costs per par.cipant by increasing your reach & engagement
  2. 2. TwiAer & Instagram: @GHeijkoop #IMEX14 Photos, Findings & Ques*ons
  3. 3. My defini*on of a ‘hybrid event’ An event where both a live and online audience are in the same experience at the same *me from different loca.ons
  4. 4. My defini*on of a ‘hybrid event’
  5. 5. My defini*on of a ‘hybrid event’
  6. 6. Where do you stand?
  7. 7. I have par*cipated in an event as an ‘online delegate’ Disagree Agree
  8. 8. I will be involved in hybrid events in the future Disagree Agree
  9. 9. 70% I will be involved in hybrid events in the future Disagree MPI Hybrid Survey -­‐ Sept, 2012 -­‐ 1,800 respondents Agree
  10. 10. 51% I will be involved in hybrid events in the future Disagree MPI Mee.ngs Outlook -­‐ April, 2014 Agree
  11. 11. I know all there is to know about hybrid events Disagree Agree
  12. 12. I know all there is to know about hybrid events 1. Why are you standing where you are standing? 2. What would you need to move further to the right? Disagree Agree
  13. 13. why?
  14. 14. “In advance I was not sure of what to expect, but there was so much posi*ve energy! It brought people closer together, which really suits the values ]of our brand” Mieke van Loenen Director of events, ICCA
  15. 15. Video link: hAp://
  16. 16. “Was on my way for skiing today, never got out – s*ll sidng here in my ski clothes watching #FRESH14 online. Great conference!” Chris*an Middelthon, online par.cipant FRESH14
  17. 17. Increase your reach & engagement Target audience Online engaged Live delegates Associa*on Bidding 85 live delegates 605 online viewers from 75 countries FRESH Conference 165 live delegates 880 online viewers from 102 countries
  18. 18. Benefits are clear! 1. Increased reach 2. More engagement with your audience 3. Sponsor 4. Reduc.on of CO2 & travelcosts 5. Massive amount of content
  19. 19. how?
  20. 20. Corporate Increase reach
  21. 21. How to design a hyrid event? Live event | Interac*ve broadcast Mee*ngselect Experience
  22. 22. Corporate Internal communica0on
  23. 23. How to design a hyrid event? Day 2 | Interac*ve broadcast DSM Innova*on Summit Day 1
  24. 24. Assoca*on Increase reach
  25. 25. How to design a hyrid event? Amsterdam, Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Netherlands Bangkok, Day 1 Day 2 Thailand Beijing, China P.R. Offices Mobiles Hybrid bidding seminar
  26. 26. How to design a hyrid event? Effec*ve Mee*ng Teams Day 3 Value of entertainment Conten Produc*on Day 2 Day 1 FRESH, Conference Amsterdam Offices Mobiles Mee*ng Teams
  27. 27. Assoca*on Increase engagement
  28. 28. Live & Online Formats
  29. 29. How to design your hybrid format? Pre-­‐Show LIVE Interac*ve session Amer-­‐Show
  30. 30. what?
  31. 31. What does a hybrid event cost?
  32. 32. Meet the crew …
  33. 33. Hybrid event crew: program designer
  34. 34. Hybrid event crew: camera crew
  35. 35. Hybrid event crew: presenter
  36. 36. Hybrid event crew: moderator
  37. 37. Hybrid event crew: produc*on-­‐assistant
  38. 38. Hybrid event crew: min. 4-­‐6 people!
  39. 39. So what does it cost … 5% 5% 8% 10% 15% 20% 30% Streaming & Internet Post-production Marketing support Program design & content Projectmanagement Video Production Online Engagement Team 7% Virtual platform
  40. 40. Revenue opportuni*es hybrid events ü Banners & logo’s ü Bumpers & instarts ü Pre-­‐roll & post-­‐roll ü Virtual Goodiebag ü Lead genera.on ü Paid par.cipa.on
  41. 41. Sponsors are seen!
  42. 42. #reflec*on apply to your own situa*on
  43. 43. Gerrit Heijkoop Partner LiveOnlineEvents Twi[er: @GHeijkoop #IMEX14 Web: www.Live-­‐Online-­‐ E-­‐mail: Gerrit@Live-­‐Online-­‐